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Navajo President Lies Too: Reservation Horses Being Round Up For Slaughter

By Brenda Norrell as published on the Narcosphere

Tuba City Chapter House is opening the doors to The Cruelty Group, Navajo Nation Agriculture and Navajo Nation Resource Enforcement.”

Navajo Nation FlagThe cruel roundups of wild horses on the Navajo Nation continue on Thursday and Friday in the Tuba City area. Navajo Medicine People oppose the roundups and the sale of horses for slaughter to the meat industry in Mexico.

Further, Navajo President Ben Shelly now admits that he did not halt the horse roundups for slaughter as he said earlier. Now, Shelly says it was just an idea, and the memorandum of agreement has not yet been signed to halt the roundups.

Leland Grass, Dine’, said, “Tuba City Chapter House is opening the doors to The Cruelty Group, Navajo Nation Agriculture and Navajo Nation Resource Enforcement.”

“Over the last three months many of the Dine’ peoples horses have been taken from their corrals and also off their grazing areas and land use areas. Not only did the people get hurt, but also the foals were left behind. The mothers in the roundup were taken off the reservation for auction, and were sold, even to kill buyers who transport the horses down to Aquila Martinez, Vanderwagon, New Mexico, then on to Las Lunas, New Mexico, and off to the border of Texas and Mexico for sale to kill buyers. Then the horses are sent to Mexico for slaughter for meat.”

Grass urged protectors of wild horses and defenders of sacred Dine’ traditions to call the Tuba City Chapter House and tell them to send the Navajo Nation Agriculture back home.

“We don’t want motorized dirt bikes and ATV’s on our vegetation,” Grass said.

The wild horse roundups in Tuba City are scheduled for Nov. 14, and 15. 2013. The first day is at Rare Metals and the following day is at Preston Mesa area. Grass said the Grazing Official’s name is Angela Begay 928-283-3287, and the Chapter House number is 928-283-3284.

“Get the word out for horse owners and sacred horses,” Grass said.

Read Dine’ Medicine Peoples Statement opposing roundups and slaughter:

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  1. What a nightmare for our beautiful innocent horses and the people who love and respect them! I don’t know what to say anymore, except I’m getting tired of all the lies and deception thrown out to the public. I suppose truth, facts and compassion doesn’t mean a thing anymore. My heart aches for all our God-given creatures and the hell that awaits them. I can only hope that something can and will be done, before it’s too late.


  2. And to think they just hosted the natives to the White House and fed and cocktailed them telling them we will repay for all the horrible things we’ve done to you in the past…


    • Hmm. Sally Jewell talking here about righting injustice. “Recognizing that it exists” might start within her own jurisdiction over wild horses and burros.


    • This is too weird. Melanie Benjamin of the Mille Lacs Band (on the video) was my neighbor back in Minnesota! I mean, what are the odds she’d show up on a video when we’re fighting to save horses? In 2008 she was removed from her position after all sorts of charges were filed against her for fraud, theft, etc. etc. She pled guilty and the judge stayed adjudication with two years probation and get this, she was reelected in 2012! Now everyone acts like it never happened! I am boycotting everything Indian – especially gaming casinos – every tribe, every state. I called the Yakama Bureau of Indian Affairs to let them know. (What good is a boycott if they don’t know you’re boycotting them, right?)

      This indicates the lack of justice in our justice system. And it also shows how the deck is stacked against us. No matter what is right or what is wrong, THEY do what they want regardless. Be strong, Horse Warriors. It’s a nasty, unfair world and we are fighting the scum of the earth.


  3. Don’t stand down. Don’t cave. keep up the fight and do not surrender.
    Sorry, stupid humans everywhere. ruining life for animals and people alike


  4. this is sick people are picking on wild horses everywear even in new Zealand wear I live I hav a wild horse and hes grate ours are getting shot and it sucks


  5. Dine’ Leland Grass was at the roundup today. Only one horse was captured because he was old and had hoof problems. The other horses all managed to escape – they outran the ATVs! Using ATV’s is prohibited for livestock management according to the Navajo grazing regulations. This roundup sounded like something straight from the Three Stooges!


    • Poor old lame horse and exactly the type of horse that’s rejected for slaughter – then the KB dumps (read here ~ ABANDONED horse) it wherever they can across the U.S.

      Bingo – all of the Pro Cruelty Activists are spewing the need for their favorite horrific horse slaughter solution due to abandonment. So AGAIN – what is a PCAs solution for old, lame, starving, sick and abandoned horses?

      Course he now says it was just an idea – any bets on what he’ll say when this scourge upon America is finally resolved ?


  6. When I lived in AZ I know for a fact that the Indians were selling the reservation horses to anyone that had the money. I knew people that bought some of the yearlings from a guy that bought and sold livestock. I saw the young horses and to me they looked thin. This dealer told my friend that he bought them off of the reservation. At the time I didn’t know about horse slaughter. The area around Tuba City is nothing but poverty. I doubt its changed much since I saw it last. So this sure isn’t something new that’s going on there. I think what has happened is the fact that its getting to the public about the horses being sold for slaughter.


  7. Always thought the Navajo were always true to their traditions , and had the greatest respect for horses, lieing seems to be infectious , Shame on the Navajo Leader !!! I am sure their ancestors are spinning in their graves over this one….. I am now sure there is a place reserved in Hell for all the horse murders………..


  8. The President hauled out the big guns with the heads Dept of Energy, EPA and more importantly, USDA, at this conference. Confirms what their agenda is. Death and destruction and pillaging of natural resources.

    The Natives at that meeting have no idea about how they are being used, sadly.


  9. Follow the money …

    Click to access CJY44-13_NNChapter_%20Notice_Resolution.pdf

    Do these Navajo resolutions (link above) sound like a government threat against the members of the tribe? Would this be like having the US government (DOA/DOI) tell me they will arrest and fine me if I don’t give them (sell to slaughter) what they consider to my “cull” horses?
    “Any person refusing to cull animals as specified in this Section shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not to exceed 30 days, or be ordered to pay a fine not to exceed $500.00, or both.”

    Navajo’s stated description of “cull” horses:
    “It is recommended that all livestock owners evaluate their livestock and
    use the following factors in deciding to market any or all of their livestock:
    a. Excess or unwanted animals.
    b. Cull animals.
    1) Old or sick animals.
    2) Infertile or sterile animals.
    3) Undesirable breeding stock.”


    • GG, aren’t non-reproducing geldings “infertile or sterile” animals? Why on earth would they want to remove these if they are arguing about overpopulation? Highly illogical.


      • Because the “authorities” (Feds, states, some Tribes) maintain they are ruining their land, overpopulating and yet produce no peer reviewed science or even perform minimum EAs to support these removals. There is severe secrecy and lying going on by these agencies and corporate/private profiteers.

        In addition, the Feds love that migration was ignored in the 1971 Act and take advantage for removal at every possibility. They also love the fact that maintaining specific numbers and areas were not included in the 1971 Act and use every specious “fact” invent-able to remove them; droughts, fires, forage paucity, etc.

        Theory is the land hogs want them gone because they are the proverbial canaries in the coal mine that is public/quasi-public land health litmus test.

        It’s all Bull $hit. What is worse, the people will be left with the mess that they leave in 50 years…wildlife long gone.

        Anyone see where the US is exporting more energy than importing? I did and it is no coincidence with regard to our wild equines.


      • $$$ and governmental control over the [tribal] people – loss of property rights.

        It would be like having the government come onto my property and telling me I either sell old Betsy and old Blue to slaughter or else I go to jail. That is what it sounds like to me. What does it sound like to you?


      • Yes Grandma Gregg….just like states and territories and the Feds raped the land from the First People through treaties.

        I always thought Nixon and Congress passed the 1971 Act to shut advocates up, hide the evidence of true intent of public land use and buy a covert blanket to continue the land, resources and wild animal holocaust with more nefarious, unwrenchable control.

        Doesn’t mean I am going to (or many others) roll over and be quiet….while our lands and wild animals die. The insult is, similar to wolves and bison, wild equines have/had protective status through federal legislation and are still being massacred.

        Me thinks there is something rotten in Denmark….err, DC.

        p.s. How does a government go from 2 million in 1900 to less than 20K in 2013 with a FREAKIN’ protection law no less? Defies logic and only supports the evil that humans conspire for personal wealth and spit on God/god/Nature/fellow man.


    • I hope they are and we don’t find out tomorrow they do something else and blow some smoke up our A@#! I so sick of the one minute they are ok the next they are not. These horses deserve the respect and compassion they are getting from their protectors, and the people who are backing this nonsense need to have their heads examined. This is the United States of America no matter what part of it you ARE standing on, and we have Rights. These horses should be back, they don’t deserve this abuse! Right?


    • Mary Potter, Culling congress is the best description of the crooks I have ever read.. I’m going to use that one. I think Obama Care is going to do a lot of that too. A large portion of the Senate needs to go. They are the very ones that have refused to even consider stopping horse slaughter because of the large donations going to a lot of them.


  10. I think this all part of Wallis’s sinister plan. The path to money is bloody and the push to kill all these horses regardless of WHO says NO also goes Directly Against Property Rights Again. The wild horses of the BLM belong to the Taxpayers and they taking away OUR rights to the wild horses, the Navajo Horses belong to the People of the Nation not to a person alone….so again robbing Property Rights! I am tired of the proslaughter whats mine is mine whats yours is yours until I take your rights away to get it CRAP!


  11. So Navajo’s get $50,000 from government to NOT roundup the horses and they do it anyway. What the heck is wrong with this? EVERY THING. And do you think they would be thoughtful enough to not orphan foals by separating them and then sending their momma’s to slaughter? Well, well, well, and the Navajo’s are so in tune with Nature, bless the spirits of all their sacred animals and yet, their government is as corrupt as ours. The BLM proudly proclaims the mustang to be “An American Icon”, yet they too, spend 6.9 million to separate the horses from their family bands, house them in filthy, unsheltered pens, with no enrichment and callously let kill buyers take them to slaughter… Wild Horse Warriors are and have been on the War Path. We will continue to fight the genocide and slaughter (which by the way, is never HUMANE) until we have OVERCOME corruption, greed and political stupidity.


    • Seems you hit the nail on the head, “their government is as corrupt as ours” Many Navajo people worship horses more so then most. Gino traveled to NY from New Mexico to bless my lame horse who almost died this summer. He prayed for hours and got sick to his stomach for trying. Please if you get a chance watch my video above with his fellow horseman Harrison as to their feelings. We all need to point fingers at the greed and somehow separate the government from the people.


    • It wasn’t the Navajos that rounded them up! It was B.L.M. and turn coat, greedy Bill Shelly! The B.L.M. even gathered up their domestic horses for slaughter! Read the entire story! They took the mares out of corals and left the colts behind. This is what we face. A military government! And Ben Shelly should be shamed out of office.


      • These wild horses were on tribal lands, the Navajo’s rounded them up not the BLM. What story are you reading? Excerpt from Dines Nation’s article,

        “The disrespect of this way of life will be learned, courtesy of the Navajo Nation Government and its president Ben Shelly. They show no remorse of our ceremonies and the way of life, [celebrating the horse – anti horse slaughter position] put us in a square box where we can’t breathe, as in prison like base modern element. The Reservation already has many boxes in one unit, from big to small staked in same box. There is no agriculture provision from our Department of Interior, BIA and Navajo Nation. They mismanage our money at the end. The $1.3 million approved for round up of our horses and slaughter is somewhat doing the same thing, running it to dry, mismanaging and stealing our horses. Ben Shelly stole $9,000 from Navajo Nation government when he was vice president. What he got was a slap on the wrist and stayed as new elected president for the Navajo Nation. I can see where this stealing is coming from,” said Leland Grass. “The Navajo Nation legislation is working backwards, not all Chapter Houses submitted a round up resolution, still the Navajo Nation Legislation voted for a round up. The Navajo Nation Agriculture Department and Ben Shelly do not return our calls. The Navajo Nation legislation is working backwards, not all Chapter Houses submitted a round up resolution, still the Navajo Nation Legislation voted for a round up. The Navajo Nation Agriculture Department and Ben Shelly do not return our calls. The Ben Shelly Administration spokesperson Erny Zah stated on a nationwide TV broadcast that, the reason why the Navajo Nation government is not rounding up the horses in the pass is due to the Dine’ Peoples’ ceremony and cultural ties with the horses in songs and prayer. This is the reason why we have so many horses and the only way is to go against the songs and prayer, in order to have the horse removed off the reservations.”

        Not all Tribal Members support the Navajo roundups, but as you read above, Tribal politics are about as corrupt as our Members of Congress voting for special interests that benefit their private corporations or stock investments. The tribes stole the horses from their own people, yes, right out of their personal corrals, and why? So a few tribal members could make a few bucks, which they fail to invest back into managing their wild horse herds with proactive measures and all this despite member protests. There is an internal power and money struggle within the Navajo Nation to stop the roundups, but as we, Horse Warriors, know all too well, our battle that wages on with our respective governments to end wild horse roundups and put a stop to the whole horse slaughter industry is fraught with greed and corrupt politics.


      • I am sure Bill Shellys ancestors are not very proud of him !!!! nThe Navajo Nation love their horses , who the hell is this Navajo Imposter anyway !!!!


  12. Have the Navajo sold their souls – just like the white men who did the same to their ancestors – as they are doing to the wild horses. They claim the horses are sacred to them and yet they torture, orphan and slaughter them? With this kind of inhumane abuse of their “sacred horses”, they have no right to EVER complain about what the heartless white men did to them – they are no different!


  13. SHAME upon you Bill Shelly! You GREEDY, TURN COAT, CREEP. You should be taken off of the tribal rolls, loose EVERYTHING that you have and be banished from the tribe FOREVER. You LYING COYOTE. APPLE. APPLE. APPLE. APPLE.


  14. Sick and starved wild horses being sent to slaughter by Navajo’s as a solution? Instead of managing their herds, some tribes think this is the way to go, getting $10 a horse for slaughter in Mexico. Many sick and injured horses are rejected at the Mexico slaughter plants. In fighting continues within the Navajo nation:


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