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Wild Horse population riding off into the sunset

by Rynski of the Tucson Citizen


BLM is managing wild horses into extinction - Photo by Terry Fitch

Wild horses may not be dragging anyone away – they are too busy being slaughtered and harassed, advocates say. They are also pretty tangled up in a debate about their fate.

While more than a million mustangs used to prance around our plains less than a century ago, the number has dwindled to fewer than 40,000. Some put the estimates at 37,000 or so, while Jody Blaylcock, lifelong horse owner and equine advocate, says it’s even lower.

“There are only 15,000 horses left in the wild in the United States (despite false and misleading numbers being circulated by the Bureau of Land Management),” she wrote in an e-mail.

Two camps are clearly drawn in the wild horse debate.

One side consists of animal advocates, like Blaylock and organizations such as the Cloud Foundation, who say wild horses should continue to roam free in the West.

The other side, which supports a recent proposal put forth by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, wants the horses moved East and Midwest where they say the population can be better cared for and controlled.

What is Salazar’s plan?

The $96 million proposal is to buy two ranches and contract with five other private ranches to house the wild horse population, according to a report in USA Today. No locations were given for any of the ranches.

Salazar supporters say wild horses will do better in this controlled environment where they won’t conflict with cattle and don’t have the threat of starving to death.

This plan, although expensive, is also supposed to save money in the long run, as keeping horses out in the West is costing a pretty penny. Or several million of them.

This year’s horse program’s price tag has been estimated at $50 million, most of which goes for food, care and moving many of the horses from the 29 million acres of federal land to private accommodations in Oklahoma, South Dakota and Kansas, the USA Today report said.

The report also quotes BLM spokesman Tom Gorey saying the wild horses should be neutered so no more than 17,500 are in the breeding population and the overall herd size should be dwindled to down 26,600.

Those opposing the plan have already seen the havoc wreaked by BLM, according to a report in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Eye of the innocent

“Late this summer, using helicopters, (BLM) rounded up most of the herd, 146 horses, but then let 89 go, keeping 57 to auction off,” Jonathan Storm wrote in his piece: What Menaces the Mustangs.

“Strong lobbying from ranchers, who want the federal land for their 3.2 million sheep and cattle, keeps pressure on the puny population of mustangs,” he said. His article was a review of the TV show Challenge of the Stallions, which featured wild mustang Cloud, for whom the Cloud Foundation was formed.

Animal advocates also fear what fate awaits the remaining horses.

“If the BLM gets its way the remainder will soon all be shipped to Mexico (where they are being slaughtered in the most horrific ways imaginable) or broken apart into genetically unviable herds as per Ken Salazar’s recent plan,” Blaylock said. “The ROAM act (S-1579) is before the house right now, and if passed would reinstate the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, offering some protection to those animals who are left.”

What is the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act?

I’ll let the Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, which mentions wild horses on public lands are outnumbered by cattle 200 to 1, answer that one:

In 1971, more letters poured into Congress over the threat to our nation’s wild horses than over any issue in U.S. history, except for the Vietnam War. And so Congress unanimously passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, declaring that “wild horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West; that they contribute to the diversity of life forms within the Nation and enrich the lives of the American people; and that these horses and burros are fast disappearing from the American scene.” The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) were appointed to implement the Act. Most herd areas are under BLM jurisdiction.

Fast-forward thirty years: in 2001, after decades of failed herd management policies, the BLM obtained a 50% increase in annual budget to $29 million for implementation of an aggressive removal campaign; in 2004, the 1971 Act was surreptitiously amended, without so much as a hearing or opportunity for public review, opening the door to the sale of thousands of wild horses to slaughter for human consumption abroad.


The entire fiasco is yet another example of man versus nature, with nature losing no matter which way you turn.

Click HERE to sign petition to stop the round ups

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    • Crag Downer’s estimation of 20,000 is incorrtect!Im my opinion based onn my personal studies I have found that there will be roughly 12,000 wild horses roaming free by the year 2015..

      The project goal for the BLM is to reverse engineer biosystematics via genetic erosion. The process is not that complex and will not take much time to achieve maximum results. When large numbers of a species are reduced at rapid intervals the end result is catastrophic for that particular species and it’s ecosystem.

      This process and it’s specificity has been designed and executed by wildlife biologsists that work for the DOI/BLM and The U.S.Forest Service. However, what they fail to realize is that same ecosystem that has thrived with wild equids among its delicate balance will also suffer from the collapse of genetic erosion.

      Where Are They Now?


      • Mustang Jack, I do not want to get kicked but in 2015 there may be even fewer wild horses than you calculate. If Craig’s estimate was for now… and you remove 4000 this winter and another 4000 this spring and summer, you get 12,000 and dropping in 2010… Too few, too fast, no matter how you look at it… mar


  1. Hello all, first, there are no 33,000 horses in holding, where are they? Mustang Jack said this before, those horses are long gone to slaughter properly around 2006 or 07. Now with that said. Why all the round ups, think about what they are doing. They are covering up. They have no adoptable horses so that’s why Cloud’s herd and they figured they can make a buck off them and did. Salazoo is an attempt to move them so no one can keep track. The BLM, the Forest Service and friends need to be investigated, we need to stop the round ups, and we need a count, how many still free and how many in holding. How are we going about this, begging our legislators to do it. Some help us and fight along with us, (some) they listen to us, agree with us and that’s where it stands. Then you have Senators being paid off to stop horse bills, don’t you think an investigation attempt is going to be pushed aside or somebody is going to be paid off to stop it, I do. I have been fighting this for 6 years, I joined many horse sites to help, I rescued some, have my own, help support rescues, like every horse lover here. What’s going on? We are not united, sure we have plenty of sites for information that are wonderful, who is reading them ? We are. When I first found out about this despicable situation our American horses are in, I went on a rampage, wrote to every United States organization I could think of, The Scouts, American Legions, VFW, Kiwanis, Mounted Police, to name a few. Nothing no answer, properly thought I was a nut, if hundreds wrote to them it might make a difference. What I am saying is we have to unite and stick together no matter what for this to work. We need one site, it can be Debbie, Shelly, Laura, Vicki John, RT, Chris or any ones, a new one. We need a site to plan on. We have to get organized, pick a target and hammer them. Companies that use horses in adds, Movie companies that use horses etc….. Wild horse singers, that sing their tunes and don’t do anything. Every time I see a commercial with some one riding or walking a horse…. yeah sure use them but don’t help us protect them. We have to get on the ball people and we have to do it now. We are going to have to plan a big stand in Washington and I’m not talking about 30 40 people going, there is hundreds of us and we have to stand together or our horses are going to keep getting slaughtered and our wild will be no more.


    • Mustang33:

      I did not realize Mustang Jack was among those thinking the Mustangs and Burros in BLM long term holding were already gone. This gives more merit to the theory of Ken Salazar’s proposed new horse sanctuaries being another cover up. Ken doesn’t give a hoot in hadies about protection for ANY American wildlife. He knows the sanctuaries won’t fly with the public nor will he get the millions in funding. The BLM’s budget was already approved by congress for fiscal year 2010. This absurd proposal is a cover up to say “We tried. Now we have to humanely euthanize (slaughter)” knowing the Mustangs and Burros are already gone. If the DOI and BLM had nothing to hide, they would adhere to transparency laws & allow an independent count of BLM long term holding & short term holding pens. Too, it would shed more light on why Madeleine Pickens’s repeated attempts to buy land and adopt have been buried under nonsensical federal red tape.

      You are absolutely right. Every single equine advocate and lover in America needs to unite NOW before it’s too late. In the last 2 days, I have seen a coming together on the priority to demand a roundup moratorium ASAP. JUST suggestions:

      a. There is a petition to be signed on-line. Encourage everyone you know to sign it.

      b. Encourage everyone to spend time on the phone calling their state legislators and Senators, to write letters to the Senators on the Committee on Energy & Natural Resources (they have the ROAM Act #S1579), letters to the Judiciary Committee (they have Prevention of Cruelty to Equines Act #S727), letters to President & Mrs. Obama and VP Biden.

      c. Encourage donations to The Cloud Foundation for their legal defense funds. The Foundation is an activist for more than just the Pryor Mt. Range herds.

      d. Encourage research & donations to: Animal Welfare Institute, American Horse Defense Fund, and Equine Welfare Alliance (or see list on the right side of this page). They all are pulling folks together & spending time on the front lines in Washington on Capital Hill.

      e. Encourage people to volunteer or donate to those respectable groups salvaging Mustangs, Burros, cast off domestic horses and rescues from slaughter yards while we fight for new laws. See the list on the right side of this page for examples!

      f. Help everyone stay on point!

      g. Educate the public on WHY saving wildlife and the habitat is important to every American citizen’s life & taxpayer dollars! Talk about the biological aspects, ecological aspects, the destruction of public property, the threat to National Parks, the de-sensitization of Americans to animal cruelty & brutality, the selling out of America to foreign interests, etc.

      h. Suggest support of singers like Cheryl Crow, Mary Ann Kennedy, and Willie Nelson.

      i. Keep doing what you are doing. Never back down. Wild horse Annie worked tirelessly for 10 years to see the 1971 Act signed into law. She was an obscured, shy little woman with enough horse power in her soul that could shame even Sampson!




      • Marilyn, Right on!

        Location, Location, Location!

        *Exposure, *Exposure, *Exposure!

        Huge, planned RALLY in Washington, DC. YES!

        The plight of the mustangs needs more attention. VISIBLE! Most of America does not know. On the Mall, a mass of people for the horses. I know this will get the attention of the public, media, *Obama.

        It is time to get more innovative, creative. proactive, as time is quickly running out for OUR wild horses.


    • I know what you mean, Jack. I’ve been fighting slaughter for 30 years – I lived in Texas when Dallas Crown was still rolling ’em out – and STILL no law. We ARE preaching to the choir – I blog, you blog and we all read each others blogs… We DO need to unite and get the message out to those who don’t know that all they’ve been hearing from the BLM, the Unwanted Horse Coalition, etc. are LIES.

      But if we do all unite on one site, how do we get “them” to read what we post?


      • Suzane, Marilyn, Morgan, ALL,

        By grass roots efforts – not by posts, not be bloggin each other..

        One day at a time.

        I know this does not appease the sense of urgency. But, based on my personal experience with fundraising for MDA, getting laws passed, raising awareness for new technologies, to answer your question, and expand on mustang33, Moran, D. Masters (on another of R.T.’s site conversations) and others =

        Treat this like a war.

        Pick a uniform, establish local chapters, have generals, have focused agendas, assign action to troops, have fund raisers (money can go equally to the legal funds mentioned, to get people to witness at gathers, and toward massive walks on Washinton).

        Start by sitting at tables in front of Petsmart, in booths at fairs and rodeos, join in parades, talk at schools, talk at boy scouts and girl scouts, have high school kids do car washes to adopt a wild horse in the wild (in name only of course – send them a picture), for funds to go to legal aid, maybe even eventually hire a lobbiest, keep up the letters to editors, letters to elected DC officals, all the other things we’re doing, just set it all up in an organized manner, this team does this, that team does that, etc. etc.

        Work it like MOM, or breast cancer awareness, MDA, any of many already successful endearvors. We don’t even have to invent a wheel, just copy what is already working – I beg you all to visit “Best Friends Sanctuary” site. Learn about thier “puppies aren’t products” campaing. They even have one-line tutorials of how to set up a booth, how to handle difficult, opposing people. I’ve been referred to EWA by R.T. and will be spending the rest of this week end studing them up one side and down the other – they may already be our umbrella group, maybe we don’t even need to start somehting new.

        If we don’t get together as one front, one very recognizable and easily identifiable front (I mean by sight – a hat, a vest, something, anything) we’ll all still be here talking to each other 10, 20 years from now (well some of you will), same ole same ole. Or the horses will be gone.

        I see those as the only two options, unless we change, unless we get strategic.

        What I am hearing a lot of “I’ve been doing this for 10, 20, 30 years and getting no where”. Duh! If you do the same thing over and over and get the same result, then you need to change what your doing. Simple as that.

        Folks, even if in our perfect world, Salazoo (Love that!) disappears, ROAM passes, and the wild goes to total natural predation, no more PZP, all the horses go home, this war is not over. There will be another Burns midnight rider.

        We may not like the special interest groups, or everyting about Greenpeace, PETA, or this other group, or that group, but I ask you who has gotten things done? How did they do it? Then lets start doing that – whatever that is.

        Dang, I only seem to be ablt to write a book, not even going to apologize for it anymore. But I’m gone now for a couple of weeks – reprieve for you all.


      • Suzanne, Marilyn, Roxie DM Jack every one else posting. All of you have great points and thank you. I have tried my space, face book, for an example. I posted about a stolen horse from Georgia, only one reposted, but there must be 100’s of animal activists with their own thing. Which is fine, honestly we need more true horse people to help. Alot of people write Ellen,Oprah,and others that have horses, but yet did we see a show about the horrors, NO. We need a plan, where we will be heard. We need bill boards like they did back in the 90’s

        We need to unite and let them have it


  2. Mustang33, Although I do not want to see anymore losses from the wild, The Roundups must end. I do not think we can get enough people to Washington this fall, but we need a Big Occupation of the National Mall by Spring. at least a week long and Demand the Moratorium, All Of Us. I can only hope the weather stops the Calico Mountain Roundup in NW Nevada. It is scheduled over 3 months that BLM does not normally have roundups. There may be enough snow and wind to keep them out of there. Those 3000 horses need to stay put. The other alternative is we go there and stop it. Civil disobedience. I just fear that by the time enough of us are ready to save the horses they will be gone. Let’s Do More and Succeed, people. There are ways to do it, let’s do them all!! mar


    • If nothing has been done yet about the Calico herd gather then it wont be now. We can try to get an injunction but, the BLM Forest Service and Wildlife Management has already had too much time to plead their case for the removal of the 3k. And no weather will not stop the plan,it will only slow it down. Hence we once again are acting or reacting too late..The BLM no longer posts its round up schedule in advance as they once did. If the BLM does post anything about future round ups it is well after they have been given the approval to remove them..So that basically rules out any possible forward warnings so that we have ample time to draw up a defense. The Calico herd has been surveyed for reduction for the last 18 months and several million dollars has been spent on it’s assessment. Try as we may,we will have a snowballs chance in hell to stop this one.. Realistically speaking of course!


      • Well then, should I doubt that we can stop a roundup by just showing up and expressing civil disobedience? Are there enough of us who dare do it?? This is the situation we have put ourselves in and there are precious few ways out that end with horses left on their range. Mar


      • well, even with a snowball’s chance in hell, “substantive comments” (that’s blm speak) can be made to the blm through I BELIEVE 12 november. it’s worth a shot (although i agree. these plans have been laid out for a very long time).
        calico wild horse capture plan available at blm website
        needed in comment heading is the environmental assessment number
        DOI-BLM-NV-W030-2010-001 EA


  3. They are culling the herds and replenishing the holding pens.They wont be able to replenish the claimed 33k that have been displaced but they will gather as many as they can to make it look good. Yes Marilyn we have to do something now.


    • I did not think of wind and cold. Good point. Helicopters can’t fly in bad weather. Who’s gonna go horseback either?


      • Howdy, Morgan.
        I’m an old retired cowgirl, have loved Mustangs my entire life of memory (ever since I became aware God had made a magnificent creature called the Horse, especially Mustangs. Unfortunately, I am now old and tired and haven’t a lot of strength, energy, or funds to help contribute to much of anything I would like to support. I’ve been thrown from too many horses, automobiles, bicycles, broncs of life to be much help with anything but my loyalty and my signature. I’m not much good at internet stuff, either. I actually found this on the cattleman’s email site, where I wanted to post a comment about the gov. interfering with ranchers, etc. but I did not know what to click on next. I won’t go into those frustrations.
        I fought the battle when Wild Horse Annie was fighting, writing to her, giving a speech in speech class while a senior in high school, passionately proclaiming my
        views on “The Preservation Of the Wild Horse”. The very next week, the son of the
        town’s banker, wealthy (against me, from the other side of the tracks), got up and gave a speech on “The Preservation of the Buffalo”)–a slap in the face at my speech, because he could have cared less about the West and whether or not it survived, let alone the buffalo (and they are “bison”–not “buffalo”).
        I don’t know what I have to offer except my loyalty, what I believe. I’ve fought many battles, yet I know, as a Christian who has studied Bible Doctrine out of Berachah Church in Houston, Texas ( )since 1960, that the battle between good and evil still wages, and even though it looks like the greed and corruption of our congress and the rich men behind the control of our nation and the world–are winning–In the long run, they will not.
        I’d like to have the time to sit here and write for hours, but I am 70 and have the care of my 92 year old Mom. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I live in town, have no horses, chickens, cattle, etc and my beloved way of life is in the past.
        I hate what our country has become, but one thing I know–my Lord stands firm. He knows the hearts and motives of all people everywhere. The Lord said in Proverbs, “A man is known by the way he treats His animals.” I have to go. Anyone emailing me should put “Mustangs” in the subject, as I do not open email from unknown sources. Old Cowgirl –Authentic American Cowgirl, Artist, Writer, Poet


  4. My calculations are correct! The horses will be allowed to reproduce before they are allowed to fall below the 12,000 mark. As they are reproducing at an approximate rate of 12% a year, they will manage to maintain their numbers which will gradually be reduced after the initial mass culling that will occur in the next 14 months. You seemed to have simplified the equation by continually reducing the numbers without allowing for any growth at all. Trust me! I know what I’m talking about.. The numbers will be in the range of 12,000. If they should fall lower it will be because they are dying off from genetic erosion and not just because of round ups.

    Marilyn Wargo :Mustang Jack, I do not want to get kicked but in 2015 there may be even fewer wild horses than you calculate. If Craig’s estimate was for now… and you remove 4000 this winter and another 4000 this spring and summer, you get 12,000 and dropping in 2010… Too few, too fast, no matter how you look at it… mar


    • Some mares may never reproduce at all because of strong doses when young of PZP-22. I do not have time, the horses do not have time, to see if you are right. They may well start darting others as they come of age. What if they decide to geld more? Are we supposed to let this play out, Jack?? I do feel we have not been out there and we did not do enough soon enough. Got any suggestions, Jack?? mar


      • My observations are based on my own personal experience with wild horses.

        If you not agreeing with me, that is fine.


      • I am attempting to get a dialogue going about a very touchy subject, Civil Disobedience. I don’t tell you what to do, don’t tell me. I am exploring this with the people I read and write to. mar


  5. Marilyn Wargo :Well then, should I doubt that we can stop a roundup by just showing up and expressing civil disobedience? Are there enough of us who dare do it?? This is the situation we have put ourselves in and there are precious few ways out that end with horses left on their range. Mar

    Thats right! We did put ourselves and the horses in this position. That doesnt mean that you have to stop showing up at round ups.. The problem with showing up is they wont allow anyone within a 15-20 mile radius of the proposed site. So advocates can still go and protest at the nearest junction if they choose.

    Just bare in mind.

    Interfering with Government officials is a federal offense! Protestors posing any threats to the operation or it’s officials that will hinder or impede it’s purpose in any way will be prosecuted to fullest extent of the LAW!


      • Mar ~ I don’t want to start a fight here because 1. It’s counterproductive, and 2. I really LIKE you and your fire for the horses.

        But.. What could we do to REALLY interfere with the BLM at the roundups? They probably wouldn’t bother to have us arrested – they would just bodily throw us out. And we wouldn’t want to cause such a stir that we actually DID spook the horses even more than they already are. What do you envision us actually, physically doing?

        I can’t go to the roundups. I live in Indiana. I have a lousy back that barely allows me to take care of my 2 horses. I’m 65, 5’4″ and weigh 120 lbs. I doubt I could throw a scare into those BLM thugs – except maybe they’d die laughing. Not to even mention the financial side of things. As much as I WANT to go, I cannot.

        So, I just have to do something else. But WHAT?


  6. My questions are legitimate. Do not be put off by my getting chewed out, I am not any of the things that have been hurled at me. I still think people should think about what is important, the horses are disappearing. You can follow the head honcho, but the question remains. As asked. Mar


  7. Federal arrests usually start out with 10k in fines at minimum. Why do you think people dont go to them round ups in force? Can’t even say anything profane or they will remove you from the scene as a disorderly person. BLM officials work close with Sheriff dept and both entities press charges when on federally protected property. Even though its public its federally protected and that alone can get you an automatic 90 days in county jail and its not concurrent with time sentenced for federal.


    • Thanks for finding this out for us, I guess that means we can’t do the crime cause we can’t do the time. Right? How long did the tree sitters get for sitting in National Forest trees? Is this really the point? Like I said, I won’t bring it up again. But it was worth a try. mar


  8. Suzanne, I was not starting a fight. I believe we can do many things together. That this man lost his cool is a shame. I am a part of this and I have not been making anyone stupid. You know where to find me. Smile. mar


  9. Mustang Jack was merely making suggestive comments..He has proven that there is no harmony or unity among advocates. Just look at Marilyns comments.. Argumentative instead of objective. And I shame Jack for arguing back with her. But the point has been made! Before we can make a serious stand we have to get over ourselves first. Then maybe we can unite to save whats left of our horses.


  10. Just curious here. Does anyone have info on research done regarding the effect of “selective” gathers on herd health? I’ve been doing some investigating and can’t seem to find any. I have a DOI “Office of Inspector General ” report ( 1997) that states,

    ” The bureau was not monitoring and evaluating the health of the herds because it did not have or establish requirements for performing this function… it could not properly evaluate the effect decisions regarding program operations had on the health of the animals.”

    OIG reports require a response and resolution to the issues they point out. This issue, as near as I can determine, simply disappeared. I have spoken to IOG just last week. They have done no subsequent investigations on the program.

    Could this add some fodder to a DEMAND for Congressional investigation and moratorium on ropund ups?


    • Well, it certainly SHOULD be, along with a number of welfare issues. As far as the “selective” gathers, we know they are taking the herds below the level of genetic viability – and they know it.


  11. It seems like the posts have gone off in another direction, albeit related. As to civil disobedience, my understanding is that Salazap closes roads, airspace and no one “disinterested/not involved” in the round-up can get within reasonable viewing distance. RT can answer that better than I. If, and this is a big if enough protestors showed up, the overwhelming numbers might result in a different prosecutorial response…but I doubt it. The numbers in holding may be inconsistent with BLM reported numbers and remember, we aren’t even discussing state agencies here, but I’m sure there are still thousands in holding….33K? Probably not, but it is worth demanding of our Fed Reps that until those numbers can be independently verified along with those still roaming, then round-ups should cease immediately. That alone should be enough to demand ceasation.

    mustang33: people don’t go out en masse because of the short notice and the remote nature of the round-up locations, just for starters.


  12. Since no one knows me, maybe I should kind of inroduce myself. I have been an active advocate in Nevada since 97. Our efforts are consumed with fighting Nevada Department of Agriculture. A recent move to So Cal tore me away from my 4 legged friends and the NDoA battle but opened me up to investigate the broader BLM issues. Their tactics seem to be cloned.

    Why am I telling you this? Because I am now writing for the online news dept on
    Don’t know quite how I got there, but here I am, and I intend to use the opportunity to publish as much info as possible. Anything you want to get out there? let me know. My contract somewhat limits me as to how far I can go but I’m doing what I can.

    you can reach me at


    • Carrol,

      I very happy to met you. Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope we can talk. I sent you an email to the address you left. Thanks.



  13. One thing is sure: BLM is out to cripple the herds that remain on the public lands, to set them up for demise, to take away their wild free nature all contrary to the law. These cynical officials are laughing at us. They are ignoring the law and either eliminating the horses and burros from their legal herd areas or setting them up for demise because of the low numbers left, unfair allocation of resources, depriving of water and forage, fences within legal herd areas, etc. This can and must be stopped. They embody the true spirit of freeom and independence of America as no other!


  14. Carol:

    Oh my! Isn’t Tony Lesperance just a GEM!?!? A real keeper in my book…especially if you’re in the horse whacking biz. What a complete crud. I apologize to his family for the former remark, but not him. Here’s my question: If the majority of mustangs are in Nevada, just why exactly is HE IN CHARGE?


  15. D. Our dear friend Mr. Lesperance, who has been sure to let me know how much he LOVES horses, is only in charge of horses not on public lands. The historic Virginia Range herd in particular is under his thumb. Unfortunately, Nevada law says that NDoA owns these horses. Dr. Phil LaRussa, state vet and another Gov. Gibbons puppet who also loves horses, is an equal to Lesperance in the slime factor. You probably don’t want to get me started on the subject.

    We really do need to concentrate on a congressional investigation!!!!! Without it, anything else could come too late!!!! How can we get ALL ADVOCATE GROUPS on board? That is the power we need in order to bring this about. All of us have so much anger and frustration to vent. But we need so desperately to funnel that energy into something that can accomplish our common goal. We may not all agree on details but I think we all agree that the harvesting of these animals needs to stop.


    • Now you are talking.

      Word to the wise, gang…this is an open blog and I am certain that the enemy lurks in the dark corners of this room and they ARE listening, so a word of caution.

      Also, please respect other’s thoughts and ideas, they are all of value!


      Sent from R.T.’s iPhone


    • Carol is right, we need to do a congressional investigation and get as many people behind it and present it. DM said sue them as united planitiff. We should do both and soon.


  16. Also wondering why Humane organizations can’t get access to the horses (supposedly in long term holding) and do a count? Wonder how old are the oldest horses in long term holding? You would think that a horse being cared for like a domestic horse would live to an older age particularly since they are no longer breeding? .


  17. Hi everyone- Great debate going on here. What about suing the contractors? Cattoor and whoever? What if “we” file a lawsuit against them, based on animal abuse protocol? No contractors no round ups. What about asking Madeliene Pickens for some financial help? Surely, she has lawyers at her service. Also, Ford Motor CO has some type of ‘Mustang’ program, (can’t find it right now but…) maybe they could use the good publicity? I’d actually BUY a Ford Mustang if Ford would get involved in our fight! How do we find out who has grazing permits so we know who to boycott? I don’t understand this whole grazing thing. I live in Ohio where you buy some land and you graze your cows on it. Why do they get such special treatment out there? Thanks-Kathy


    • To answer your question, in a cow-calf operation, ranchers describe 1 pair as a “unit”. In open plains or prairie land, it takes about 60 acres of sparse grazing (maybe more or less now than before) to support one unit. As opposed to the fine pasture someone in the East might have, or even West the Mountains in any state, as the Western mountain areas have more rain, therefore more grass to feed. Eastern slopes have less forage that is actually good for grazing as many plants aren’t edible and are actually poisonous to some livestock.
      Mustangs inhabit the same grazing areas as the land cattleman use. Much of which is government owned. Ranchers have “leases” on government land. They are not supposed to put their cattle on that land until Jan. 1st, but who is going to control these ranchers on remote ranges? No one. I have firsthand knowledge of cattle being moved onto gov. range by a co-0p of ranchers a month in advance of their legal date. They are always on the lookout for the BLM inspector, who might have thousands of acres to patrol and who can’t possibly catch everyone. One way is to check the brands of the cattle on that range, as everyone must register his brand.
      You also have tourists and activists of one kind or another who leave gates open, which is disastrous for the rancher. Ranches move their cattle from range to range. The law of the West is that you leave a gate as you found it–if open, leave it open. If closed, close it. Most ranchers won’t mind someone traipsing through their range, but they don’t care for those who disrespect others’ property and way of life.
      Most ranchers hate mustangs and consider them worthless, but those who have common sense and little prejudice realize that more than one animal can share the range. Poor management habits and government interference have caused these problems in the first place. As long as we have just a few people controlling Congress and dictating our policies in any area, we won’t have mustangs, and some of you will no longer have any say over your children.
      Consider the treaties with the United Nations and Mexico on infringement of America’s parental rights and depriving legal Americans of their social security. These, as well as the Mustang issue, are an erosion of our Constitution and American freedoms, as well as the rape of our country and our individual and personal rights
      The trouble is, many of no longer have the money to support every cause, no matter how much we believe in it nor how passionate we are.
      My way of life is gone. I’m old and tired and worn out, but the passion of my heart remains. Now I have to pick my battles, and it’s getting more difficult with age.


  18. Somebody mentioned the enemy was watching us, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” Check this out ladies & gentlemen!

    NCBA’s (Nat’l cattlemen’s beef assoc)Cattlemen to Cattlemen Goes Live!
    Join NCBA CEO Forrest Roberts, NCBA President Elect Steve Foglesong and other industry experts as NCBA’s Cattlemen to Cattlemen goes live Tuesday, December 1st. Our experts will be taking your calls on topics ranging from trade, to country of origin labeling to the current and future cattle markets. Email your questions today to! Don’t forget to join us live on Tuesday, December 1st at 8:30 p.m. eastern as NCBA’s Cattlemen to Cattlemen goes live on RFD-TV!

    PS How do they get to be an .org?


  19. We have just had another election with the same old story: Candidates not sticking to issues but acting like kids fighting, and most of the issues having no relative connection to the real issues which are the concern of most poor Americans: the loss of our personal freedoms, the loss of the values and heritage in life which really counts:
    Our way of life is fast disappearing. I am speaking of those of us who still know the meaning of freedom and personal rights, and the thrill of riding a horse over the plains or the mountains or wherever we choose, the close companionship we shared with our horses and those who shared our love of the wild west and its past.
    I miss my way of life. I miss the wild horses I used to see on the range, the canyonlands I rode, the peace and privacy and contentment I felt when being up in the saddle and going where I wanted to go. Nothing thrilled me more, because I was in God’s country on one of God’s creations–my horse.
    If anyone emails me, in the subject, write “Mustangs”. as I do not open emails from strange sources.
    One way we can do something: (Everyone can do this!). Compose one sheet of what you want to say (in support of Mustangs) and what you think we can do about it–and send that one sheet back in the postage paid envelopes you get in the junk mail. We get thousands of them a year, and nothing says you have to put their stuff in the envelope. It’s a way to get the sheep thinking at least….yes, I said sheep. I don’t understand Americans who don’t think for themselves anymore, or who call one another names because each has his own viewpoint and and hasn’t the wisdom to look for a solution together with the other, rather than create angry
    tirades in which one berates the other because he or she exercised his right as an American to free speech. Our liberties among which is “the pursuit of happiness” are fast disappearing over the tainted sunset.


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