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Former Government Lawyer Now on the Bench Rules in Favor Of the BLM in Calico Suit

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – A federal judge who spent part of his career working as a government lawyer today found in favor of a controversial Obama Administration agency. Judge Paul L. Friedman dashed the hopes of lovers of wild horses when he dismissed a lawsuit challenging the legality of housing thousands of Mustangs in huge holding pens in the American West.

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BLM Calls Wild Horse Death Stampede at Calico “Humane”

The federal Bureau of Land Management has challenged Horseback’s terminology calling a Northern Nevada Calico roundup “ill fated.”

“The Calico gather wasn’t “ill fated.” It was conducted in a professional and humane manner and achieved the goal of bringing an
overpopulation of wild horses in the Calico Complex within the established appropriate management levels,” spokeswoman JoLynn Worley said in a note to the magazine.

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The BLM Passes the Buck on the Vet Issue

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The federal Bureau of Land Management has punted on whether it employed a veterinarian on its Calico roundup who is not licensed in the State of Nevada. Responding to a query by Horseback Magazine regarding the credentials of Dr. Albert Kane, the BLM referred questions to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal, and Plant Health Inspection Service.

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Death by Helicopter: BLM Vet Releases Report on Calico Foal’s Death

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The federal Bureau of Land Management has released a veterinary report to Horseback Magazine that was requested by several individuals and advocacy groups. The report provides sketchy details on the final days of a foal filmed by photo journalist and videographer Laura Leigh on assignment for Horseback during a Nevada “gather” of wild horses.

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