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BLM to Target Wild Horses in Utah to Appease Cattle Ranchers

“The Utah ‘Good Ole Boy’ club comes out this week with their guns a blazing as the BLM bends to the pressure of a law suit where local politicians, in the pocket of cattle ranchers, want wild horses cleared off the land so their welfare cattle can strip the range clear of any foliage. Gotta just love the mentality of the ‘Bubbas’ as most of them refer to the 6th grade as their ‘Senior Year’ and it shows. (meanwhile, back in Texas, we buy land, fence it, pay taxes on it and maintain it for livestock…no bovine welfare in the Lone Star State, oh dang, I used a big word again. Bovine=Cows, boys…get it?)” ~ R.T.

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New Government Report on Trespass Livestock

“For decades our wild horses and burros have been scapegoated as the primary reason for ecological destruction on our western public lands while in reality, the documented destruction has come from private, welfare livestock allowed to graze our land at subsidized prices while far out numbering the federally protected wild equines.

This may come as a bit of a shock (tongue in cheek) but several of our federal agencies (BLM and USFS for example) are critically ate up with collusion and cronyism leading to a system of ‘good ole boy’ favoritism towards federally subsidized welfare grazing with little or no control YET the agencies, along with their welfare ranching buddies, point fingers at the wild horses and burros for grazing damage while they hold actual research at bay that verifies it is their private cows and sheep that are doing the damage and NOT the wild horses and burros.

Instead of reducing or eliminated grazing permits the BLM and USFS spends tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to attack, harass, capture, abuse, torture, experiment upon, warehouse and even sell horses and burros off to slaughter AGAINST the will of American taxpayers and politicians.

Although today’s installment does not address wild horses and burros specifically it speaks to the problem that is used as an excuse for the corrupt agencies to illegally remove the protected equines from public lands while welfare cattle and sheep run amok. It is all so screwed up that it is difficult for a sane mind to wrap itself around, but for the sake of the wild horses and burros we need to “get it” and continue to fight and speak on their behalf. Become conversant on the subject, please, and ensure that all who you know are equally aware as it is only through the force of numbers will we be able to win this war. Keep the faith my friends and keep on keeping on.” ~ R.T.

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Welfare Ranchers Forced to Scale Back in Elko County NV

“Sorry but I live in an agricultural community surrounded by cattle, horses and donkeys and not once have I heard any of them do the whining and hand wringing that the welfare ranchers on OUR public lands do over what they feel is their “entitlement”. I just don’t have one ounce of sympathy in my soul for them. Here in Texas we buy, fence, manage and pay taxes on our grazing land and we do NOT take handouts from the government. Out on our public lands the welfare cattle ravage the range, destroy the watering holes and out number the wild equines 100 to 1. The numbers in the article, below, are skewed and it is a big bunch of welfare propaganda but it does do my heart good to see the government leeches stress over their free ride. Sorry, again, but it’s about time that subsidized grazing cease upon a national, natural keepsake, our public lands.” ~ R.T.

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Utah Gains a Toehold in Wild Horse Control

“This is a seriously bad precedence and waaaay dangerous for the last few wild horses that grace Utah’s public lands. The article, below, is riddled with propaganda blaming a few handfuls of wild horses for overgrazing public lands when tens of thousands of welfare cattle destroy OUR land for the benefit and profit of private, welfare ranchers. Once the biased states throw their two cents worth in the horses and burros won’t have a chance. The war against those who rightfully and legally should live free on the range are instead beleaguered and harassed by special interests and the agencies that they have in their hip pocket. The perversity of the situation is mind-boggling.” ~ R.T.

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