Wild Horses/Mustangs

Scoping notice for capture and removal of wild horses on Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range

Source:  The Mustang Center

Attention: Scoping Notice for Capture and Removal

The Mustang Center would like to bring your attention to a BLM Scoping Notice that was issued on September 14, 2017.  It is for the “Capture and Removal of Excess Wild Horses and Continued Fertility Control in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range”.  We encourage you to carefully read the information and follow the procedures if you choose to provide a comment.  We do know the BLM responds best to comments that are respectful and objective.  Comments are due on October 6, 2017.

Scoping Notice p. 1Scoping Notice p. 2Scoping Notice p. 3

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  1. God we need you to help us to help our horses and burros, our friends, stand up America stand up now fight for our animals their future,our future. Our horses and burros have a right to be free don’t you like to be free. BLM public land belongs to all and not to you and ranchers, and big shots.


  2. RT

    Havent seen comments from anyone else, but I cant bring up the Zinke cafeteria email – keeps saying how

    embarrassing that is – but have tried since last night – nothing!! (sorry to bother you on Sunday)



  3. This is insane. The BLM is ruthless. They just have to continue this assault on our Pryor Herd. Damn this makes me mad. A perfectly good herd they need to leave alone.
    This just is so wrong. We have to help save Clouds Herd and protect them from breaking up another beautiful wild horse family.
    Does not make sense and where are they going to take the young ones never to be free again? Promise DEATH. Never. We must NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. THIS IS A WAR OF ANIMAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOM. This makes me sick.


  4. Am I understanding that we must write a letter to them, there will be no other way to comment (like email or online? And can you describe what bait/water trapping is? How are horses trapped this way? Thanks.


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