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Feel Good Sunday: Laugh of the Week

“Sorry gang, I don’t mean to demean or overshadow our earlier Feel Good Sunday installment but I just could not resist the urge to include the funniest moment that I had this week. Although this video, below, is a commercial it speaks to where a lot of us have been, MANY TIMES! I showed it to Terry and we mutually had a great laugh but she quickly sobered up and said, “‘t was a good marketing move not to highlight a woman.’ I replied with, ‘No comparison intended,’ with all of my fingers crossed behind my back!!!’ ” ~ R.T.

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Feel Good Sunday: Videos to Cleanse your Mind, Heart and Soul

“Today’s installment is a collection of videos that readers have forwarded my way as submissions for ‘Feel Good Sunday’. Their interest and participation are greatly appreciated and if anyone would like to do the same please feel free to forward your most treasured and touching thoughts, articles and/or videos to me, directly, at rt@rtfitch.com or rtfitch@wildhorsefreedomfederation.org. It is always much more meaningful and fun when it is a group effort. Be safe, my friends, and enjoy!” ~ R.T.

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Viral Video: For the Love of a Foal

“It’s ‘Feel Good Sunday’ and today’s installment was actually on the TV show, Today.  A young lady, Sunny Bayne, proclaims that it is the best day of her life when a little foal is so overwhelmed with her presence that he just collapses on top of her and […]

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