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Something Old, something New

From Rewilding Europe “At the rate that the BLM is decimating our last remaining free roaming herds of wild horses and burros we may find ourselves taking notes on how the Europeans are bring wild equines back to their rightful ranges.” ~ R.T. Looking to boost the benefical […]

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European Horse Meat Food Fraud Scandal Explodes Again With the Arrest in Spain of a Dutchman Masterminding a New Illegal Horse Meat Operation!

Source:  Equine Advocates As we continue to supply new information about the dangers, criminal activity and food fraud involved with the slaughter of equines for human consumption both in the U.S. and abroad, you must realize that all of these incidents are very much intertwined and connected. Please […]

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Rare Wild Horses Released In Spain As Part Of ‘Rewilding’ Effort

“Our idea is to just let them manage the ecosystem themselves. It’s a wild horse…”

“We blogged this article two days ago because we felt that it brought to light the realization of other countries regretting the loss of their native wild horses while our “Great Government” continues to manage our wild horses and burros into extinction. BUT, for the first time ever, our blog was sucked up into some mystical vortex version of the cyber-world’s land of Oz and “Doink”, it disappeared.

So after many upset and angry emails later we promised to re-blog it on ‘Feel Good Sunday’ so here it is; at least someone “GETS IT”. Keep the faith.” ~ R.T.

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