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Wild Horse Advocates Protest BLM Attack on Herds in Nevada

from Channel 8, Las Vegas NOW

Wild horse advocates held placards and waved  down motorists Sunday to protest a federal roundup, by the Bureau of Land Management Monday, of mustangs from private and public lands in Nevada.

The hastily scheduled event drew more than 30 protesters at an entrance to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, said Makendra Silverman of the Cloud Foundation, which takes the name of a wild horse featured on PBS documentaries.

Another group, California-based In Defense of Animals, scheduled a demonstration Wednesday outside the San Francisco office of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. Feinstein is seen as a powerful senator who would be in sympathy with protesters’ calls for a moratorium on wild horse roundups, Silverman said.

Yet another protest was being hastily planned for Wednesday in Chicago, where the Colorado-based Cloud Foundation has supporters, she said. The Cloud Foundation was named after a striking pale palomino that roams Pryor Mountain along the Montana-Wyoming border.

Sheryl Crow and other wild-horse advocates on Thursday called on President Barack Obama to block the major roundup of mustangs set to begin Monday in Nevada. They haven’t gotten a response from the White House, Silverman said late Sunday.

“We are standing up as Americans who value the wild horses and burros on our public lands,” Silverman said.

Critics don’t like that the roundup will be partly on private land, where they won’t be able to monitor it.

BLM officials have said they plan to place the 2,500 horses for adoption or send them to long-term holding facilities in the Midwest. They say the population in the five Calico herd management areas is three times what the range can handle, and that the roundup is needed to protect the horses, native wildlife and the range itself.

Activist Terri Farley, author of the popular “Phantom Stallion” series of children’s books, said she would monitor the Calico horses brought to a temporary holding facility at Palomino Valley, north of Reno, to ensure their health.

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  1. Well, that’s fairly decent coverage. I’d prefer to see more at a national level, but I DO think we’re making progress. While listening to the 5 min. CBS news feed on the radio this morning, they actually mentioned the roundup! All they said was that it was being protested and the BLM said it was necessary, but hey, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard ANYTHING! It’s a start.

    Gotta go stir up some trouble elsewhere. I’ll be back.


  2. I have commented on 3 different news articles about the removal of the Mustangs, my comment has been just this: “Are there any cattle out there?” So far my comments have not been posted. How many comments like mine have been censored I wonder?


  3. Was it only Ghandi who worked out that a lot of how a country really is can be seen by the way they treat their animals. Shamefull! get your finger out Mr Obama. The world is watching.


  4. Civil disobedience, albeit peacefully is the only way we will win. Congress postures, industry pays out the ying-yang to allow the status quo. Yes, the Mahatma knew the way was through wisdom and tolerance. Just remember, that one of his own so-called “people” murdered him because he was too encompassing and tolerant.

    We will get them folks…we will expose them and see their downfall. It is just a matter of time.


  5. I really liked what Arlene Gawn said in her letter to Obama… “East and Southern Africa depend on the wildlife safari industry for a major part of their economy.. Why don’t we create new jobs in the West with Wild Horse Sanctuaries? Having done wildlife safaris from rough to “high-heeled” worldwide, I know there is a big audience to view wild horses. Some well-heeled folks will need luxury tented camps with all the comforts laid on; but many more, including families, need the inexpensive safari jeep and bunkhouse accommodation for a 1 to 2 day peek at the Mustangs at the edge of a Wild Horse Sanctuary. Serious hikers and horse-back riders would fill campgrounds deeper in the Sanctuary while wilderness lovers would definitely pay to sit in blinds at remote waterholes where they could photograph truly wild Mustangs.” Let’s also include the big picture and where the public interest can truly benefit.


    • A woman being interviewed at the protest at the Red Rock entrance was saying one day horses one day no horses. How is removing all the horses going to help the local economy or the USA’s economy?


  6. This roundup, being as long as it is will have horses being buzzed by the helicopter daily. They will flee and and those not driven into the trap will be chased again and again. They will not be eating or drinking water in a normal manner the entire time this is going on. As it was with the Pryor roundup, the last horses in were the most tired. There should be time to stop this. It is all we can do. Mar


    • We can only pray that the horses who will lose their lives during this round-up will serve the needs of the many. They have no idea of their sacrifice, we all will be feeling their sacrifice for a long long time.


  7. Does anyone know if people close to the roundup area have contacted the Humane Society? Ane what has been their response?


  8. just got an email saying:
    I’m very concerned as I just heard that the horses from the Calico gather are going directly to Snow’s Feedlot in Fallon, that is a transfer facilty and many horses in there are unbranded and many I know end up at the auction house in Fallon. Wild horses are suppose to go to PVC in Reno to be processed. I’m very upset that they could go to the auction house and be sold to a kill buyer.

    Sooo…. are they really that bold ??? We need more news exposure ! Please contact Fox :,,,,,,,,,,,

    It doesn’t matter where your political sentiments go… please we just need more exposure !!! The more we ask, the better the chance we are heard !!


    • This is directly contrary to what the BLM has been saying, where did this info/email come from? Is there a group near Reno/Fallon that can go to Snow’s Feedlot with a camera and check the place out? Just the words “feedlot” brings terror to my soul. What or where is PVC? I can not believe they are TRUCKING these wild horses anywhere fresh off the range! They really are OUT OF CONTROL!!!! Where is the LOCAL media???


      • I believe BLM spokeswoman said that horses coming off the Res will go to Fallon which means to Snow’s. If the horses are being claimed by Paiute they can be sold by them, they have been doing so. Horses leaving BLM land will go to Palomino Valley holding. PVC. The media is aware, as is George Knapp.

        We need to have a freedom fund for these horses who may be sold at Snow’s to killer buyers. The mares with 09 foals and pregnant mares are the future of this herd. If there is a freedom fund please post here and all horse blog/web sites ASAP. mar


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