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Convicted Wild Horse Killer Jason Meduna Denied Appeal Bond

by R.T. Fitch

Jason Meduna, convicted Wild Horse killer

Only weeks into serving his sentence, Jason Meduna has been denied an appeal bond on his 145 felony convictions for allowing wild horses and burros on his 3 Strikes Mustang Ranch to starve to death.

Morrill County, Nebraska District Judge Leo Dobrovolny heard arguments by phone Tuesday, March 10th, on Meduna’s request to remain free on bond while his appeal is processed by the courts; he then denied Meduna the option.  Meduna will now stay behind bars for 3.3 – 10 years while he appeals his convictions.

Meduna’s sentence also bars him from associating with animals for 30 years.  He will be eligible for parole in only 20 months due to Nebraska’s “Good Time” law.

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  1. Hey, Jason, wipe that smirk off your face. You deserved a great deal more punishment than you got, but at least you got something. Knowing you dodged a major bullet probably accounts for your arrogant expression. The deaths of these horses were not only your fault, but the fault of your accomplices. Feigned “ignorance” is no excuse for horse abusers and killers.

    Hope you enjoy the accomodations, the cuisine, and, most of all, the company. Maybe you’ll run into a few animal lovers.


  2. The general population of prisons do not generally like animal abusers (or child abusers) so Mr. Meduna really should watch his back, literally…


  3. Socio-path!

    As to the possibility of parole via “good works” in Nebraska???? Really?! Hmmm. How does someone that knowingly, willingly for whatever reason allows 140+ animals to suffer by virtue of neglect and certifiable abuse begin to qualify for good works? All the good works in the world will never bring those animals back.

    BTW…I want to know when exactly the BLM/DOI officials are going to be charged and prosecuted as accessories to the Medune crimes???????? He didn’t pull those equines out of thin air afterall.


    • Janet:

      This has been an on going story about a year, just punch in “Jason Meduna” in the search field, above, and it will show you all of the stories.

      Sent from R.T.’s iPhone


  4. Yes when will the BLM/DOI be charged not only in this case but every barbaric roundup and subsequent death of every mustang they got their filthy evil hands on??? I have sent letters to the GAO, Attorney General, Obama, no response. Is the BLM and it’s minions above the law. If a citizen treated mustangs the way they do, that citizen would be in jail. MY MUSTANGS WERE STOLEN, THEIR PROTECTION GUTTED AND I’M FIRED UP MAD. Catoor, convicted of stealing mustangs & taking them to slaughter was the contractor hired by BLM in Calico deadly roundup. This meduna piece of s#@t was probably a kill buyer but lost his transportation so he just let them starve as the BLM shoved more mustangs down his throat. They should all be starved in cage or slaughtered via captive bolt. Eye for an eye.


    • I never trust the term “up to.” “Win up to $5,000” . . . or, “save up to 70%!!!!”

      Unfortunately, $3,500 in fines is within the “up to $100,000 in fines” penalty.


  5. Jason Meduna, walking Piece of Shite. Hope you befall some misery in your coming 20 months. You might not be smirking so much during that time. Go to Hell.


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