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The Theft of an American Icon

by Monica Courtney In this land of wide open spaces, lush forests and mystic canyon lands… war has begun. Where once peace and serenity were our inspiration to appreciate the sacred gifts who live in these lands… a battle of destruction has intruded, a merciless aircraft has caused a […]

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Give our Wild Horses their Land Back

By Jack Carone U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s ode to the “majestic” wild horse, and his description of how the federal government must manage its population in his Jan. 14 Times Op-Ed article, comes across to the average reader as a reasonable and sympathetic approach to the problems […]

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Meduna found guilty; but what about the Others?

HOUSTON (SFHH) – It’s not very often that out there amongst all the troubled waters of bad news a small blurb of good news and triumph bobs about and is visible to those who are searching for it. There was just such a little victory that rose to the surface, last week. Long awaited justice was served and a very, bad man was found guilty and would be held accountable to pay the price; that man is Jason Maduna.

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