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North Alabama Woman Sees Praying Image On Side Of Horse

“It’s ‘Feel Good Sunday’ and as we do every weekend we attempt to bring something uplifting and/or positive in nature to cleanse the mind and refresh the soul before we head back onto the equine battlefield first thing Monday morning. So today we bring you a positive story with an unusual twist for you to ponder and one family’s victory for you to enjoy. Keep the faith.” ~ R.T.

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Love of Horses

“All week long, day and night, we battle the BLM, the bloody horse haters and even the President of the United States on behalf of those that cannot speak for themselves; our horses either wild or domestic. The bought politicians and the horse-eaters wonder at our resilience, our tenacity and our conviction; without admitting it they are in awe and envy pervades their consciousness.

So today, being Sunday, we will reach out to them and briefly explain why we do what we do and what fuels the fire within our souls. The passion in our lives is born in the depth of soul from within the eye of the horse and the power that drives us is knowing from the very core of our being that we are right, we are just and we will never go away.” ~ R.T.

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The Force of the Horse: Because of Love

It is Sunday and once again time to catch our breath and reflect on why it is we do what we do as we charge forward in our battle to better the welfare of our equine companions, both domestic and wild. And being that we have rushed into the Holiday season, with little fanfare or warning, I would like to submit for your reading refreshment a story that appeared in my inbox, this morning. Likewise, we published this story last year and it, too, was submitted by another kind and caring reader.

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The Force of the Horse at Christmas

I don’t know how true this story may be; I only know how true it could be. As the Holidays approach, we should be filling our hearts with the appreciation, warmth & kindness of our fellow humans. Instead, we find ourselves fighting bitter battles for those who cannot fight for themselves against such a monstrous enemy.

But as the Holidays approach and as we fight the Fight, please, remember to be thankful for the human Alpha Mares and Stallions Fate has kindly brought together, bonded in friendships old and new.

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