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Madeleine Pickens says to keep those Wild Horse emails pouring in

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by Steven Long, publisher/editor of Horseback Magazine

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – In a rousing Houston speech before the Harris County law enforcement power elite, including the sheriff, district attorney, county attorney, judges, and prominent lawyers, wild horse advocate Madeleine Pickens continued her mission to save America’s wild horses.

“Go to my website,” she said. “Send it to everybody in your address book. That’s how you make things happen.”

Pickens wants to bring pressure to bear on Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey to stop the “gather” of wild horses from their native habitat. The billionaire wife of oilman T. Boone Pickens has made her life’s work the rescue of more than 30,000 Mustangs and burros held in holding pens by the agency. The bureau claims the mustangs are breeding too fast for their native habitat to sustain them and must be removed from the range.

The BLM manages more than 260 million acres of the American West where 1 million cows graze on land leased at $1.35 per animal.

Officials say the land won’t sustain the horses who have lived there for centuries.

They propose that tens of thousands of wild horses be taken next year at the cost of $1 billion to taxpayers.

The horses are protected by the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act, also known as the “Wild Horse Annie Law.” A federal suit and application for a permanent injunction has been filed in a Washington Federal Court to stop the roundups, which the suit claims are illegal.

The billionaire philanthropist has proposed placing the wild horses on a million acres she will buy to keep them wild and free.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has proposed the horses be removed to seven refuges in the Midwest and East. Pickens, who initially had kind words to say about the Salazar plan, is now fiercely critical of it.

“These are your horses,” Pickens said. “These are our horses. They plan to spend $1 billion of your money to do this.”

Pickens spoke at the headquarters of the Houston Humane Society before the Animal Law section of the Houston Bar Association. She was accompanied by her husband.

Houston has a global reputation for its fierce enforcement of animal cruelty laws. It is home to the “Animal Cops Houston” program which airs on the Animal Planet cable network.

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    • hey, all you texans! think you could send shiner bock to new england??? mmmm. what a lovely christmas present THAT would be…….
      peace & carrots….
      the ever irreverent jo bunny


      • Hay! Bring him Nor’east! We’ll give SalaCzar some Barnyard Bowdlerism…New England term for “BULL!” (In more ways than one:) And we can top HIS “bull~.”

        And oh, btw, he’s a-pushing for offshore wind-farms. Maybe he will take a-lQQk and meet the Perfect Storm ~ ~

        Peace too…& apples & mints


  1. I see them running, running,running
    From the Spanish caballadas to be free,
    From the mustanger’s rope and rifle, to keep free,
    Over seas of pristine grass,like fire-dancers on a mountain,
    Like lightening playing against the unapproachable horizon.

    I see them standing,standing, standing,
    Sentinels of alertness in eye and nostril,
    Every toss of maned neck a Grecian grace,
    Every high snort bugling out the pride of the free.

    I see them vanishing, vanishing, vanished,
    The seas of grass shriveled to pens of barb-wired property,
    The wind-racers and wind -drinkers bred into property also.

    But winds still blow free and grass still greens,
    And the core of that something which men live on believing
    Is always freedom.

    So sometimes yet, in the realities of silence and solitude,
    For a few people unhampered a while by things,
    The mustangs walk out with dawn, stand high,then
    Sweep away, wild with sheer life, and free, free, free-
    Free of all confines of time and flesh.

    J. Frank Dobie (1934) from Texas


  2. Yeah Madeleine!!! You go girl!

    I don’t know who said this but I believe it without prejudice.

    “Of all creature God made at the Creation, there is none more excellent, or so much to be respected as a horse.”


  3. From part of an article on IDA site about a separate animal cruelty case : “Thanks to you, the court received hundreds of letters in response to this cruel case. Clearly, the voice of the public helped bring attention to the seriousness of this case and the need for strong prosecution.”

    Should we be writing to the court also?


  4. The reason I was on the IDA site was a mention somewhere about a possible class action suite against BLM. But I could not find it.

    Anyone know about this and where to find that information?


  5. ida filed a lawsuit againt the blm to prevent the calico roundup which the blm went ahead and did anyway – over 100 horses have died, including mares that aborted their foals.

    now the horses are sick with a contgigaous bacteria infection and seem to be getting no treatment – ck out at

    also for pictures and video of the washington march


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