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Horse Meat Recalled Due to Illegal Drugs


Canada – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued several recalls of horse meat produced by the Viande Richelieu Meat company and Metro Richelieu Inc.  The meat has been recalled from Canada, Austria and France after investigators found the meat was contaminated with drugs.

Investigators found Phenylbutazone (bute) in the meat, which causes serious disorders in humans, such as aplastic anaemia.  Remnants of bute in horse meat has long been known to cause aplastic anaemia, particularly in children, and there are no safe levels established.

Read the rest of this article HERE.

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  1. Well good. I’m glad to see that the one in a hundred samples they take is finally catching up to them. Their shenanigans must stop. Horse meat is mostly toxic. If people love life and their kids they better demand that horse meat is banned from the human food chain.


  2. It would go a long way if the main media would pick up this story – with all of the warnings & petitions (as said in this article) in horse publications – it certainly should have been publicized much more by the “media”. But then they are too busy with tweets & “celebraties to actually do research!


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