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Action Alert from EWA

An ACTION ALERT from Equine Welfare Alliance Background: An amendment has been introduced by Congressman Mullin (R-OK) that would reinstate horse inspections.  Our sources tell us this has very little support.  In addition, President Obama will most likely veto the bill if the current house version makes it […]

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Happy Birthday, John!

Today is our good friend John Holland’s birthday!  I know you all appreciate his many years of hard work with Equine Welfare Alliance, and thought you might like to wish him a happy year ahead.  Please send him a birthday wish below, or e-mail him at john@equinewelfarealliance.org

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Horses Shipped Out of U.S. for Slaughter Legally

Marsha (not her real name), is an undercover cruelty investigator for the Equine Welfare Alliance.

“Horse slaughter is one of the biggest cruelty to animals that there is,” she said. “From the transportation to the auctions all the way to the slaughter plant.”

Reports say as many as 170,000 are transported to Mexico and Canada each year for slaughter. The meat is then shipped to Japan and Europe for consumption.

“They don’t really care for these animals that much. It’s just a dollar sign to them, it’s a carcass weight, it’s a pound.”

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Horse Slaughter: The Weirdo Magnet

Brief Commentary by R.T. Fitch ~ co-founder/president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation Good morning my friends; We are catching our collective breath and dabbing the sweat from our brow over the passing of the Omnibus bill in the House and Senate.  The long and tedious behind the scenes […]

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Q&A: John Holland, Equine Welfare Alliance

By Susan Salk as published in Off-Track Thoroughbreds “Our goal is to become the gold standard of information on equine welfare.” How an electrical engineer once heading up a robotics company servicing the nuclear industry came to be testifying against horse slaughterhouses later in life came down to […]

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December 13th: National Day of the Horse

Information Supplied by Equine Welfare Alliance; jointly supported by Wild Horse Freedom Federation Join the event on Facebook and invite your friends and family! This is the 3rd Annual Event on Facebook. It’s a day to share your thoughts, photos and personal stories of how horses contribute to […]

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