Sec. of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, withholds info from lawmakers while launching massive overhaul of the Department of the Interior

Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz and Rep. Donald McEachin, D-Va., “sent Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke a letter on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018, accusing Zinke of withholding key information from lawmakers while launching a massive overhaul of his department. The letter demanded that Zinke freeze the reorganization until he provides more information to Congress, which has the final say over the plan.”

FILE–In this Feb. 9, 2018, file photo,U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke speaks during an conservation announcement at the Western Conservation and Hunting Expo Friday in Salt Lake City. On Monday, Feb. 12, 2018, the Interior Department released budget documents showing Zinke plans to press ahead with a massive overhaul of his department, including a plan to relocate some officials from Washington to the West and creating a new organizational map that mostly ignores state boundaries. Rick Bowmer, file AP Photo
Interior to implement massive overhaul despite criticism

Salazar Lashes Out at Anti-Animal Wyoming Congresswoman

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Shining Example of “No Honor Amongst Thieves”

Wyoming's Congressional Rep. for Special Interests, Cynthia Lummis

The three ring circus of animal bashing legislators continues as enemy to wild horses, Secretary of the Department of Interior Ken Salazar, lashed out against Wyoming’s bumbling horse and wolf hating Congressional Rep. Cynthia “a horse in every pot” Lummis during a recent public speaking event.

Lummis, a long time slumber party buddy of Wyoming’s “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis, made a fool out of herself on the house floor last month when she attempted to interject a last minute pro-horse slaughter amendment onto the 2012 appropriations bill.  Her Republican Party leaders turned against her on the floor and Lummis was forced to lose face and pull the amendment prior to a swift and impromptu exit from the house.

Next up, on Lummis’ pro-dead animal agenda, was to not only have Wyoming’s wolves removed from the state’s endangered list and labeled as predators so that anyone with a gun and a hankering for bloodshed could shoot them but she also wanted to slip in verbiage to strip citizens of their rights to challenge the move via litigation.  So once again, she slipped in a rider into a 2012 congressional appropriations bill on July 6th just one day before Salazar and Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead announced that they had agreed “in principle” to a bloody deal to delist the state’s 340 wolves from the endangered species list and paint bull’s-eyes on them for Wyoming hunters.  Ole Kenny was NOT happy.

While reading through a prepared speech at the “Conserving the Future” Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, on Thursday, Salazar openly referred to Lummis’ sneaky wolf rider as “unnecessary” and “problematic”.

Even though the underhanded tactics of Lummis rile fellow Republicans congressional observers believe that her deed of death for the wolves will survive the Republican controlled House but the same may not be true for the Democrats who rule in the Senate.  There stands a glimmer of hope that the Senate may give the teeth back to the citizenry to save the wolves from the special interest motives of the likes of Lummis and Mead.

One can only hope.

Nevada Anti-Horse Tripping Bill May Get Second Chance

Verified Lies During Testimony Raise Government Eyebrows

Video taken AFTER testimony that Horse Tripping does not occur in Nevada

Below is a forwarded email from Eric Mills calling for action in breathing life back into the Nevada Anti-Horse Tripping Bill.  Tuesday you proved that faxing and calling worked, here’s another run at making a positive difference in the lives of hundreds if not thousands of horses.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is what true horse people do, we care for our charges and want the very best life and future for them, unlike those who consider them property and can’t wait to slit their throats and stick a fork into them.  Wallis and Duquette support horse tripping, slaughter and any other practice that hurts and/or harms American horses, be they domestic or wild, so here is your chance to, once again, strike back at the sickness and perversion that is “Slaughterhouse” Sue and her lap dog “Doink” Duquette. ~ R.T.

[Begin forwarded message]

Thanks to the tireless efforts of lobbyist Beverlee McGrath, and Senators Mark Manendo and Allison Copening, there’s a good chance that Senator Copening’s bill to ban horse tripping, SB 364, could be resurrected in the next day or two.  But the effort needs your help.

As you likely know, the current Nevada Legislative Session ends this Friday, June 3.

I got a call from Beverlee late this afternoon with some promising news.  It seems that SB 364 may be brought up again this week for A VOTE ONLY (no more discussion, no amendments, since the bill has already had a full hearing in the Senate Natural Resources Committee chaired by Senator Manendo).

Here’s the deal:  Senator Steven Horsford (D-Las Vegas), Senate Majority Leader, together with Assemblymember John Oceguera (D-Las Vegas), Speaker of the Assembly, must BOTH sign the waiver to resurrect SB 364, apparently for another committee vote, followed by a full floor vote.  A long shot, but possible

PLEASE EMAIL AND/OR CALL THEM ASAP (PREFERABLY TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY MORNING), and ask that they do just that:  “PLEASE SIGN THE WAIVER TO RESURRECT SB 364.  Emphasize that this bill would in NO WAY affect American-style rodeo, and that nine other states have already passed similar legislation.  It’s time for Nevada to follow suit.

SENATOR STEVEN HORSFORD              —      tel. 775/684-1429

ASSEMBYMEMBER JOHN OCEGUERA  —    tel. 775/684-8595

And please ask all your friends to do likewise.  These abused horses should not have to wait another two years for relief.

Obama’s BLM to Return 10 Wild Horses after Stealing 1,700

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Too Little Too Late

BLM Security at Twin Peaks to guard against 2 female reporters and one male ~ photo by Terry Fitch

SUSANVILLE – (SFTHH)  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has announced that it plans to release this week a very small number of wild horses and mules into the Twin Peaks area, where over 1,700 of the federally protected animals were cruelly and unlawfully removed last year.

Returning 10 horses, 11 mules and a burro to the range northeast of Susanville California is part of the agency’s work to maintain “a sustainable population with desirable animal characteristics,” said Jeff Fontana, a BLM spokesman in Susanville.  In reality it is little more than a joke and a slap in the face of concerned taxpaying Americans.

The Twin Peaks wild horse management area was the site of a controversial late summer roundup that attracted national attention and lead to the exposure of the BLM’s inequitable and unlawful violation of the public’s first amendment rights.  Witnesses at Twin Peaks documented that the inhumane helicopter stampedes left virtually no wild horses on the range while thousands of privately owned cattle and sheep remained.

In February, during another controversial and inhumane BLM helicopter stampede, BLM Director Bob Abbey repeated that the agency would increase fertility controls and reduce the number of horses it removes from the range for at least the next two years while the Obama Wild Horse Harvesting Machine will continue to consume thousands of federally protected wild horses and burros from their rightful land based on junk science, arbitrary numbers and bad math.

All of the mares scheduled for release in the nearly 800,000-acre area, which extends into northwestern Nevada, have been treated with a fertility control drug, Fontana said, which ensures that the herd will not survive.  The mare release will achieve the agency’s target of 60 percent stallions and 40 percent mares, said Ken Collum, manager of the BLM Eagle Lake Field Office which adds to the BLM’s target of zero herd population growth.

The stallions selected for release have the horse conformation and size to maintain the characteristics of the Twin Peaks wild herd, he said, yet with the released mares unable to conceive it seems unlikely that this statement makes any sense.

The mules and burro are being released because they are over adoption age. They will not contribute to population growth, Fontana said, just as the released horses won’t, either.

The wild horse releases are open to the public. Those interested should meet at 8:30 a.m. at the BLM corrals, 21 miles near Litchfield on Highway 395 east of Susanville. A high-clearance four wheel drive vehicle is required along with a good understanding of BLM double-talk.

Bad weather will postpone the release, Fontana said, and, as usual, BLM security will be present to intimidate and threaten the public

Pine Nut Range Wild Horse Families Destroyed

By Robert Winkler

BLM Rips Nursing Foals from their Mares

PINE NUT RANGE, Nevada – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is breaking up natural horse family groups again, this time in the Dayton area of the Pine Nut Range of northwestern Nevada. More shamelessly they have removed foals from there dams and shipped of the young to a holding area called the Palomino Valley facility where they have been thrown in with the general population. This all done while they hoped we were watching football and eating turkey so no one might notice, except GrassRootsHorse’s Laura Leigh.

This herd has incredible community support and people willing to do whatever possible to keep these families intact. Even so it appears that the intention of the BLM was to remove all foals to keep the at the “appropriate management level” according to BLM.

Foals, many still nursing were ripped from their mothers, separated for over 24 hours and a deliberate attempt to keep this quiet, apparently using the holiday to distract citizens, while the foals slipped into the void.

This morning the BLM’s plan was to release all the mares and leave all 22 foals behind. Foals were transported from the Lohanton temporary holding area to Palomino Valley Center and added to the foal population there. After public outrage plans were changed and the wet mares have been transported to Palomino Valley to match up with their foals for release early next week. Alan Bitner of the Carson BLM expressed his concern along with many community members about this mornings plan. He seemed relieved as he informed the public that the foals would not be permanently removed from their mothers. The initial call to take the nursing foals from their mothers and release only the mares, came from Alan Shepard. This was confirmed at the site today.

Last night word came that there would be no roundup of wild horses today. BLM claimed it was a day for treating the horses with fertility drugs and the public was not allowed, since the horses were very skittish. The Pine Nut horses by all accounts are quite accustomed to people as they are very popular among the people who live nearby. BLM stated that Friday would be a release day for the 122 horses they captured yesterday. however, it is another BLM lie. Word came while I was on the phone with Laura that the BLM was releasing horses today! She rushed out to be there. She arrived along with other reporters with no sign yet of the BLM. She called back within a short time with very disturbing news. There are 22 foals that were captured that will not be released with their mares. The BLM states they “cannot match the foals to their mares” and are not even going to attempt it. The foals have already been shipped to Palomino Valley facility and have been added to the general population of foals already there.

This is an outrageous situation and please make calls to Mark Struble 775-885-6107 he is the person who has made this call and is responsible.

Midwest Ranchers Find Gold in Nevada’s Wild Horses

by Valerie James-Patton ~ Vice President, Equine Welfare Alliance

BLM plan: Wild Horse Now, Cattle Next?

A two sentence article appearing in the Nevada Ely Times, November 3, 2010, only stated that “Chairman of the Governor’s Wildlife Commission, Scott Raine of Eureka, has designated a new Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners’ Feral Horse Committee “consisting of” what Raine calls “five of the foremost experts on the issue of feral horses in the State of Nevada.” The Chairman is Mike Stremler and members Commissioner Hank Vogler, Wayne Hage, George Parman and Floyd Rathbun.”

The title of the article was “Wildlife Commission subcommittee to oversee wild horse issues”, which begs the question: which horses and what issues?  More importantly, what is the purpose of this committee and what is the goal regarding feral horses?

With no information available on this committee on the internet, a quick search on the committee “experts” revealed rather startling information, although nothing that appeared to qualify these men at experts on wild or feral horses.

Besides being ranchers and one being a former mustanger, a couple of these new committee members had recently published their thoughts on wild horses.

George Parman, a former mustanger and cattle rancher, who was appointed to the committee by Scott Raine, advised in a January 1, 2010 letter posted on Raine’s blog:

“what we need to do, is to let the ranchers and the mustangers take care of the problem, just as they did in the old days, back when, along in the Fall a handful of cowboys would take their saddle horses – throw a bunch of grub and their bedrolls in the back of a pickup – and off they’d go to do a little mustanging. It was a perfect system. The most qualified and experienced people were engaged. The horses were automatically kept at reasonable numbers. It cost the taxpayer nothing. The best of the horses were put on the market for people to use and enjoy. The remainders of the older and less undesirable animals were euthanized via a facility that made good use of the end product.”

An article by the chairman of the new Feral Horse Committee dated August 16, 2010 reads: “there is no beneficial use of water for the Federal government’s mustangs, wild horses, or feral horses depending on how you define them. Furthermore, neither the Nevada Department of Wildlife nor the US Fish and Wildlife claim that these animals are wildlife and under their jurisdiction. Given that there is no beneficial use for wild horses to use the waters of the State of Nevada, that the waters within most of the Nevada rangelands grazed by domestic animals are owned by the rancher, and that the Federal government has no law that supersedes the State of Nevada’s water law (in accordance with the Tenth Amendment); then why not stand on our rights? Water rights!

Now all that we need to do is to stand on our rights. We are not welfare ranchers. We own the most valuable asset in the world, water. We as ranchers have the right to decide how and when our water is to be used, not the Federal government, and not the general public. I personally believe that the ranchers, farmers, and the wildlife have the laws on our side not the wild horse advocates.”

Fearing that Mr. Stremler’s intent was to allow wild or feral horses to die of thirst, Mr. Stremler was contacted and answered questions by telephone.

He stated the new committee’s name was an error and should be named the Wild Horse Committee since their issue was regarding wild horses under the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) jurisdiction. He admitted that they are not actually experts on wild horses, but rather, they are experts on protecting the rancher’s land and water rights on both public and private lands. Their complaint is the BLM does not keep the wild horses at the Appropriate Management Levels or AML. Stremler says when there are too many horses, the BLM forces the ranchers to remove the cattle without properly compensating them for the rancher’s water rights and they feel they are unfairly providing the wild horses and burros with water that belongs to them.

The ranchers understand wildlife must have access to the water regardless of their water rights. But Mr. Stremler explains that ranchers do not believe wild horses meet the definition of wildlife under Nevada state law and are therefore not entitled to the ranchers’ water free of charge.

But wild horses and burros are protected under a federal law, the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, (WFRHBA) 16 U.S. C. Sections 1331 et seq.  This law was passed in 1971 specifically to protect wild horses and burros. When states tried to challenge the WFRHBA in Kleppe vs. New Mexico, the Supreme Court upheld Congress’s authority to pass legislation to protect wildlife species across state lines. Therefore, regardless of whether state law recognizes wild horses and burros as wildlife, the issue has been preempted by federal law. According to the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burro Act of 1971, [16 USCS §§ 1331 et seq.]–wild horses are defined as: (b) “wild free-roaming horses and burros” means all unbranded and unclaimed horses and burros on public lands of the United States; and, (a)  All wild free-roaming horses and burros are hereby declared to be under the jurisdiction of the Secretary for the purpose of management and protection in accordance with the provisions of this Act. The Secretary shall– “(1) protect and manage wild free-roaming horses and burros as components of the public lands”.

In the case of Kleppe vs. New Mexico, 1976,  the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government has the authority to regulate wildlife under the Property Clause, and “where state laws conflict with the Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act, or with other legislation passed pursuant to the Property Clause, the law is clear: the state laws must recede…”

Despite the ranchers state owned water rights, the horses and burros remain federally protected as “components of the public lands” and are entitled to roam free in areas where they were as of the date of the WFRHBA, 1971.

Perhaps there is a compromise here that would work for the wild horses and burros and the ranchers. Why not identify herd management areas or herd areas where a compromise could be reached with ranchers for water and other resources or property for the wild horses and burros? The boundaries of herd management areas could be adjusted, fences removed, and water and resources otherwise made accessible so wild horses and burros could be preserved in their natural habitat which was the intent of the WFRHBA. Thus, ranchers would be compensated for their water and other property rights.

Fertility control would need to be addressed. The BLM’s current aggressive fertility control methods are aimed toward the extinction of the wild horses. New drugs the BLM has been using such as SpayVac and Gonacon is believed to have the ability to cause permanent sterilization in mares. The BLM’s effort to create non-reproducing herds by administering long lasting or permanent sterilization drugs to mares, capturing stallions and returning gelded males to the herds, adjusting herd ratios to favor males, and reducing herd numbers to below genetic viability and unsustainable numbers, is a violation of the WFRHBA, 43 CFR 4700.0-6 (a), which states: “Wild horses and burros shall be managed as self-sustaining populations of healthy animals in balance with other uses and the productive capacity of their habitat.”

Millions of taxpayer dollars would be saved if the BLM paid the ranchers for water rights rather than continued removals and holding wild horses and burros in holding facilities which, despite the mandate of the WFRHBA, is the BLM’s current method for managing wild horses and burros.

While Nevada’s ranchers are fighting to get rid of wild horses in Nevada, the BLM pays ranchers in the Midwest millions of dollars annually to keep wild horses from the west on their land. The horses have become a pot of gold to many ranchers in Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Kansas. John Hughes of Oklahoma has been receiving millions of dollars annually from the BLM since 1993 for keeping the wild horses on his ranch. This year alone, Hughes received well over $3 million for his contract to keep the horses, while other ranchers such as the Reed Brothers Ranch profited this year with over $2 million, as did the Drummond Ranch, Trentman Ranch, Cross Bell, and many others. This is a prime example of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and the BLM is paying Midwest ranchers a fortune for the “gold” Nevada’s ranchers are throwing away.

Although ranchers have historically been at odds with wild horses, times have changed. As development and urbanization continues to expand, putting increasing pressure on the ranching lifestyle, many ranchers may fail to realize that having wild horses around actually increases protection.

In areas where wild horses or burros were eliminated in the guise of protecting habitat, livestock operations can find themselves targeted next. The cultural and historic values of the ranching community are only strengthened by the inclusion of wild horses and/or burros, not diminished. Ranchers may want to reconsider how prejudices of the past might be weakening their position in modern times and recognize the age old strategy of “divide and conquer” might actually apply to them as well.

If Nevada’s newly formed Feral Horse Committee took their blinders off and approached the wild horse issue with a new vision, they might realize that by demanding the BLM to comply with the 1971 Act by keeping the horses on their land instead of paying a fortune to the ranchers in the Midwest to keep them, Nevada’s ranchers could receive some of that compensation for themselves. But are they capable of viewing the wild horses not as pests, but with a new concept as a pot of gold on the land?

Would it be too farfetched to wonder if Nevada’s ranchers and wild horse advocates might actually come together to protect the rancher’s rights as well as the wild horses and burros, against their common adversary: the BLM?

BLM Employee “Animal Abuser” Issues Email from

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Subliminal Motives are Devastating

Old Habits Die Hard

Almost on a daily basis we are pummeled with the gory violence and unneeded bloodshed doled out by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) upon our few remaining iconic wild horses.  The shock and outrage of the American public is obvious but the BLM always manages to duck and weave with bad data, restricted access and devious PR but now it is out on the web, in bold print and documented.  It appears that the first email address or handle that a BLM employee will, voluntarily, give him/herself is ANIMAL ABUSER.

Inserted below, in its entirety, is a comment submitted by a BLM employee to our SFTHH blog.  Caught by our filters the BLMer was attempting to comment and personally attack another user, taxpayer, who had commented on our story “BLM takes Wild Horse Killing to Oregon”.   Being of weak mind and of low self esteem this BLM employee elected not to use his/her given name but instead used the handle “Animal Abuser”.  And if that were not enough the email address, which only I can see as administrator, is “AAafterYOU” a clear threat upon myself.  How do we know that this individual is a BLM employee, checkout the IP address after the name; bold and clear,

BLM employees have commented on our blog before, they are welcome to do so as long as they have the fortitude and chutzpah to use their real names, that is not a problem.  (In fact, the Nevada BLM office follows me on Twitter and each blog post Tweets)  The content of this message is only an issue because the BLM employee is flaming another user; the fact that a federal employee is wasting our tax dollars and, more than likely, violating federal IT regulations by visiting such a site on government time, that’s okay too.  But what makes one’s blood run cold is that out of the blue, commenting on the death of a horse at the hands of a BLM contractor, the BLM employee would voluntarily select the name of Animal Abuser to hide behind and then to threaten me.

Enough is enough; I encourage all readers to send the link ( to this page to your local news agencies, press, state and federal representatives, Bob Abbey, Ken Salazar and to the President himself.  These are the sort of psychotic individuals that have been entrusted to protect and nurture the symbol of our American heritage yet they are illegally ripping them from our public lands against the will of the people of the United States.  This is the mindset, this is the perversity and this is our current state of affairs.

BLM Animal Abusers are out there and when they are finished with the horses they are coming “after YOU”!

Take action now!

(The email below is unaltered with the exception of the deletion of the ridiculed user’s name and the public domain name of Animal Abuser’s email address.)


A new comment on the post “BLM Takes Wild Horse Killing to Oregon” is waiting for your approval

Author : Animal Abuser (IP: ,
E-mail : AAafterYOU@*****.com
URL    :
Whois  :
You ALL have WAY TOO MUCH TIME on your hands to sit around bitching.  And *****, could you really be so stupid to think that the BLM has hired animal abusers??  Honestly- you all need to get a life.  If you really cared, you would search out the truth, and stop spending so much time with narrow blinders on.  No one is perfect, not the BLM, not YOU.  If you really want to see something done differently, you would pick a different approach.”

Latest, known, BLM Animal Abuser Casuality

National Call-in Day For the Horses

Tuesday Oct 19th ~ Mark Your Calenders

The above organizations, along with our own SFTHH and HfHAC, have joined together to ask you to call on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday, October 19th and ask her to schedule a vote NOW on The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503) legislation to ban the slaughter of American horses for human consumption. Schedule the vote NOW. Tell her she has the power to end immense suffering by scheduling the vote NOW during the remaining session of Congress THIS YEAR!  NOW is the time for her to step up and do this. Tell Speaker Pelosi that this bill has 183 bipartisan cosponsors in the House, 28 in the Senate, and tremendous public support.

After you call Speaker Pelosi, 202.225.0100 or her San Francisco office, 415.556.4862, call on Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid 702.388.5020 / Fax: 702.388.5030, and Assistant Majority Leader Sen. Dick Durbin 202.224.2152 or fax 202.228.0400 to schedule a vote on the senate version, S.B. 727.

Don’t wait. Do it now. For the horses.

For additional information please visit Animal Law Coalition here:

Pickens Refuge Not a Done Deal, Says BLM

by Steven Long ~ Editor/Publisher of “Horseback Magazine

BLM Crawfishs on Pickens Sterile Herds

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – A highly placed spokesman for the federal Bureau of Land Management refused to confirm that a proposed private refuge for tens of thousands of wild horses is a done deal, as claimed by billionaire Madeleine Pickens.

“We’re encouraged by recent meetings between Mrs. Pickens and BLM

Leadership,” chief Washington spokesman Tom Gorey told Horseback Magazine late Monday.

“At this time, we’re waiting for the receipt of a formal, written proposal from Mrs. Pickens before taking an official position on it,” he said.

In a note to supporters Friday, Pickens said, “Over the past three days, I have been to meetings in Sacramento and again in Washington, DC. I’ve met with BLM Director, Bob Abbey, Deputy Director, Mike Pool, along with the Wild Horse and Burro team. The BLM has officially agreed to support going forward with the development of the wild horse Eco – sanctuary for the horses in holding!”

Not quite yet, says Gorey, while highly complimentary of Pickens.

“Let me add that we appreciate Mrs. Pickens’ interest in helping our

agency deal with one of our most challenging issues – the need to care for

and maintain un-adopted and unsold wild horses, and we hope horse lovers

everywhere will consider adopting a wild horse or burro,” Gorey said.

The Texas billionaire told supporters in an email Friday she would begin with a pilot program of 1,000 wild horses placed on vast land she owns with the goal of moving all 36,000 horses BLM currently holds in captivity to an enormous 1 million acre ranch.

According to reports last year in the livestock industry trade publication, Western Livestock Journal, “Depending on the stocking capacity of the ranch and the availability of forage, she envisions the sanctuary ultimately carrying between 20,000 and 30,000 wild horses. According to the proposal, the herd will be non-reproducing.”

Such an agreement, if true, would guarantee that horses currently held in BLM captivity would go extinct leaving only the rapidly dwindling wilderness herds able to reproduce. Yet many of those herds have mares which have been treated with sterility drugs and geneticists charge that it is BLM policy to drive the American wild horse to extinction in order to make way for more grazing land for cattle.

Click (HERE) to read article in it’s entirety!

Equine Welfare Advocates Spend Week in DC Lobbying Respect 4 Horses

Guest Reporter Simone Netherlands ~ Respect 4 Horses

Respect 4 Horses lobbying group

WASHINGTON DC – (July 2010)   Respect 4 Horses attempts to represent all injustices against horses equally. The two main legislative issues H.R. 503 (S727) and  H.R. 1018 (S1579), but also H.R. 305 (horse transportation safety act) and the PMU industry problems and breeding industry problems. Our motto is to kill many flies with one swatter while we are at it. We would like to see all grassroots factions pull together in order to gain three times the power against the enemy. Click (HERE) for article: “One time, Two times, Three times the Power”.  During lobbying trips however we mainly represent the two main issues.

The enemy is getting more blatant, the stakes are getting higher and the main battle is about to commence. What we are up against is something big. The corruption and the fraud reach all the way to the very highest of levels. The department of justice of the United States is defending the cruel actions of our government. “The department of Justice”,… the irony of that joke is on us and on the horses. We are the Davids, they are the Goliath. That doesn’t mean we give up, it simply means we fight harder, more efficient and especially smarter.

The key to a victory for horses lies in these five actions:

Investigation (without that we cannot prove our points)

Media attention (without that we have no power)

Legal action (without that, we are letting them get away with it)

Education (without that, there is no future)

Legislation (without that, we cannot protect our horses)

Simone Netherlands Speaking

Upon arriving in Washington D.C. Respect 4 horses and participants first represented the issues at the National Animal Rights Conference 2010. The conference was an awesome venue for networking with wonderful like-minded courageous people, who are as determined to make a difference as we are. Ironically the logo for the conference is a horse next to the capitol dome, yet Respect 4 horses was the only organization there, speaking about horses. Most animal rights people were shocked and appalled and had no idea. Any horse advocate group or individual who is interested in networking, and educating in any kind of a way, should be at this conference next year in L.A., so mark your calendars.

Group Dinner Meeting

After the Animal Rights Conference, on Sunday July 18th all participants, most of whom were already very knowledgeable, got together to prepare for the preplanned presentations, so they would be comprehensive and concise and also short and sweet, polite and interactive. The concept for the presentations is two talkers and two nodders engaging the legislators for approximately 20 minutes.  Sometimes we would have larger groups and sometimes we had to split in smaller groups in order to be able to make every appointment.

Running from one meeting to another

Lobbying is a resource that none of us has fully tapped into yet. Many of you might be under the impression that our legislators are already informed on the issues because of the many phone calls and emails they are receiving from horse advocates, and the large animal welfare organizations located in Washington D.C.

However after many lobbying trips and meetings with over 100 legislators and advisers, I found that quite the opposite is the case. Many legislators still simply have never heard our side of the story, and after hearing it, most are very open to forming a new opinion and many do co-sponsor as a result.

It is true that a certain few lawmakers have been bought and paid for by the agricultural trolls. These same trolls also have an expensive lobbyist who does a good job walking the halls every day. However, this lobbyist is only one man and there are many many legislators left who have never taken the time to really take a look at the issues, and there are many who want to do the right thing but have been mislead.

Notice how the advisor is pointing to the facts sheet

With help and cooperation from the Equine Welfare Alliance, the Cloud Foundation, Documentary maker James Kleinert, the Animal Welfare Institute and even the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition, Respect 4 horses put together comprehensive media packets with videos, fact sheets, documents and records, pictures etc., with the right side of the media kit representing the wild horse issues, and the left side representing the horse slaughter issues.

The goal was to visit members of the committees that are holding up H.R. 503, as well as  members of the appropriations committee for the BLM budget, as well as visit some legislator allies and ask them to take more direct action.  With a truly amazing group of 14 women and 1 man we were able to see over 50 legislators over the course of 4 days. The feedback of all legislators and legislative advisers, was open and inquisitive and the results very encouraging to say the least.

Congressman Forbes and aide looking at the evidence

It is a powerful feeling when you get a senator to co sponsor within 10 minutes during her coffee hour (Jeanne Shaheen). Or when you have an engaging conversation with a senator for over 30 minutes who slurred all the pro slaughter BS and then said he would co sponsor by the end of the conversation, (Senator Adam Smith), Or when you get a congress man to want to come out to the roundups to see it for himself (Congressman Forbes). Or get a legislative aid on the agricultural committee to cry, or have three of  Harry Reid‘s legislative advisers completely engaged in our evidence and solutions and ask us if perhaps a different agency should be handling the wild horses.

We found many legislators willing to sign onto a letter to the BLM if someone else wrote it. So we immediately started writing this letter to the BLM. However when we asked Congressman Raul Grijalva (AZ), he immediately sprung into action himself and wrote a letter to the BLM asking for an immediate halt of roundups. So we tossed our own letter and distributed Grijalva’s letter to the legislators which was then signed in a matter of five days, by 54 lawmakers, both democrats and republicans. If we would have had more time before the August Recess, it would have been signed by hundreds.

Click (HERE) to View Letter with Signatures

Beth Slagsvol and Congressman Raul Grijalva

Respect 4 horses volunteers Beth Slagsvol and Tomina Meyers were the ones who spoke to Congress man Grijalva on July 22nd. Great job you powerful women! That’s how it’s done.

Rob Pliskin and myself had a strategic meeting with Liz in Senator Mary Landrieu’s office. As a result, senator Mary Landrieu once again came through for the horses by making an official  statement about the BLM atrocities. She in fact openly stated that the Obama administration should be ashamed of them selves for letting this continue on their watch.

Call, write and fax to this Committee

I have 43 other success stories of more awesome meetings which resulted in more cosponsors and more letters to the BLM and more inquiries about the congressional investigation into the BLM.  For example we asked Congressman Kucinich (who is a vegan) who also happens to be on the committee of government oversight to take a real close look at the BLM.

However it is also my duty to report on four to five disappointing meetings, because of legislators who are already on the wrong side. In these meetings we made it very clear that we are but a small group of constituents, representing over 700 organizations and individuals, which is still only a small sample of the thousands of horse welfare advocates in the country outraged and concerned. We let them know in a subtle way that we are onto them.

If you or your organization would like to be represented to our legislators, as one of the many horse welfare advocates in the country who are outraged, please sign onto the Equine Welfare Alliance as a member, we use this list of members and horse welfare advocates to prove our numbers to legislators.

Congressman Forbes in Center

Respect 4 horses would like to applaud and recognize these wonderful hardcore horse advocates, who took time out of their busy lives and money out of their own pockets to tell our legislators that enough is enough:

Maria Kimble, Beth Slagsvol, Tomina Meyers, Leslie Peeples, Sandra Houghton, Isabella Carillo, Joanne Pfeiffer, Brogan Horton, Annie Mond, Shantal Bordeaux Rosales, Valorie Collante, Lauren Mayer,  Carol Poole and Rob Pliskin. Respect4horses would also like to thank those who supported the effort through donations.

Every single one of us was so full of excitement that we didn’t care that we didn’t have time for lunch or that we had to run from one building to the next all day long in the heat, or that we were almost too exhausted to chew our food at dinner every night. Ask any of the participants, if they remember any of that, and they will tell you that they only remember the friendships and comradery between all of us, the laughter at dinner every evening, the changing of the shoes, and the exciting feedback and positive results.

In front of Harry Reid's Office

So I am calling for participants for our next lobbying trip. I am calling for all organizations to help organize it. I am calling for a working together of every individual and organization who cares about either the wild horses, or horse slaughter, or both, to come together in Washington D.C. after the elections, either January or February. The now experienced participants of this lobbying trip will be the managers of the next lobbying trip and will educate new participants on the presentations. The goal is to get a well educated and organized group of 100 people together. It will not be a protest or a rally, it will not be everyone for himself, it will be an organized lobbying event.

A statue doesnt mean much when we dont have an ounce of decency towards the ones on whose backs we won freedom

We are not going to Washington in October because it is going to be election time. Election time is a very powerful time for us. The difference between one person or the next can be 100% opposite. There are 88 seats up for election this November, of which 12 are republicans and the rest democrats. It is of utmost crucial importance that we do our part to make sure the right legislators get elected.  Respect 4 horses is currently working on compiling a list of legislators to support and vote for and also a list of legislators to sabotage. We need volunteers in each state to help determine the who is who of politics. If you would like to be part of this important task, please email me at

Its about what’s possible. Its about believing you can make a difference.  History is only made by those who care about the future.

Thank you,

Simone Netherlands
928 308 6718

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