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The BLM Distorts Truth but the Facts Speak: The Calico Herd is GONE

How does one express what is going on. It is a scientific fact that the wild horses are a benefit to the range land and its biodiversity based upon there physiological makeup, grazing habits, and over all free roaming behavior. It is just as much a scientific fact the detrimental effects of cattle on the range land and its water sources, yet the BLM have raped the land of its horses and continue to increase cattle grazing in the area, at the taxpayers expense, all under the guise of establishing appropriate management levels of wild horses. Yet nature has been establishing what are considered appropriate management levels of all forms of wildlife including the wild horses for thousands of years, based upon environmental and predatory conditions, and doing an excellent job of it. Yes, there are continual fluctuations of numbers of varying species but all in ecological balance based upon natures mandate.

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Former Government Lawyer Now on the Bench Rules in Favor Of the BLM in Calico Suit

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – A federal judge who spent part of his career working as a government lawyer today found in favor of a controversial Obama Administration agency. Judge Paul L. Friedman dashed the hopes of lovers of wild horses when he dismissed a lawsuit challenging the legality of housing thousands of Mustangs in huge holding pens in the American West.

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BLM Calls Wild Horse Death Stampede at Calico “Humane”

The federal Bureau of Land Management has challenged Horseback’s terminology calling a Northern Nevada Calico roundup “ill fated.”

“The Calico gather wasn’t “ill fated.” It was conducted in a professional and humane manner and achieved the goal of bringing an
overpopulation of wild horses in the Calico Complex within the established appropriate management levels,” spokeswoman JoLynn Worley said in a note to the magazine.

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