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Dept. of Interior OIG report on Investigation of BLM Hiring a Convicted Felon and registered sex offender in Lakewood, CO

NOTE from SFTHH:  Even though this summary was completed 11/22/16, it was not posted for the public on the Dept. of the Interior Office of Inspector General website until 12/22/16.
Summary: Investigation of BLM Hiring of a Convicted Felon
Report Date: November 22, 2016
Create Date:  Thursday, December 22, 2016
We have completed an investigation into allegations that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) hired a convicted felon and a registered sex offender in Lakewood, Colorado. The complainant also alleged the employee had been arrested and convicted of additional crimes while employed by BLM and was currently on probation.
Our investigation confirmed that the employee is a convicted felon, is a registered sex offender and is currently on probation with the State of Colorado.  At the time BLM hired the employee at the Denver Federal Center in 2011, he was no longer on probation from his felony arrest and conviction from 2003.  The employee fully disclosed his arrest record and criminal history on his application forms and to his Office of Personnel Management (OPM) background investigator.  We determined BLM knew of the employee’s criminal history when they hired him and had adjudicated his background as “favorable” after mitigating his criminal history based on the time
elapsed since his conviction.
We found, however, that the employee had been arrested three more times since he began employment with BLM and had not disclosed those arrests or his subsequent two convictions for a domestic violence-related felony criminal trespass and for violation of a court protective order.
We also found that the employee had not discussed his current probation status with BLM.  As there were no identifiable violations of criminal statutes, this matter was not presented to the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Colorado.
This is a summary of a report of investigations that was issued to BLM for action.

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  1. Doubt he’d make a good employee or have any compassion for the horses — seems typical of BLM; but I’m surprised trump hadn’t hired him for his cabinet….

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  2. What makes this all so ironic to me is that you as a citizen can't get access into a growing number of Federal buildings without Real ID, but there apparently are no policies in place to spot check hires that came in with criminal histories.


  3. Yes, what about background checks? Just ewwwww. But, I guess sociopathy would be a job requirement. Who else would do these jobs? Just look at the helicopter companys they hire! The horror of what those poor horses have to endure at the hands of scum.


  4. If this man is in a national and/or state registry, he must still be considered a risk to society. Sex offenders have a high rate of recidivism. It’s a serious crime I’m sick of the tired idea that criminals can redeem themselves by working with animals. Maybe lesser offenders and crimes, but certainly not all, especially those who live by taking advantage of the weak. The BLM should not minimize the gravity of it. At least with humans, people have protections from these predators, can speak out and fight back, and have agency. Animals cannot speak and have no one to protect them! Even a sex offender or murderer has more rights than an innocent animal simply because they are human. Why can’t humans be as forgiving and benevolent to non-humans?

    I pray that when the current administration says ‘drain the swamp’ they really intend to do it. Now the Democrats are grousing over the Interior Secretary nominee who they claim fudged on his expense report. Total eyeroll – probably 90% of Congress and corporate executives have done much worse submitting expenses and/or taking advantage of the taxpayers’ money!!!!


    • I’m still singing ♪ ‘Disband the BLM and Get Rid of Wildlife Services’♫ to the tune of John Coltrane’s ‘My Favorite Things’ as my favorite holiday Christmas Carol!


    • From the sound of this man’s background – fudging on expenses is the very least of our worries – when it comes to the environment AND our wild horses & burros.

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      • Yes, I agree. But we’ll see what he does. He’s consistently stood up against the selling off of our public lands and directly opposed his own party to do it, which is pretty impressive to me – considering who else might have been chosen! I can no longer support candidates on party lines alone, since it’s been such a big disappointment. We can’t forget who delisted wolves in the first place, and has done nothing for wild horses. Betrayed by our own party!

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      • Yeah – standing up for NOT selling off public lands is a good thing-hope & pray he continues to feel that way. I dont vote party line anymore either – actually havent voted for “my” party for many years.


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