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BLM Says it Welcomes Arizona Congressman’s Tour of Palomino Valley Wild Horse & Facility

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“We think he’ll be pleased with the health and well-being of the horses.”

The Bureau of Land Management says it welcomes an Arizona congressman’s visit to its Palomino Valley corral for wild horses Wednesday, but is not responding to his comments critical of the BLM wild horse and burro round up.

Rep. Raul M. Grijalva, a member of the House Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation and co-chairman of the House Progressive Caucus, reported on his House web site he will tour the facility and discuss the the Bureau of Land Management’s wild horse and burro program.

Also scheduled to be at the press conference are Neda DeMayo, chief executive officer of Return to Freedom American Wild Horse Sanctuary, and actress and former model Wendie Malick, best known for the television show “Just Shoot Me.”

“We’re glad Congressman Grijalva wanted to see the horses for himself at the Palomino Valley Center,” said Erica Szlosek, communications chief for the Nevada BLM. “We think he’ll be pleased with the health and well-being of the horses.”

Grijalva’s press release announcing the tour and press conference criticized the BLM approach, saying it put priority on roundups over alternatives and called the stockpiling of horses expensive.

Szlosek said the BLM had no comment on that.

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  1. I have put all my hope and faith in Raul Grijalva, i am sure he will not disappoint the Mustangs !!!!or us…….He has been an awesome friend to the Mustangs for many years…………….


  2. While I’m thrilled the tour is taking place, I wish they would have sprung it on the BLM instead of giving them a heads-up. No doubt BLM has done alot of work to make everything look up to par, and I’m sure what they couldn’t fix (horses with long hooves needing trimmed, sick or injured horses, etc.) has been carefully hidden. I can only hope Rep. Grijalva and company inspect EVERY inch of that facility. The horses are counting on them. And quite frankly, so am I. BLM needs to be held accountable for their inexcusable lack of care at this faciltiy – it’s time they start paying the price instead of the horses and burros.


  3. It’s going to be just like Ford and the OSHA visits after someone gets hurt or dies in the plant. They make things look pretty and clean and only show them the parts that they want them to see. A limited tour is what it is to hide all the horrors that are and have occurred there. I got their number. I just hope that Grijalva looks hard and long. Maybe he’ll actually see the truth buried in all their lies.


  4. Sen Grijalva is up on everything with our Mustangs , believe me when I say he will check everything !!!!!!! This man should have been appointed for the job Sally Jewel got !!!!!!


  5. I don’t see why BLM should be so proud to have wild horses penned up. THEY ARE WILD!!!!! and need to roam!! BLM are keeping them for the kill buyers!!! They don’t impress me much!!!! Release them!! They belong to me and all the other Americans and I don’t want my share captured!!


  6. Congressman = Representative….in the House folks, not Senate; in AZ, that would be McCain and Flake. McCain supposedly supports wild equines and anti slaughter legislation. KNOW the enemy and location of same folks.

    Ms Malick is currently featured on successful “Hot in Cleveland” (at least 3 years going); long time done with “Just Shoot Me”….see the journalist is on top of unimportant current affair minutia. No wonder he/she/it gave the idiots at BLM a pass on a very important question posed and NOT answered.


  7. I hate this. It is despicable, inhuman and a dishonor to the United States of America! These horses were here long before settlers even. They have carried us through battle, plowed fields, brought settlers to their new homes, used to carry important messages through the mail pony express. Today they are still used to help man in many ways and for enjoyment showing, breeding, training, trail riding, cross country riding and many other things.Why is our government letting corporate companies take the land that was dedicated for the wild horses being. They keep them from water,food and just living. BP British Patroleum and large cattle/livestock ranchers to again take over this land pushing the horses out, doing wrongful round up, harmful inhumane round ups. Please just leave them alone, let them live their lives on the land that is dedicated to them. They are our American History.


  8. I saw the news report on the 5:30 pm news in Reno. Just what I thought. The congressman and actress sang the praises of BLM and told the advocates BLM is not the enemy and they the advocates should work with them…I had to laugh because I knew they would side with the BLM. The advocates did thier job and of course the others let them down. Dont give up keep pushing for the horses….


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