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Horse Meat Recalled Due to Illegal Drugs

Source:  Newsofthehorse.com Canada – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued several recalls of horse meat produced by the Viande Richelieu Meat company and Metro Richelieu Inc.  The meat has been recalled from Canada, Austria and France after investigators found the meat was contaminated with drugs. Investigators found Phenylbutazone (bute) […]

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Veterinary Drug Bute found in Asda Corned Beef

Source: Barry Neild of the UK’s The Guardian Supermarket withdraws 340g tins of Smart Price Corned Beef after discovery of phenylbutazone Supermarket chain Asda said on Tuesday that it was recalling its range of budget corned beef after low levels of the veterinary pain killer phenylbutazone – known […]

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WY Horse Slaughter Article Missed the Point

Source: Wyoming‘s Star Tribune “Horse slaughter is horribly abusive and cannot be made humane for horses” Editor: I was very disappointed by your recent article about prospective horse slaughter plants opening in Wyoming (“Prospective Wyoming horse slaughterhouse investors watch national scene,” March 31). This article failed to address […]

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