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Western Watersheds Project to Testify at House Natural Resources Committee Hearing TOMORROW ~ July 12, 2018

Western Watersheds Project Western Watersheds Project is proud to have been invited by Congressman Raúl Grijalva to testify at the House Committee on Natural Resources Committee oversight hearing tomorrow. The oversight hearing is called, “The Essential Role of Livestock Grazing on Federal Lands and Its Importance to Rural America” […]

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Forward by R.T. Fitch ~ Pres/Co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“For the past several days I have been in a tizzy over the glamorization of the abusive and destructive horse racing ‘industry’ and last night several advocates reined me in and headed me back towards to wild horses and burros. Sorry, but when it comes to our equines I see no silos.

Crybaby, welfare, subsidized ranchers have been in the news, as of late, for suing the BLM for not, allegedly, upholding the letter of the law by stripping federally protected wild horses from their rightful public range. It’s all about entitlement and greed and what do the likes of these ‘ranchers’ do when things don’t go their way…they break the very laws that they have pledged to uphold.

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Lawmakers Urge Action Over Wild Horses

Source:  Horsetalk.co.nz Lawmakers urge action over wild horses Raúl Grijalva A letter from 30 lawmakers is urging US Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to reform the Bureau of Land Management’s controversial wild horse and burro management program. It follows a recent National Academy of Sciences (NAS) review, which criticised […]

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