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Listening to Your Inner Horse

It’s Sunday and I am attempting to hold true to the promise that we will not publish any bad news, on this day, but instead attempt to inspire and refresh so put on your swim trunks and hold your nose, we are about to jump into that cold mountain stream.

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OBAMA Wild Horse Posts Still Unfilled, Board’s Current Makeup Suspect at Best

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The federal Bureau of Land Management faces a burgeoning scandal that threatens to embroil to cabinet level agencies.

Three members of the agency’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board should have left their post on June 14, 2010, but continue to serve despite shady authority to have their terms extended until new members are appointed.

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Embattled BLM Director Refuses to Speak With Horseback Magazine

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – Let’s see now, we’ve been attempting to get an on the record interview with federal Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey since at least August. 2009. With every attempt, and there must have been at least ten of them, Horseback has been rebuffed. It isn’t as if we have been idle covering the agency’s treatment of the wild horses in its charge. I suspect we’ve probably done more stories than any other news organization, with the possible exception of veteran Las Vegas broadcaster George Knapp.

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BLM Director Bob Abbey Endorses Vegas Summit by Accepting Invitation to Speak

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The director of the federal Bureau of Land Management has endorsed a pro-slaughter rally by “tentatively” accepting an invitation to speak at the “Summit of the Horse.” The Las Vegas event is sponsored by the radical pro-horse-slaughter group United Horsemen, a Cheyenne, Wyoming organization headed by GOP State Rep. Sue Wallis.

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BLM Claims to Know Identity of “Animal Abuser” Cyber Bully

According to an exclusive article on Horseback Magazine Online a top placed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) official has confirmed that the agency has obtained the identity of the employee who attempted to post a public comment on this blog with the user name of “Animal Abuser” and an email address of AAafterYOU@yahoo.com. A finely tuned spam filter diverted the post and emailed it to this reporter’s attention, as the blog’s admin, for moderation and approval. Unbeknownst to the BLM Cyber-Bully was the fact that we record IP addresses and the address verified that the threatening message came directly from a government BLM computer DURING normal office hours.

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