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Wild Horse Wrestling Begins in Spain while Obama’s BLM Attacks Horses in U.S.

from the pages of The Australian

Obama’s BLM and the Spanish have something in common: ABUSE

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Spanish methods are a bit more primitive but the abusive results are the same as the BLM’s

Approximately 25,000 people were expected to attend the Rapa das Bestas (shearing of the beasts), a 400-year-old Spanish festival held between July 1 and 4.

During the event hundreds of wild horses are rounded up from the mountains of Sabucedo, Spain, before being sheered and then released back into the wilderness with a micro-chip.

Tradition sees the owners collect the horses from the land and divide them into groups before subduing the animals.

Men jump on horses in a bid to reach their chosen horses, while a team-mate grabs the tail of the chosen horse and the other man grabs the neck. Its mane and tail is then trimmed and it is tagged.

The festival has come under fire from animal rights protesters, with an online petition seeking to end the festival receiving nearly 1000 signatures.

Those opposed to the event claim the horses are “abused” and “tortured” in the process.

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    • Our abuse, in this country, is even more cruel and deadly with the use of helicopters and motorized vehicles…but our government has made it a practice to hide it, as best to it’s ability, until now. The Obama administration marked the 4th of July with opening up the “Stampede” season on our disappearing wild horses and burros. I struggle to see where there is anything “American” behind the “Managed to Extinction” process that the federal government has initiated. Makes one redefine what the colors Red, White and Blue really stand for…I will leave that to your imagination.


      • Not to mention the lack of transparency, accountability, competency, maintainability, honesty by “officials” and no access by concerned individuals (journalists and citizens).

        Oh and let’s not forget, shifting debate, science (fabricated) and reasons to remove wild equines to include bloviated population counts, buls**t EAs, etc always with the intent to remove, not protect the equines. Hard to keep up with these schizophrenics….government officials.

        More removals on the same patch of land they just did in the last 12-18 months????? Hmmmm, somethin’ stinks to me and it isn’t just the mutilated carcasses of our wild ones rotting in holes or slaughterhouse tankage pits. I think DOI/USDA must be thinking they are managing rabbits, NOT wild equines.


      • Just so people know; out of the 3 dates we had for Kiger/Riddle roundup it seems the the 3rd for Thursday July 7th is the start. This will get checked with Burns District Office tomorrow. There will be at least one advocate there.


  1. I agree with you Athena. The horse is the one creature through history that has done everything the human has asked. They took them in to battle by all methods, carried humans over barriers beyond belief, have provided care to our children, taught us to ride and took us to the winning ribbons, are now providing hope for adults and children that would normally be lost forever
    to certain diseases and yet some of our fellow human beings try to destroy them in every way possible. I can only surmise that these people must be desendents of the Devil. The US government is no different now allowing the BLM to round them up in great numbers. I couldn’t believe the comment by Tom Collins, Clark County Commissioner indicating that we who care for these lovely horses were deficient in our up bringing because of his status as a psychiatrist. Personally, as a counseling major this psychiatrist suffers from ideas of grandure and illness. His statement calling our horses cock roaches of the desert was unbelievable. I bet he rounds up his cattle with a vehicle. But now to Spain – why in the hell would you shear a horse? At this time of year, you couldn’t anything off my horse. Unbelievable….Today, on the 4th when I end this post I will be sending more emails to my Legislators, President of Mexico regarding the cruelty & danger of eatting American horses and now to Spain. When will it end, the list just keep getting bigger? This now is becoming a global problem.


  2. OOOOO BIG tough men there in Spain, eh. Cram the Horses in there tightly, leave no striking distance between Horse and coward, leap onto them like it’s some sick mosh pit. Festival, huh?

    Not much imagination necessary, R.T., for the new definition of Red, White and Blue on our turf when it comes to THEIR treatment of OUR Wild Ones.

    ~ Jan


  3. And who endorses this barbaric cruelty globally, our bloody Governments of course. They are such bloody hypocrites.


  4. One more conformations Most humans are still Barbarians,and very very very ill.My prayer is soon The lord will rescue them from such animals and make the offenders suffer forever and ever in all forms of torture,
    Humans as a whole aren’t far out of caves.


  5. I’m thinking the humans are the true ‘beasts’ here. It’s sad so many mistake ‘abuse’ for cultural heritage. Just because it’s been done for a long time doesn’t make it right!


  6. One has to notice that the governments that endorse this kind of animal/human cruelty are the Socialist/Progressive ones. I thought that they made peace and love not war. Humans can be so cruel yet let someone try and take a freedom away from them and the cry foul. It is so sad that they cannot see the beauty of the wild free horse. It is all about power and money. All of us who love these great animals must spread the word it is our duty to them.


  7. What a bunch of cowardly ignorant people in Spain, of course BLM is cruel & cowardly also -


    • Our cowardly BLM is doing the same thing, right here, right now through the use of contractors that are paid YOUR hard earned tax dollars…same thing only different methods.


      • Hear, Hear! Let’s stay focused on saving our horses here in the US and set the bar/example for the rest of the world!


  8. Yeah same thing – lawlessness and those who thrive there are amongst all animals. I am an American – proud of it through and through and will always believe in the kindness, loyalty and compassion of our people (from all around the world). Laws are in place, put there by forward thinking kind hearted people. It is our duty to see those laws are enforced. And by those laws – justice shall prevail. And to call out cruelty when we see. Sign the petition Shari posted and write a message. Have thw world hear us.

    Red – the blood of those brave enough to stand up against the oppressor – their valor;

    white – the purity of peace, honesty and the innocent;

    blue – Vigilance, perserverance and Justice!

    Installed at the entry of the Court of Appeal – 3rd District of California “This house of peace shall stand while men fear not to die in its defense.”.


  9. This obscene event is akin to holding a “pretend” slave auction/reenactment(?) on “Emancipation Day” in the US with real lashings.

    BTW…how many women are involved in this Spanish cruel, prehistoric, caveman, entertainment crap?…anyone see women in the photos.

    What is it with men and proving their masculinity to each other?

    No dis to our male wild/domestic equine supporters.

    And Spain ain’t Bumf**k, Nowhere, Earth….WTH?


  10. Denise, I have photos of this event on my FB page and yep there are women and they are just as manic as the men. It seems that Spain has so many festivals that celebrate cruelty, such as when they put pitch onto a bulls horns and light them on fire and then watch as he crashes into object in pain.
    It’s a sad case when the only way you can prove how big and powerful you are is to go out and abuse a horse or a bull until it submits in exhaustion, pain and death. Try psychiatry instead.


    • Agreed.

      Didn’t see your post when I made the one below. In this case, I don’t see the “fembots”……but realize they have to be part of the problem.

      But there are also concerned Spaniards fighting bullfighting, etc. I’m not saying torch the country.


      • Yes and bless them they have actually put an end to bullfighting in some communities. I sincerely wish they could put a stop to that bull “festival” though.
        And then there is the news that we have animal welfare advocates that are making inroads in China. There is hope.


  11. What a bunch of P***IES!….note the stone wall and painted toe-nails, flip-flopped/sandeled resting on the wall? Guess women don’t attack in Spain, they just enable macho-stupid.

    Seems fair to me….NOT IN HELLL!


  12. I feel such pity for these creatures… Yes the horses too – But most of all the pathetic homo-sapiens who so very desperately attempt to fake their manhood. “Machos” who harm animals? They don’t fool me one bit.


  13. one day the Lord will make right the wrongs of man and there will be gashing of teeth and burning of souls for the Lord said take care of what i given you or YOU WILL ANSWER TO ME


  14. I must have missed something here. What is the point of all this sheering? To prove what “men” they are? (sorry to the men present on this site–those that are advocates that is).

    I wonder what they do to the horse that bites or kicks one of the “humans”. Maybe its better I don’t.


  15. Just more assh___ that are trying to be a great male and the women who have to prove themselves. Hogwash. This is just another travesty. I hope they all die in hell and suffer a slow and agonizing death. I hope we win SOON. Human beings are a disgusting example of life.


  16. The masculine/feminine balance of our planet is completely out of whack. By this I do not mean male/female or men v. women. I mean the feminine side of cooperation, beauty, nurturing, gentleness has been completely overtaken by the aggressive, “power over” side. Just look at those photos of man’s aggression. So primitive and regressive. Women act this way too. I know that. But it is women acting out of their masculine side, or women acting more like a masculine than most men. You see this in our women politicians today too. So devoid of caring and empathy for those most vulnerable. We have devalued beauty and compassion in our world. We have completely devalued the feminine side. The wild horses symbolize the feminine to me. To look at a wild horse with the free flowing manes and gorgeous eyes is to look at the feminine side of life, an archetypal symbol of the beauty of the feminine. I think that is why so many women (and enlightened men, like RT and many others) are drawn to this cause. A wild horse woman once said, if we can save the wild horses, man(humankind) just might make it. Mother Earth would agree with that.


  17. I didn’t watch the video, but, I didn’t need to! I am just completely speechless, over the pure stupidity, & barbaric nature that is “mankind”. There ARE many good people in the world, but, there are also way too many that shouldn’t even be classified as human!! There is no “kind” in mankind, nor any “humane” in human, or humanity. The human species is a self-centered, greedy, bloodthirsty, heartless, & savage species! The seemingly endless cruelty, toture, & abuse that humans inflict on their fellow creatures is beyond words!!


  18. Can’t Spanish people just plainly just celebrate just dancing and drinking. And not be so violent towards innocent animals. The Spain government is so stupid to have this kind of event going on. Why they just go get drunk and attack each other.


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