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A Nation full of Anger, a Corral Full of Wild Horses and the BLM Hits the Replay Button

(In my Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Just Another Day at a BLM Wild Horse Stampede

Yesterday, out on the range, roamed a dust covered and weary car full of anger and frustration.

Pregnant Mare, Foal, lathered in freezing temps just run for fun by BLM contractor helicopter ~ photo by Terry Fitch

Perhaps it was because its occupants had just climbed to the top of a ridge to watch a green and dangerous contract helicopter pilot chase a band of four wild horses across a mountain top and into a treacherous canyon only to release them.  The release was good, but in that four was a very pregnant mare and a foal.  Couldn’t the BLM contract pilot have figured out that was animal cruelty in Nevada about 8 miles earlier?

Maybe the cold and tired advocates were on edge because they watched a band of six wild horses chased up and down a dangerous canyon only to be captured WITH pregnant mares included.

It’s a good bet that the automobile was full of tension because after the long climb to their perch they had to leave after only an hour so that they could drive about the Nevada range in search of a cell signal so they could hear the very “latest” press statement from the very man causing all of this anguish and pain on the range, BLM director Bob Abbey.

Perhaps running into a herd of several hundred cattle on the road, on the same range the horses had just been removed, ticked off the wild horse advocates who had just been told there was no grazing on this HMA.  The hairy roadblock further delayed the attempt at locating a signal and the verbal engagement with the welfare rancher did not improve spirits, either.

Maybe sitting in a freezing car, pens poised, iPad recording while two speaker phones played the same old prattle from the same old bureaucrat really set the stage for stoked up feelings.  The thought of “do you really think we are THAT stupid?” slithered through the car like a poisonous snake.

It would be a fair guess that build up of hope for change for the wild horses of America was dashed as the car sped back to a motel where the occupants could call, write and work on documentation.

The final blow, at the end of the day, was the buy-in from local Nevada news stations that stated “fundamental” change was coming to the management of our national icons further cementing the fact that main stream media has not been taking notes over the past several years and that Abbey simply hit the “replay” button one more time.

Maybe today the anger and frustration will be released by the knowledge that the ground swell of opposition is growing.  Perhaps the heat fueled by the large number of informed Americans planning to attend the protest in Phoenix will buoy the 4 advocates, today.

Maybe just knowing that you all are out there will make the snow falling feel like a spring shower and warm their souls.

Maybe, just maybe that very same snow storm will ground the cruel chopper, just maybe…with a prayer, so that a few more sparse wild horse families can live their day as God intended, free and on the range.


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  1. God gave man the Earth and all the lived on it! Be good Stewards! This is Gods Earth! Man is not DOING THEIR JOB! GENOCIDE of These Beautiful Creatures!

    Pray for the Wild Horses!

    Teri Daner


  2. Americans who CARE still need to be vigilant about making contact with their congress members and the Pres. becuase they continue despite any and all concern. They “give” a few words here and there to placate those who are unaware of their continued inhumane and cruel round ups and covering news reports that are just skin deep…this is not the heart of the issue which is cancerous.


  3. Bonnie, you are Right On. Now, more than ever, is the time to make contact with Congress. They are feeling the rumble of public dissatisfaction.


  4. Aside from all the obvious injustices being perpetrated on these beautiful animals, it is so freaking plain that this helicopter pilot is a total moron who doesnt understand pressure and release. He keeps cutting the horses off and turning them AWAY from the trap! IDIOT!


  5. But RT, this man:

    Field Manager: Bryan Fuell
    Elko, NV
    Wells Field Office
    (775) 753-0210

    says the horses are never run, only trotted and never more than 2 miles. He also said the pilot keeps about a mile back the whole time. He also said the the re-consideration of Pickens public/private plan would take a long time, unlike the powerline (?) that was just fast tracked. Unquote. I see no new direction. When you have been lying to the American people for decades, there is only one solution for it–retirement and a new hobby.


    • Yesterday, the 24th …. a phone conversation of over half an hour with a BLM rep at the national level: Every point I made, or tried to convey was answered by the same lines we have heard all along and it was implied that those making these videos and putting them on line show a false perspective of how close the chopper gets to the horses in order to stir up our emotions and get us to donate money to their cause. The rep claimed to have personally attended roundups in the Antelope Complex but had not observed any of the types of behavior by contractor personnel or the helicopter that have been described. When told the chopper had been caught on film actually knocking an animal down with its skid that was explained as just being an accident, if it actually happened. The deaths and injuries that have occurred thus far in this “roundup” were explained the same way with the comment something to the effect that when dealing with horses there are always accidents. It was patiently explained that it is necessary to remove these horses in order to protect the over all ecology because if left unchecked the horses will quickly over populate and ruin the ranges for themselves and everything else that lives on them. Without going into further upsetting details, suffice to say it was like having a polite conversation with a very courteous wall that had a BLM answer for everything but really hadn’t listened to what I had to say because I don’t truly know or understand what I am seeing. Also the LTH facilities were described as very spacious, some being thousands of acres, and more than adequate with huge pastures, plenty of feed, etc., and I could not dispute that not having seen them myself. My protests of the methods being employed to get the horses to that distant Shangri La for Horses were dismissed as being necessary to handle the horses efficiently to keep them from fighting and injuring each other.

      Allthough each of us was courteous and non-confrontational to the Nth degree, eventually agreeing to disagree on some points, after I hung up and thought about it, with this all-pervasive attitude and beliefs along with firm denial of contractor cruelty through out the BLM, my long held opinion that if Congress will not stop all this nothing will change, was confirmed in my own mind. Even though the rep denied that their aim is to ultimately remove all the herds, at the current pace of operations, I am afraid that will eventually be the scenario. All free roaming bands will be finished and we will be supporting thousands of formerly wild horses in LTH until they either die of old age or are sold off to other entities! Adoptions have dropped significantly, possibly much due to the economy so although they still have that program available, many people simply cannot afford and/or do not have adequate facilities so adopotions will not significantly relieve the situation. I did have to agree with that part.


      • Dear Wambli Okiye, See thats exactly what I encountered with Mr. Bolsted, contradictions, lies and Fairy tale fantasy answers, although i must say I think Mr. Bolsted really believed what he said ????????? Feed enough manure and soon it also becomes manure…………Someone here said and I have said it , it reminds me of A Hitler attitude, they they are not going to change !!!!!! They are on a mission and it does not allow change !!!! Thats what we must be steadfast !!!!! for we also are on a mission……………………..A mission of Love and respect and allegiance for a Living Breathing Legend for which we must not let Parish , through Greed !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are talking Freedom here !!!! A worthy Life of Beauty and Magnificence , Power and Elegance and respect the BLM can only dream of and never possess…………………Those things are not taken they are earned and given !!!


  6. I read that article last night from the BLM and the first thought that came to mind is “You have gotta be kidding”.

    No grazing on this HMA? What utter nonsense is this? This was the land that Madeleine bought because it butted up against this HMA. So that her eco-sanctuary would be a place of safety for the horses.

    Bobby boo boo doesn’t want the horses loose on this HMA because if he does–he’ll lose all those greenbacks. People will lose jobs. And he might even be unemployeed–I WISH.

    Horses are not stampeded only trotted. I saw one foal galloping to keep up (that’s a four beat gait) and the rest were CANTERING (a three beat gait). Perhaps on the track with a racehorse a “canter” is referred to as a trot, a gallop is a canter vs a full fledge run for your life–stampede.

    WAKE UP BLM. Watch the videos and ask questions when you don’t understand. Your ignorance is astounding.


  7. When are we going to realize that the BLM is not about to make any concessions for the Wild Mustangs, this is a reality !!!! what has years of talking , writing letters , sending emails , Calling the President gotten for our Wild Mustangs, other then elevated brutality ………towards them……………………………..Its like trying to reason with a Spoiled Child ………………………………… I ask now how do we stop them????????? We need other methods ones that work !!!!!! Time is costly to the Lifes of Our Mustangs…………… it is now more serious then it has ever been……..The BLM are on a destruction mission, with a one track mind thinking……………We show videos , photos depicting strong hard evidence , and its regarded as nothing to any of them…………………


    • Knowing my suggestions are controversial to many I am still offering;

      Unless we begin a concentrated effort now to be separated from the BLM/DOI proper… we are going to have to fight them toothe and nail forever in order to gain humane management and protection for the horses on their home ranges. The threats to their lives are huge and deadly all the way.

      So this is a real important consideration to be working towards. I feel these things are needed to be at the forefront and people brought up to the same page so
      we can get on with the inevitable fall out from the whiners and fence sitters.

      This also would mean getting our ducks in a scientific row so we have the ability to put studies and management in place. Can the American Public and the Advocacy do a better job managing the wild horses on their range than BLM has done??? It would depend on your goals… I say “Yes” because it is for the horses…

      If this voluntary separation of wild herds from BLM’s grasp is not addressed we are not as focused for our long term goals as we may think we are…

      Remember; Fighting toothe and nail forever or severed from the BLM… ?


      • Mar ~ I have always agreed that the only way the horses will be safe is if they are OUT of the hands of the DOI/BLM. They are NOT going to change. Period. I don’t think they CAN change – they have been fixed in place for 40 years and a change of such magnitude just isn’t in their repertoire.

        I’m not sure who or what – I don’t trust any part of the govt. – but something. Not very helpful I know…..


  8. I second what Mar says.
    BLM has a 40 plus year history of Wild Horse and Burro decimation. They have had plenty of time to change. We need to get those animals AWAY from BLM and out from under the Department of Inferior, which is killing everything else that is in the wild and in the way.


    • Now Louie and Mar were talking !!! They must be removed from the BLM, and placed back on the range, this is where they belong UNDENIABLY……………Then an intelligent count then intelligent solutions if even needed …………….They belong to earth and the sky and us. and Freedom is their just deserts and rewards………………nothing else is acceptable for them………………………… They were needlessly made to suffer by selfish and Greedy Bastards from Hell……. Who will be held responsible for their murderous rampage of Distinction……… if not here somewhere !!!!!!


  9. BLM the biggest bunch of murdering idiots ever . Salazar should be made to run thru the hot desert naked with deranged people chasing his lame, loser self. I hope he pays over and over for his cruelty. He,s in the same catagory as Hitler. The screwed uP thing is he continues his BS and gets away with it!


    • Jamine !!! I just had a visual on what you said here , OMG heheheheheheheheh I am sorry i am cracking up over that one……… And you are right he continues to Roam Free???????????????????


  10. Horses need to be managed by horsemen not land managers. We need to take the authority away from the animal abusing landsmen and take the reins. We need to be the authority that enforces the law that arrests animal abusers, forces the BLM landsmen to allocate sufficient land for our American Mustangs as designated by law. Any agency that can self investigate itself is by definition corrupt, and any agency that manages land is not the agency that has the best interest of American Mustangs in mind. We don’t need to be the ASPCA, or Animal Planet Cops, we need to be the American Mustang Authority with the policing power to make arrests of those that would stampede our American Mustangs to death. I’m tired of hearing all the cry babies like Ted Williams, Slaughterhouse Sue, Salazar, and the rest complaining that there is no place for our American Mustangs. This place is their place, we are the feral intruders.


    • The land needs to be managed also, Frank.. it has not been. The overgrazing and all the fences are not BLM managing the land, it it BLM managing allotments for cattlemen and huge land leases to mines and the huge loss of water to private industry most of which will be done destroying the land and water in 10 years.

      In managing the horses in the future the land must be better managed that it has been these past 40 years. That is some thing we may all need to realize as we consider becoming BLM free in the future. Management is the key and managing the range for the horses and other wildlife would be a relief if the cattle were not on any HMAs. This will still be a tough fight. mar


    • Dear Horsedrag, I believe the Mustangs , belong nowhere but where they have been since they were brought here and that is out on the range , that they have become so accustomed to and have a affinity to and have grown to feel that it is there home !!! The Mustang have adjusted to the range like a duck to water, they need this to be the Mustangs that they are…as their Creator intended they have everything they need they flourish there, it is the only home they know, they do not have a easy life there, they brave the extreme cold, but they love it , when they are plucked so brazenly by morons who have no respect only greed in their hearts, is when they begin to lose weight and become sick…… They belong to the Land , there is where they long to be My Dream for them is to give them back the Land that they love, They are not a Circus to be gawed at, They are The Symbols and the Icons of the Land that we Love … I cannot think of any thing that belongs there any more then they do, Just a sighting of them, where they belong is a Present, (i have received many times)they show the Beauty of America, they represent the power of America, They show trust in America, They display the Grace and pride of America in its land and people, They can be referred to as the Royal America Ambassadors of Freedom…


      • You are so right Arlene, they are American Mustangs and not rodeo clowns, or jail birds. They have adapted over 500 years to live on rock with no water because they are the greatest social beings on this planet. Nature should be the only thing that culls them, if 2 million roam then so be it. Once the oceans were their only boundaries they are one with nature and because of them the environment prospers, they bring flies, insects, birds, predators and harmony. The managers spoil it all. Their DNA might be critical to the survival of mankind in the future as we run out of energy and turn to horses again as an energy source that can work all day powered simply by grass. 100 years ago we had no oil and horses 100 years from now we will have no oil or horses if it’s up to the BLM.


  11. What the Hell is that STUPID PILET DOING!!!!!!!!
    Arlene, you hit it right on.
    Oh if I could just be in Nevada. That’s one pilet that wouldn’t be flying again! No, I wouldn’t be a spectator. Enough said!


    • Dear Barbara, I agree…… These pilots are giving a bad name to real helicopter pilots…..the ones that rescue………………the experienced ones who use their knowledge …………………………………….


  12. You are also right truth be known these babies have strength and agility, they adapt to environment readily, these skills are in born to them….. Yes they are vital to us and always will be because it was destined to be that way, these intruders,(the BLM) are interrupting the natural scheme of nature , for which they are a huge part of, yes we know we will need them desperately to survive in the coming years, Their Creator is no dummy, it would be in the best interest to all concerned that we force it, that they be returned and left on their own unless we need to help them in any way, man cannot ever expect to mess with the environment like they are doing….. The BLM are not and never did act towards them in their best interests , there will be huge consequences for the BLM S stupid meddling, in something so intricate they have no knowledge of…………………. The Horse is the single most important Animal………………..for more reasons then some would think !!!!! They have been here with us throughout History , that shows there is a reason they belong ………………… Their Freedom should never be compromised …….


  13. The Mustangs need to be out of the hands of the BLM, they need to be in the hands of a Agency that is set up to protect them and preserve them, not destroy them, the sooner we figure out how to make this happen the better… For all of us here it is not only heartbreaking , but devastating, to hear of their torture everyday by an agency who has admitted on several occasions they are not in the horse business, Knowing that ,why havent we or anybody removed them from their hands…………………We have great minds here, couldnt we figure out how to do this????????? Their suffering will go on day in day until we physically remove them from The BLM………….. Maybe we could concentrate on this , I am sure we can come up with a viable workable solution in which to make it a reality !!!!!!!


    • It would seem from our experience with BLM that in order to ‘deal’ with them or change anything we must go beyond them and above them every time. Along with Obama, the situation our government has put us in is one of being unrepresented to them. That is the very worst part of the entire campaign; being treated like we are either invisible and do not matter or we are animal rights activists, not, and to be feared…

      Maybe if we could define ourselves clearly enough for our President and his advisors we may gain recognition for the changes we are demanding. They do not recognize us for who we are… I think it is self deception on their part to help prevent them from having a discussion with us and giving us the ability to make changes.

      Stonewalling all the way. They know we are right and they want to get away with this huge land grab and alteration of the wild herds lands use before we mess up their plans that have conspicuously left out the will of the people… mar


      • Dear Mar !! That is exactly what they are doing stonewalling !!!!!! I dont think they care whether we are wrong or right !!! They are on a mission , and that mission is the eradication Of the Wild Mustangs , this we know is the truth , Knowing all this we must get the Wild Mustangs away from them, and to a safe place, where they can be released back to Nature where they so truly belong , They are the Single most important factor in our environment in the years to come , I have said before and I know its true, they are very important in the whole entire picture of the Land and the people, what it comes down here is , they are not only Beautiful, and we love them dearly, but essential….they must be !!!!!!! we should be using every method viably possible to force this ……..


  14. And as the wish was asked in the final did, the roundup was called and few more horses were allowed to live on the land that congress deeded to them forever, until……….


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