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California’s Devil’s Garden wild horses


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    • Actually the numbers of livestock vs the wild horses is just a tad off. 5,000-6000 cattle & they want to keep the wild horses down to between 200 & 400! And its the HORSES that are destructive????????????????

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  1. This administration is very mean to our Protected Wild horses and burros.Chasing them out of the only home they have know and subjecting them to slaughter.Wanting to do unproven experiments on them that they call steralizations where they take the overies of pregnant horses and kill their babies and horses die.Where I come from this is called Murder!

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  2. The roundup is scheduled to begin on October 9..Monday…DOOMSDAY for the Devil’s Garden Wild Horses

    Devil’s Garden wild horse gather planned for October

    A contract was awarded to CATTOOR LIVESTOCK Roundup on Aug. 24, for the gather, care and removal of 1,000 wild horses from the eastern portion of the Wild Horse Territory. Gather operations are expected to occur during the entire month of October.

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    • This is, according to most wildlife organizations, the absolute most anti-wildlife, anti-environmental administration in modern history – hands down. They will ALWAYS put interests of business and their major campaign donors ahead of protecting both wildlife AND the environment.

      Oct. 9 is TUESDAY

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      • This is an example
        The Public is not always informed of plans or change of plans
        To my knowledge, there was no notice given from the Forest Service that the Devil’s Garden Wild Horses would be sold for $1 each.

        Carson Now/Carson City News

        The U.S. Bureau of Land Management confirmed Thursday that its staff conducted a roundup Tuesday of what the agency determined to be “nuisance” wild horses that had been reported the previous week in the Dayton area and plan to take the rest Friday, Aug. 3.

        Horse advocates said they were surprised as they had apparently not been given notice to the round up, in contrast to the ongoing conversation about the Fish Springs wild horse roundups in Douglas County.

        There was frustration from Dayton area wild horse advocates about the roundup, due to fact that they didn’t feel they were properly informed.

        However, despite attempts to contact the BLM or their representatives July 31 regarding reports of a roundup, Carson Now did not hear back until Thursday, Aug. 2.


      • Also, from what I understand, the captured Wild Horses are going to be micro-chipped…so without a freezemark, how can they be spotted at an auction?


  3. DEVIL’S GARDEN WILD HORSE ROUNDUP…brought to you by..along with some other people who previously worked for BLM


    This year’s Distinguished Service Award went to SUSIE STOKKE
    The was the creative force behind the development of Modoc County Farm Bureau’s Retired Worker Program which has been using Resource Advisory Committee funds, supplemented with matches from permittees, farm bureau and Modoc County to accomplish work on the Modoc National Forest that the Forest was not staffed or funded to complete. She was also the organizational mind that conceived developing the Wild Horse Territory Plan through the Retired Worker Program and along with ROB JEFFERS is responsible for its timely and efficient completion. This Plan was the essential first step in reducing the over population of wild horses.


    Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) Members
    Wild Horses: ROB JEFFERS

    Click to access 68506_FSPLT3_1452088.pdf


  4. VERIFIED -USFS selling our wild horses for $1 each.:

    From: “Sandusky, Ken L -FS”
    Date: October 4, 2018 7:34:01 AM PDT
    Subject: {SPAM} RE: $1/older DG horse after the 1st 30 days???

    Good mooring ___,
    That is correct. As we talked about at our last call with you and the group, Amanda’s decision was to begin the 30-day adoption and sale with limitations period for 10+ year olds when the settling, treatment and test sampling is complete. Sale with limitations will be $25/horse and adoption fee will be the same as BLM. Upon completion of that 30-day period, horses will also be available for sale without limitations at $1/horse. I was hoping that would be a good option for your sanctuaries. The adoption application and sales request forms are available at:

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  5. Posted earlier by someone who has seen how the $ytem works

    $1 $1 $1

    These USFS “public servant” employees know that the majority of these horses are headed to slaughter.
    These USFS “public servant” employees know that the majority of these horses are headed to slaughter.
    These USFS “public servant” employees know that the majority of these horses are headed to slaughter.

    These USFS “public servants” also know that these exact horses are by to be PROTECTED by the LAW of the United States of America. It is the policy of Congress that wild free-roaming horses and burros “SHALL BE PROTECTED FROM CAPTURE, BRANDING, HARASSMENT, OR DEATH”.

    My thoughts …
    A large part of these thousand horses will be designated by ___ _______ (name withheld to protect the guilty) as over 10 years old whether they are or not and then with the USFS’s assistance and blessing, the guilty person will sell them to kill buyers (KB). In other words the guilty persons will buy them for $1 and sell them to KB for $20 or whatever. (example: 700 horses at $19 each profit equals $13,300.)
    Apparently that is what the guilty persons did at the last capture up there in 2016 of a few hundred horses and it worked so well that now they will do the same for OUR 1,000 Devil’s Garden wild horses. No positive proof but pretty darn sure.

    Of course the KB will be waiting to snap them up and head to Canada or Mexico and I have no doubt the KBs have already been notified and the arrangements are made for the KBs to pick them up. This is absolute slaughter for the majority of these horses.

    The majority of OUR 1,000 Devil’s Garden wild horses will be hanging by their back legs in a slaughter house before the end of the year.


    • This looks to be the “Solution” that was chosen



      Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) Members
      Wild Horses: ROB JEFFERS
      Range: SUSAN STOKKE

      Click to access 68506_FSPLT3_1452088.pdf



      ROB JEFFERS in attendance
      July 29, 2008
      Team Members
      Lili Thomas (Note taker/Team lead),
      Joe Stratton,
      John Neil,
      Jim Johnson and
      Al Kane

      How many could be euthanized during a gather without having NEPA?
      What is the criteria used during a gather to euthanize a horse is it age, and if so what age?
      How many could be euthanized at the preparation facility without causing a major change in the practice of disposal?
      What would be the criteria for euthanizing at the midpoint and adoption facilities?
      Would you contract disposal of the carcasses at gather sites?
      Have a euthanasia and disposal contract?
      Have a contract to sell horses at the gather site?
      Are we euthanizing horses to save money to complete gathers?
      The team will have comments on the above question for the next conference call


  6. Federal court orders restoration of 23,000 acres for wild horses

    A federal appeals court has delivered a victory to wild horse enthusiasts, ordering the U.S. Forest Service to restore 23,000 acres of critical land as protected horse country in California — and showed judges taking an increasingly dim view of agencies’ decision-making.

    The government had said the land was added by “administrative error” in the 1980s, and tried to erase it from the boundaries of the protected wild horse territory, but the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia said decades of history of protection can’t be tossed out so easily.
    Judges ordered the Forest Service to go back and redo the decision, considering what impact the erasure would have on the horse population.

    “This is a precedent-setting victory making clear that federal land management agencies cannot exclude federally protected wild horses or other key uses of public lands without grappling with the implications of such actions on the environment,” said William S. Eubanks II, a lawyer who helped handle the case for a series of challengers.

    The horse advocates have been battling the government for years over wild horse roundups and protected lands, and the fight over the California area known as Devil’s Garden in the Modoc National Forest is the latest skirmish.

    Horses are protected by what Judge Patricia Millett, who wrote the court’s opinion, called a “Matryoshka doll of nesting federal statutes.”

    In the case of the California land, the 23,000 acres connected two other protected horse territories, creating one large swath. But the Forest Service said the land was added to a map in the 1980s by mistake and never should have been there.
    It said removing the land wasn’t a change in policy, but rather just cleaning up what the actual policy was supposed to have always been.

    The judges said decades of history and practice by the Forest Service can’t be swept away by calling the original decision a mistake.

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  7. I am stunned and heartbroken that this could happen in California, of all places.
    Who will be there to help them escape the kill buyers???
    These precious horses will go straight to the most horrendous, torturous death possible… SHAME on the NFS for railroading this atrocity!!! They are a abomination and they will reap the whirlwind for this.
    Please show up to stop this, good people!!! It’s happening NOW!!!

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  8. Monday was a Federal Holiday, Columbus Day. So does everyone participating in the round up get extra Holiday pay?????????


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