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Scientists Demand Obama’s BLM Cease Stampeding Wild Horse Foals and Mares

As an outraged citizen I am writing you to beg for the mercy of week and
month old babies that will be the victims of the planned Round-ups starting
in July.

The BLM handbook states that round-ups should NOT be conducted during
foaling season. In July there are still mares that are heavily pregnant and
babies that are only weeks old. Even babies that are one or two months old
cannot withstand the miles and miles of running over treacherous terrain.
July is in the middle of foaling season.

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I Cry for the Wild Horses

By Lisa Friday, Witness to the BLM Butterfield Wild Horse Cruelty I Cry… I close my eyes at night and still see all the horses suctioned deep in the urine soaked manure. I see that little emaciated mare whose eyes just cried out to me, “please take me […]

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A Nation full of Anger, a Corral Full of Wild Horses and the BLM Hits the Replay Button

Yesterday, out on the range, roamed a dust covered and weary car full of anger and frustration.

Perhaps it was because its occupants had just climbed to the top of a ridge to watch a green and dangerous contract helicopter pilot chase a band of four wild horses across a mountain top and into a treacherous canyon only to release them. The release was good, but in that four was a very pregnant mare and a foal. Couldn’t the BLM contract pilot have figured out that was animal cruelty in Nevada about 8 miles earlier?

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The Force of the Horse at Christmas

I don’t know how true this story may be; I only know how true it could be. As the Holidays approach, we should be filling our hearts with the appreciation, warmth & kindness of our fellow humans. Instead, we find ourselves fighting bitter battles for those who cannot fight for themselves against such a monstrous enemy.

But as the Holidays approach and as we fight the Fight, please, remember to be thankful for the human Alpha Mares and Stallions Fate has kindly brought together, bonded in friendships old and new.

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Pine Nut Range Wild Horse Families Destroyed

PINE NUT RANGE, Nevada – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is breaking up natural horse family groups again, this time in the Dayton area of the Pine Nut Range of northwestern Nevada. More shamelessly they have removed foals from there dams and shipped of the young to a holding area called the Palomino Valley facility where they have been thrown in with the general population. This all done while they hoped we were watching football and eating turkey so no one might notice, except GrassRootsHorse’s Laura Leigh.

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One Little Foal Step at a Time

It’s been a tough month for Wild Horse Advocates, even tougher for the horses. Months of legal planning had been mapped out by the HfH Advisory Council in an effort to stop four, specifically targeted BLM roundups from occurring. Two of those were postponed by a year, one directly due to our efforts. But the other two went forward, one struggle even made it to court. Did we make any progress? Were the horses helped in anyway? To put it mildly; “You bet ya!”

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Two-Week-Old Wild Horse Shot and Killed Before California Roundup

Sacramento, CA (August 13, 2010)—The body of a wild horse foal was found near the site of the Twin Peaks roundup Wednesday by Craig Downer, wildlife ecologist and Cloud Foundation Board member, and Christy Davis, wild horse advocate. Davis, an experienced horse woman, examined the foal for any broken bones. What she found was an apparent rope burn on a rear leg as well as a gunshot wound.

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Breaking News: Wild Horse Advocate Requests FBI Investigation

Reno, NV (June 21, 2010)—Cindy MacDonald, research expert and American Herds blogger has filed a request for investigation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) this afternoon to prevent the transport, adoption, and/or sale of non-excess Calico wild horses currently being held in BLM processing facilities. MacDonald is requesting an investigation into the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for attempting to dispose of the Calico wild horses prior to confirming that the recent removal operations left approximately 600-900 wild horses on the range as required by law.

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