Former Wild horses found dead at Madeleine Pickens’ Sanctuary

By George Knapp , Bill Roe as published on

“Looks like the nature loving, highly educated, welfare ranching ‘Good ole Boys’ been busy’!” ~ R.T.

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A reward of $100,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons who caused the deaths of a dozen or more horses in Nevada.

The mustangs were on a private reserve in Elko County created to save wild horses from going to slaughter.

The owner of the property calls it an act of terrorism, and in light of what was done, it clearly was no accident. The images are graphic.

The dead horses were discovered over the weekend on a 12,000 acre parcel, part of a much larger ranch owned by philanthropist Madeleine Pickens south of Wells, Nevada. One of the dead animals was a Pickens favorite, a small brown mare she named Scarlet. In one of the images, Pickens is kneeling with Scarlet’s carcass. Also dead, at least 11 other mustangs that had previously been saved from the slaughterhouse by Pickens. Dozens of other horses are missing.

Sometime in the last week or so, unknown persons vandalized several gates on the large enclosed preserve. Fences were cut, and worst of all, all of the water pumps were disabled, meaning the mustangs had no water for days. Most died of thirst in the summer heat. The I-Team spoke to Mrs. Pickens by phone Wednesday afternoon.

“No question, this was not an accident. This wasn’t just one well that went dry or something in the solar panel didn’t work. Everything was shut off, cut off, fences were cut and rolled back. They wanted all the horses to escape. They shut off the water holes so they couldn’t drink,” Pickens said.

Pickens has spent $25 million to create her Mustang Monument sanctuary and eco-resort which is home to 700 rescued mustangs, but the plan has faced continuous opposition from the Bureau of Land Management and Elko officials sympathetic to cattle (welfare) ranchers, as well as wild horse advocates.

There have also been many previous acts of vandalism, but nothing like this.


  1. Only mindless scum of the Earth persons would commit such a crime. These monsters, I cannot call them human beings, appear to be multiplying. Anyone who could harm a horse has to be mentally deranged.

    These savages are dangerous, and should be incarcerated to protect horses and humans from these menaces to all society.

    The missing horses were likely taken to or sold to slaughter. I hope these people fry in hell, and I am sure they will.

    Bureau of Land Management, also an abomination, should join them.

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  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to this grwat lady. I hope the terrorists are caught and dealt with. God bless you dear lady.


  3. Hard to imagine how anyone could do this to animals harming nobody, and being responsibly cared for. This had to be organized by more than one person so more than one person knows who is responsible.

    Shouldn’t the reward by law be $100,000 PER HORSE?

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  4. I’m convinced that this incident was either 1. politically motivated, 2. caused by someone who has something against Madeleine Pickens and/or her family personally or 3. all of the above. This somewhat reminds me of what happened in the Fish Creek HMA of last year when Kevin Borba and Dave Duquette illegally hauled water off of the HMA, luring the horses into an unknown area most likely devoid of food, causing them to stave, all so that they could launch a sleaze campaign against the wild horse and burro advocacy movement by making it seem that we advocates were causing the wild horses to starve because we oppose roundups. I’m not saying that they were responsible for the death of Pickens’ horses, I’m not saying that they weren’t. But Wells is not too far from Fish Creek and (God forgive me if I’m wrong) it wouldn’t surprise me if either one of those two, both of them or people in their sphere of influence were responsible. If I were an investigator, I would start with those two and members of their buddy organization, Protect the Harvest.


  5. I saw this last night on Facebook. I know Madeleine’s Eco sanctuary is way out of my price range. I had been hoping for a simple KOA type of camping room…a safe place for me and a way to help the horses when I go thru Nevada…

    This however is so far pass wrong. One simply does not turn water to ANY animal. I know the ranchers HATE the horses but for petes sake…the horses were on PRIVATE PROPERTY! Something the ranchers can’t be bothered with.

    We find the culprits (I can’t call them what I really think)I say no water for them for a week. do to them what they did to PRIVATELY OWNED horses.


  6. Sick, sick people! To cause the death of horses on private property shows the ranchers will go to any lengths to get what they want. They are not men, they are cowards. I am so sorry Ms. Pickens. Karma will get them in the end. God see’s all and I wouldn’t look for a seat in Heaven for these evil cowards. Straight to hell for them. I hope all resources are used to get them and send them to prison.


    • I was just remembering, before I read your post, all the grief and heartache we have suffered and how Ken Salazar made things so much worse when he was associated with BLM when with the Interior. He appeared to really hate horses, and is in the cattle business, and there was a lot more to it. When is any leader going to ever stop this atrocity against our American horses who were given their own land BACK WHEN THIS COUNTRY WAS CIVILIZED AND WHEN WE COULD DEPEND ON LEADERS AND ON OUR CONGRESS!


  7. This needs to be NATIONAL news, played over and over and over again. Like the Olympic swimmer story. This a a national tragedy — our American Mustangs are murdered eveyday.


    • EXACTLY! So why isn’t it? It should be on all network news and on CNN and Fox.
      But no, animals are always the victims, and there is rarely if ever any justice.

      Bureau of Land Management has gotten away with the torture and killing of our beautiful mustangs for YEARS, with nothing done about it. The uncaring citizens and animal abusers are multiplying. God help all the helpless animals in this country due to the mindless barbarians who now exist here, who glorify in torturing and killing ALL animals, which appears to make them feel good about themselves since they are uncivilized savages.


  8. Ok boots on the ground advocates. Tune is right to band up and come ms.Pickens aid. Get pit there and really patrol the fences and the ground and the equipment!! There had been far too much criticism of Madeline Pickens but note is the time to help. At least she is trying to do something today’s what she can in sited those deceitful ranchers and the God damned welfare rancher loving BLM. Duck those asswipes and shoot too kill anyone who tries to harm the horses. REMEMBER IT’S ALL ABOUT THE HORSES!!!!!


    • Exactly right. Pickens is the ONLY person who provided a safe place for some of the horses that the government has been destroying for years. The ranchers, including Ken, the former head of Department of the Interior, have been killing and fighting against the horses for years. Lobbyists have influenced our cowardly Congressmen. The horses were run to death, the hooves run off foals who were then shot, no safe places were provided for the horses who were run off their land by helicopters and some were run to death. These horses were doing fine on the land they were GIVEN BY CONGRESS. Our taxes pay the salaries of the despicable BLM employees who auctioned these horses off across the country for YEARS, mostly to irresponsible and cruel people who wouldn’t even afford to feed and care for the horses. Often these filthy savages sold the horses to slaughter. Now these horses were killed on private property by uncivilized monsters who should be in prison. Where is law enforcement? Where is the FBI (oh, that’s right, they are no longer allowed to do their job). Who is going to arrest and prosecute these vile barbarians who are menaces to all society?


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