Horse Meat DNA Now Detected in Spanish Burgers

By Katy Askew of

Tainted Horse Meat Scandal Spreads to Spain

unexpected_horse_in_bagging_area_horsemeat_horseburgerUndeclared horse meat DNA has been found in Spanish burgers, a leading consumer organization revealed today (29 January).

Following the discovery of horse meat in burgers sold at retailers in the UK and Ireland, Spanish consumer watchdog Organización de consumidores y usuarios (OCU) undertook independent tests to examine whether horse meat had entered the supply chain of retailers in Spain.

According to the organization, two of 20 products tested came back positive for horse meat. These products were on sale at Alipende and Eroski, the OCU said.

A spokesperson for the consumer body told just-food that the organization was concerned because the burgers labels, which claim to be 100% beef, “deceived” consumers.

The spokesperson added: “With this, you must think can you trust the labels of products?”

Alipende and Eroski were not available for comment at time of press.

According to Irish food safety officials, the horse meat DNA in UK and Ireland has been tracked to a filler ingredient from Poland. However, Spanish food safety officials have been helping Ireland’s Food Safety Authority with its inquiry.

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25 comments on “Horse Meat DNA Now Detected in Spanish Burgers

  1. I find it shameful that horse meat was found in these food products. I find it shameful that innocent and sacred horses are being killed for meat at all! It is wrong, it is disgusting, it is the ultimate sign of a heartless man! For one to take a horse and destroy it in a manner as brutal and unkind as slaughter is sickening! The people who kill these beautiful beings are not worthy of life!


  2. Do you remember when imported ingredients in dog food was sickening and killing our canine companions just a few years back? Those people who added the ingredients were sued to no end. Now these foreigners are selling toxic meat for humans to eat. One of two problems exist…either the people are unaware the meat is tainted, which will get someone sued, or they don’t care so if they die it’s their own damn fault and no one gets sued.

    I respect their culture to a point but when it means eating poison I believe I’d draw the line!


  3. What’s next? A worldwide concern? How can the food industry be trusted? Global trade? I don’t think it’s working… How do the people of this country know that it isn’t in the American ground beef sold here? How about prepared foods like TV dinners? They need to face facts that most people don’t eat horses and leave these animals alone. Damn the French and others who do eat horse meat.


  4. You cannot trust factory farms and the meat industry. Their enterprise is built on the suffering of animals, including horses. I boycott all meat, but you could start with beef since cattle grazing is causing so much environmental damage – and the destruction of our wild horses who are seen as competition on our public lands.

    I know consuming meat is an addiction that takes time to break, but believe me, if you have the courage to give it up, your health with improve (obesity, heart disease, some cancers, diabetes all linked to and worsened by the over consumption of animal protein).


  5. This is why I do not buy meat in grocery stores or restaurants. I only eat what I have purchased from a small local farmer, who raises organic beef. Vote three times a day with your fork.


  6. Wow, it just seems like more and more of the foods are tainted, animals like cattle being fed foods that have blood meal from other herbivores, such as sheep and such…now we have to hear about the precious horses being used in meat that is declared beef> Scary is not the word for it…Man is just playing its last chance card for health!


  7. We knew wild horses were “secretly” shipped to slaughter for decades & decades. We knew wild & domestic horses were illegally transported over borders. We knew so many horses were gained for slaughter illegally…stolen, fraud… Now we presume…know horse meat just may be in our food in the U.S. !! If it is spreading from country to country in Europe, & is in meat in Canada, why would America be exempt from the same slipping into our “beef”…for decades & decades?


  8. Frankly, a nationwide scare might be the best thing to happen – let people know what “might” be in your burgers!
    It will ultimately take someone getting sick to change this and wake people up to what’s happening to our wild and companion equines.This is a dirty business involving people that would sell their grandmothers if they thought they could make a buck on them! Just saw a fashion magazine advertising “pony hair” designer shoes for $300. It makes me crazy.


  9. And don’t forget our burros go down the same pipeline. Fifteen Twin Peaks HMA wild burros were sold to “Colorado” on 6/7/11 from the BLM Litchfield facility.

    Example: One burro was a 23 year old un-gelded male. I doubt he became a steak – more likely he became sausage.

    And there is NO way you can convince me that the BLM didn’t know EXACTLY what they were doing with these sales.


  10. The whole horse slaughter and exportation of horse meat to the EU is so corrupt, you have to wonder where these people thought all that horse meat was going?


  11. What is happening in the article above is that our government is counting on the fact that the American public will have their typical short memories and that WE won’t pursue accountability for WHERE those 1700 (!) BLM wild horses Tom Davis bought for only $10 a piece ARE AT RIGHT NOW……unfortunately for Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, some of us are keeping the pressure on regarding “WHERE ARE THOSE HORSES NOW?” and we will NOT QUIT asking until we have answers.

    On a similar subject: this issue of rescues asking for “crisis donations” (where they collect large amounts of donations in a short time period to “save horses from going to slaughter”) to rescue large bunches of horses, and then taking them who-knows-where, and then when people ask a 30 days, or two or three months later for information of “WHERE ARE THOSE HORSES?” that were rescued using donor money (in other words, the “rescue” didn’t have to use their own money to purchase/rescue those horses), they get no concise answers…..

    I call it “the rescue after the rescue” and as donors and concerned horse people and rescuers, it behooves us to NOT HAVE SHORT MEMORIES after horses are rescued and demand to know where our donation money is going when a BUNCH of horses are rescued by only one or two rescues instead of the way we’re doing it one horse at a time into their own homes with new legal owners.

    I am not saying that all rescues that rescue large numbers of horses using donor money and take them to locations where they then find adoptive homes are not on the up-and-up and that they don’t always find good homes for the horses…..however, what I am seeing more and more over the past few years is the “1 year rule” of an adoption/feed lease contract being administered not being used or followed in order to protect the rescued horses.

    A” big rescue” of one or two rescues going in and buying a bunch of horses from a kill sale looks awesome on paper and in the media (and then the donations keep rolling in too), but I find it sad for the horses from some of these big rescue operations that what happens more often than people realize is that even when donation money is collected for horses maintenance and feed until “adoptive homes” can be found, many of these horses are “given away to good homes” which is basically like handing people “free money”, and people with ill intent toward horses turn right around and run those poor horses right back through another kill sale, or sell them directly to a kill buyer or feedlot, they pocket the money, and the horses ship to slaughter anyway.

    What is it with donors and horse lovers that they won’t follow-up on WHERE ARE THE HORSES several weeks or months after the big rescue? People should be demanding to know where the horses are in order to make sure they are ALL still O.K. and are still rescued, or if they can’t be accounted for and have been “disappeared” to who-the-hell-knows-where? I think what happens is that people really don’t want to know that everything is not as it seems sometimes after the rescue. It is also time consuming to follow-up on where the horses are at for a year, so people simply believe all-is-well.

    It IS our responsibility as donors and rescuers to hold 501c3 rescues responsible for telling us where all of the horses that they bought/rescued with donors money, and which are owned by the rescues usually who bought them using donors money from the sale or wherever, to account for where those horses are weeks or months later and provide names, addresses and phone numbers so people can make sure the horses are actually where they are supposed to be and haven’t disappeared into the slaughter pipeline. I am NOT saying that those rescues are responsible for those horses for the rest of the horses lives, however, a good rule of thumb to follow when rescues either have horses and/or if they adopt them out is that the horse MUST be protected and its whereabouts monitored for at least 1 year.

    The reason for the “1 year rule” is that if someone (whether the rescue that rescued the horses using donor money, or actual adopters the rescue secured) has to maintain and take care of a horse properly for a period of 1 year, the cost to do that will exceed what a person could get for the horse at a kill sale after a year of maintaining that horse, so it would not make sense for someone with ill intent toward horses to take a free horse but then have to maintain them for a year because they would spend more money on the horse over the period of a year then they would make after a year if they then took them to the kill sale and/or sold them to a kill buyer or feedlot.

    If on the other hand no one monitors and protects that horse after they are “adopted out for free”, with no 1 year feed lease/adoption contract, or even with an adoption contract that the rescue doesn’t bother to monitor or enforce, many bad people will take the horse immediately after picking them up from the rescue to a kill sale or kill buyer/feedlot and then will collect “free money” by selling the horse into the slaughter pipeline.

    It IS our responsibility as rescuers to realize that not all rescues of horses are pure “sunshine and rainbows” in “the rescue after the rescue” period, and horses have a way of disappearing when whomever is rescuing used other people’s money to do it. I do end up looking like the bad guy a lot of the time when it seems like I’m one of only a few people asking the questions of “where are ALL of those horses you rescued using donors money to do it?”, “can I have contact names, addresses and phone numbers” for those horses that were bought with donors money through your 501c3 rescue and are not privately purchased so I can go and make sure the horses are still alright?”, or “can I get current photos and videos of the horses with date stamps on them to satisfy myself the horses are O.K.?”….
    It is truly heartbreaking when I see horses that were rescued just a month earlier by a rescue (and no one get their panties in a bunch because what I am referring to happened over a year ago) go through another kill sale and I think “what was the point of rescuing the horse in the first place if they still are going to slaughter anyway?”

    I know precisely why the BLM won’t answer the questions and the answer is because they KNEW what was going on with Tom Davis, and as long as we the public didn’t know, they just kept letting it happen because they don’t care what happens to the wild horses after they are sold and/or given away.

    My concern however regarding the “big rescues” of horses using donor money is that horses are disappearing but no one ever seems to want to know what happens in “the rescue after the rescue”……just plain sad that horses still go to slaughter while people are in their “sunshine and rainbows” fantasy of horses in paradise pasture after they are rescued when sometimes that fantasy couldn’t be further from the truth of what really happened to that horse after they were “rescued”……


    • Thank you for bringing up this point Laura. Had not thought of it as I am associated with a rescue who knows where every one of her horses are. After hearing some of the stories out there I feel blessed to have associated myself with Saving Horses Inc. (shameless plug).


  12. Going to the USDA site it states that there are 33 countries that import meat and poultry into the US. Can anyone say with certainty what is in those imports? Does anyone trust the testing of meat products? I know I certainly do not. Pretty leery of most fruits and vegies too.


  13. Greed is a powerful propellent….. Not only is this appalling, but the thought of being unknowingly fed something that you Love as you would love any beautiful creature is gut wrenching horror…… I am so sickened by the thought , it makes me physically ill………..These people are criminals of the worst kind , ALL i can say is HOW DARE THEY do this !!!! There is a special place in Hell for some thaT would do this !!!!! Makes ya wish there were still LYNCH MOBS !!!!!!


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