Horse News

Howling Ridge Radio – Help the Wild Horses Special Edition

9:30p Eastern, Wednesday Nov 18

Listen here:

Cloud: even BLM's "gather" could not quell his spirit

On-Air Calls: 718.664.6596 (if you want to ask a question on the air, press 1 so we get the signal, otherwise, we will assume you are just listening via phone)

This is a don’t miss program for our wild ones! We have Ginger Kathrens, Makendra Silverman, Laura Leigh, Craig Downer and Laura Allen. We will be discussing some exciting news that has been occurring over the last few days, as well as the upcoming Calico Complex round-up, a discussion on ROAM (Laura Allen) and John Holland’s article with AP. With all the activity we’ve been having, we are going to give you all the updates/information and then open the lines for calls.

You can also submit questions via the chat function that is monitored throughout the program.

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