Equine Rescue

Noted Humanitarian Honored by Equine Advocates

Victoria McCullough presented with 2014 Safe Home Equine Protection Award

Left to Right, equine journalist Vickery Eckhoff, Wild Horse Freedom Federation's Terry Fitch, Honoree Victoria McCullough, Equine Advocate's founder and president Susan Wagner at 13th Annual Awards Dinner Charity Auction ~ photo by R.T. Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Left to Right, equine journalist Vickery Eckhoff, Honoree Victoria McCullough, Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s Terry Fitch and Equine Advocate’s founder and president Susan Wagner at 13th Annual Awards Dinner Charity Auction ~ photo by R.T. Fitch

It is “Feel Good Sunday” and we thought that we would share with our readers a personal experience that certainly made us “feel good” and we, likewise, hope that it will have the same effect upon yourselves.

This past Friday, July 25th, Terry and I were both delighted and honored to have attended the Equine Advocate’s 13th Annual Awards Dinner Charity Auction in Saratoga Springs, New York. It is always a day for celebration when we are able to meet with and share time with Susan and Karen Wagner and their outstanding Board of Directors/ Members but we were doubly excited to participate in the honoring of outstanding advocates, Andrea Eastman, Barry Irwin and our good friend Victoria McCullough.

Victoria has made great inroads in continuing the cessation of horse slaughter in the United States and many of us are confident that this year she will, with the help of her many contacts and friends, tie up the predatory business with a bow and ensure that it will never happen in the U.S. again.

We support all who voluntarily strive for the improved welfare and well being of all animals and particularly equines and Victoria embodies all that we wish to be and is a shining example of someone who truly “puts their money where their mouth is.”

During her acceptance speech, Victoria stated:

“There is no better feeling than walking into your barn and knowing that the souls which reside there are only alive because of the efforts of dedicated friends, associates and yourself. That is something worth waking up to.”

And I wholeheartedly agree…I feel that way everyday when I look into our pastures and observe the majestic souls which reside there, BUT Victoria has turned up the volume in as much as it is not only the rescue of hundreds of horses over the years, but instead, the potential rescue of hundreds of thousands of horses from slaughter over future years and decades.

Victoria, our hat is off to you for your efforts and we sincerely thank Equine Advocates for taking the time and having the foresight to graciously honor you for all of your volunteer efforts.

You make us all feel good this Sunday.

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  1. Hats off to the true fighters – both those in front of and behind the scenes – for the safety and protection of our four-legged friends. Voices for the voiceless.


    • Yeah for sure Grandma!
      I sure wish Mindy Lovell could receive better support.
      In my opinion, several people from the horse racing industry owe her.
      (Canadian and U.S. Breeders included)
      THANKS for continually speaking out&taking action – Victoria, Susan,Terry& Vickery. It was very difficult to Watch horses go to kill buyers at OLEX (Ontario Livestock Exchange) last Tues. I remain hopeful though that change is coming.


  2. And behind each of you is standing every Woman on this planet who truly understands her Power and why she is here at this moment in time.

    A Tribute from Maya


  3. Thank you all for your passion and dedication! There are not enough hats in the world to be off for your help!
    We love you bunches!!!!
    Many, many thanks!


  4. I’m sure it was a wonderful experience, being around the many horse advocates, like yourselves. I appreciate your sharing Victoria’s video at Equine Advocates. It’s truly incredible what she’s accomplished …. a well deserved honor. Great picture too, of four exceptional women! (-: Thanks for sharing, RT.


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