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Exclusive: Nebraska Mustang Murderer’s Parole Hearing Transcript

“In early November of 2011 a three person Parole Board, in rural Nebraska, met with convicted Wild Horse Killer, Jason Meduna, and discussed setting him free; very, very early. If you are not familiar with this convicted animal abuser and his heinous crimes please click (HERE) as the record is long and to retell the gory details is beyond me at this point. But his former neighbor, the one who was forced to bear his abuse and accused of poisoning his horses as he let them die of starvation and no water, took the time to order the CD of his hearing and transcribe it for your review. We offer no commentary, at this point, but simply the recorded conversation that went back and forth between four individuals who, obviously, have no love for the gift of life and the beauty of equines but instead only see the narrow-minded path that best serves their individual needs. May God have mercy on their souls.” ~ R.T.

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Paroled Wild Mustang Murderer Taking Act to Wyoming

Last Wednesday, Jason Meduna, convicted of 145 counts of felony animal cruelty carrying a sentence of 5-10 years in January of 2010 was covertly granted parole by the state of Nebraska while they negotiated with Wyoming to allow the felon to reside in their state upon his release. The official parole board statement referred to Meduna’s parole as “pending” while they attempted to rid themselves of the controversial wild horse and burro murderer at their very first opportunity and to add injury to insult, they are going to attempt to dump their trash just across their state line so that the smell does not carry back to their precious board room. Sorry boys and girls, he ain’t gonna be all that far away.

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Wild Mustang Murderer’s Parole is “Pending”

A Morrill County rancher convicted of letting more than 200 wild horses and burros starve was not paroled today, but his parole is “pending” according to a spokesman with the parole board. 44-year-old Jason Meduna was sentenced to serve 40 months to 10 years in prison in February of 2010 after being convicted the month before for 145 counts of cruel neglect of an animal resulting in injury, illness or death.

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Wild Mustang Murderer’s Parole Hearing Scheduled for Wednesday

A Morrill County, Nebraska rancher convicted of letting more than 200 wild horses and burros starve is scheduled for a parole hearing Wednesday at the Lincoln Community Corrections Center. 44-year-old Jason Meduna was convicted in January of last year of 145 counts of cruel neglect of an animal resulting in injury, illness or death.

Meduna was ordered to serve 40 months to 10 years in prison by District Court Judge Leo Dobrovolny, who also stated that Meduna could not reside with any animals for 30 years.

The starving horses were discovered on Meduna’s Three-Strikes Ranch south of Alliance in April, 2009. Law enforcement removed the ailing animals from the ranch and transported them to the Morrill County Fairgrounds in Bridgeport. Over 30 animals were found dead at the ranch.

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EWA Prez Wins One for the Horses in Slaughter Debate

Over the past four weeks Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) President John Holland has been engaged in a publicly printed debate on the issue of predatory horse slaughter with Charles Stemholm in Nebraska’s North Platt Telegraph. As most are aware, Nebraska is burdened with a freshman senator that wants to bring bloody horse slaughter to his state while penalizing non-profits who do not take in horses. The bizarre behavior of Sen. Tyson Larson is fueled by the fringe, radical horse eating organization, United Horseman, and the deluded Senator has drank from the kool aide of “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave “Doink” Duquette.

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No Economic Advantage in Slaughtering Horses

Mr. Stenholm referred to the USDA statistics that I referenced (to show that we still have as many horses as ever going to slaughter) as “dubious numbers”. He also referred to the 900 pages of horrific images of mangled horses arriving at slaughter in Texas as “dirty pictures”. Those photos were also from the USDA and were exposed under a FOIA request.

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Horse Slaughter is Bad for the Economy, the Community and the Taxpayer

Senator Tyson Larson’s bills LB 305 and 306 are the latest examples of bad legislation introduced in an attempt to bring back the U.S. horse slaughter plants. LB 305 would require the taxpayers of Nebraska to pay for the establishment of an ante-mortem inspection program designed solely at circumventing the Congressional elimination of funding for mandatory USDA inspection of horses killed for human consumption.

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Nebraska Horse Eating Senator is “Out of Line”

The bills related to horse slaughter introduced by Sen. Tyson Larson are way out of line, especially the one to require humane societies and horse rescues to accept and care for any horse that is presented to them, and to make it a crime, a class IV misdemeanor, if those groups do not have enough space or money to take in animals dumped on their doorsteps.

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