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Bonnie Kohleriter on the dangerous proposal to Congress by inexperienced & unknowledgeable non-profit groups and ranchers

DANGEROUS, SIMPLISTIC, UNREALISTIC A REBUTTAL TO A PROPOSAL TO CONGRESS BY INEXPERIENCED AND UNKNOWLEDGEABLE NON-PROFIT GROUPS AND RANCHERS by Bonnie Kohleriter AUTHORS OF THIS PROPOSAL: The ASPCA, HSUS, Return to Freedom (RTF), American Mustang Foundation (AMF) as well as ranching  groups are authors of this proposal.  It is […]

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THE TRUTH #29 – BLM’s big gift to livestock grazing on public lands: Outcome Based Grazing Authorizations (OBGA) allows grazing permittees to increase the numbers of their privately owned livestock and to use more forage for longer periods of time on public lands.

Wild Horse Freedom Federation issues THE TRUTH to share Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents and information with the public.  Be sure to subscribe HERE to Wild Horse Freedom Federation, so that you can receive email alerts. THE TRUTH #29 – BLM’s big gift to livestock grazing on public lands: Outcome Based […]

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The Terrible Destruction of Pinyon-Juniper Forests

SOURCE:  Counterpunch.org “Public lands ranchers have always hated the trees.  Just like native predators are killed as rancher enemies, native trees (and sage) take up space where grass might grow so they must be destroyed.  In all of these projects, BLM ballyhoos wildfire suppression benefits, ignoring that deforestation creates hotter, […]

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