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BLM Forges Forward With Nevada Calico Complex Roundup

BLM ignores the public, again, and is out of control

The fate of far too many wild horses forced to extinction by the BLM

CHICAGO, (EWA) – Wild horse advocates from around the US reacted with dismay and outrage Wednesday as the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced that the Calico Complex round-up of over 2,700 wild horses will proceed on December 28 as planned. Despite receiving over 10,000 public comments on the impending round-up, the BLM turned a tin ear to the public outcry and indicated it will sign a “No Impact” decision. A no impact decision means that the public comments sent to the BLM had absolutely no impact on their decision to move forward with the round-up.

This egregious decision further perpetuates the perception that the BLM is managing the wild herds to extinction. John Holland, EWA President said of the decision:

“The BLM is operating in direct opposition to the very law that they are charged with enforcing (the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act). This outrageous decision makes a mockery of the whole public comment process.”

The decision comes during a perfect storm of public outrage calling for a moratorium on wild horse and burro round-ups. During the past week, the number of organizations and dignitaries supporting the moratorium has grown to 180. Among the recent dignitaries joining the call were, Bill Maher of HBOs hit series, Real Time with Bill Maher, author of Dances with Wolves, Michael Blake, Genesis Award winner of the movie Blinders, Donny Moss, John Paul DeJoria, CEO & Co-Founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems, Jorja Fox, from the hit series CSI, Neal Schon, Multi Platinum Recording Artist and founding member of the rock band Journey, and comedienne Lily Tomlin.

Actor and Social activist, Mariana Tosca, said today “With no oversight and no independent assessment, the Bureau of Land Management is running roughshod over the rights these horses were guaranteed by the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971, reducing herds without any statutory authority to do so.“ Ms. Tosca and Viggo Mortensen were early proponents for the unified call for a moratorium.

Wednesday also marked the deadline for the public to submit comments for the BLM Advisory Board meeting that will be held on Monday, December 7.

The bureau turned a deaf ear to public comment during their last meeting in Washington D.C., cutting short many prominent wild horse advocates as they attempted to address the board. Many of those trying to comment today online reported they were unable to do so because the BLM mailbox was full and not accepting new email.

“We are encouraging the public to attend the meeting and voice their opinion on the blatant mismanagement our wild herds”, said Vicki Tobin, vice president of the EWA.

The only remaining chance for the Calico Complex horses to remain free is a lawsuit filed on behalf of the Calico Complex herds by In Defense of Animals and EWA advisor Craig Downer. The case is scheduled to be heard on December 16th. The EWA is optimistic that the court will find the BLM in violation of the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act as a Colorado court has done previously.

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  1. Lord have mercy! I sure HOPE the Court will find the BLM in violation – of just about everything! R.T., this is downright unbelievable! Are they on drugs? Or are they just drunk on their own perceived power?


    • Yes, power, greed. These are drugs! Craig Downer eluded to a form of “organized crime” or “mobsters” (correct me if I have mis represented him) in, I beleive the latest Howling Ride radio show.


  2. The BLM would do better to take a good hard long look at the Equine “elite” than the wild equine. The Equine industry’s gotten soooo greedy and are breeding with no where to place these beautiful animals. So, if regulation on breeding were in place to control the “output” controlled by man, there would be more affordable adoptions for people who truely just love the animal and want to have a friend and companion. I’m getting really tired of the entire Government and the way they think they can bully everyone and everything to suit themselves and “pat” each other on the back, all the while taxing the hell out of the (legal)American people.


  3. Two hundred years ago a massive slaughter of wild horses took place.We continue to be a slave to this history.As J. Frank Dobie wrote”Gazing in solitude over foothills,desert,praire or brushed plain, one may through the transporting power of imagination see wild horses tossing their heads where no track of their kind has been printed for many decades. But it will not be gentle horses ranging there, no matter how spirited, that raise the picture of the vanished.The gentle ones never emanate that something which was the essence of the wild ones,………..”


  4. We don’t have to go any further back than the 1920’s, when the Government slaughtered a reported 40,000 horses on the Crow reservations, as the horses were the Crow’s most valuable asset which they could sell, farm with, use for transportation, all enabling them to live independently. It was felt that this was a means for the gov’t. to bring the Crow to their knees and become more submissive and would increase the amount of grazing land for land barons. Crow elders alive at that time put that number at nearer 100,000 horses. It seems that the gov’t functions no differently than it did at that time. BLM knows best???!!!
    Here is the link where I found this:


    • My grandparents were there when this happened.Chief Plenty Coups (otherwise known as Aleek-chea-ahoosh) was still alive.The Crow Nation is doing all they can to help. Elder Medicine Crow spoke so well to over 550 leaders of tribal nations just recently in Washington D.C. The day the soldiers were murdered at Fort Hood.
      Also Montana State Senator Jonathan Windy Boy and Tribal Judge from New Mexico Angela Delorme Gaines spoke well.


    • When has the government EVER listened to or done what is best for our Tribal Nations? They have been ruining the lives of Native Americans since the Unites States’ conception. When will the men and women of our government our LEADERS listen to us the people who elected them? President Obama will not be in power forever, he needs to listen to US!


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