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Dept. of Interior OIG report on Investigation of BLM Hiring a Convicted Felon and registered sex offender in Lakewood, CO

NOTE from SFTHH:  Even though this summary was completed 11/22/16, it was not posted for the public on the Dept. of the Interior Office of Inspector General website until 12/22/16. Source:  doioig.gov Summary: Investigation of BLM Hiring of a Convicted Felon Report Date: November 22, 2016 Create Date:  […]

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Animal Law Coalition Responds to GAO Horse Slaughter Report

The Government Accountability Office has issued its report, GAO 11-228, on action needed to address unintended consequences of the 2007 closing of domestic slaughter facilities. A principal recommendation: “Congress may wish to consider instituting an explicit ban on the domestic slaughter of horses and export of U.S. horses intended for slaughter in foreign countries.”

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OIG Joins BLM in Propaganda War Against Iconic Wild Horses and Burros

Washington D.C. (December 14, 2010)—Failing to look at the actual numbers of wild horses and burros left in the American West, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released a report yesterday condoning BLM’s documented abuse of America’s Wild horses and burros, even ignoring wild horse deaths at the roundups OIG attended. The BLM allows the destruction of public lands by millions of privately owned livestock, repeatedly blaming a few thousand wild horses and burros for the damage. 30 years ago there were three times more wild horses and burros in the wild than there are today.

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