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Equine Advocacy: War not Won but a few Victories for the Horses

by R.T. Fitch – author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

The Message is being Heard

As we prepare for our major demonstration, March for Mustangs, in Washington, D.C. this week it may be a good time to step back and look at some of the victories that the horses have won over the past several weeks.  Often time we become so consumed with the fight that we fail to look at the progress that we have made so let’s step back, for a moment, and tally up the score:

  • The wild mustang murderer of 3 Strikes Ranch, Jason Meduna was convicted and is serving time in jail.
  • Montana’s Rep. “Red” Ed Butcher will not seek re-election thereby ensuring that he will not be able to introduce any additional horse killing legislation into law.
  • Wyoming’s Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis’ seat is being challenged by a competent and powerful contender who will likely wrest control from the west’s biggest horse eater.
  • A movie is being produced to tell the world the story of “Wild Horse Annie” and the plight of our native, wild horses.
  • Documentaries regarding the plight of the mustangs continue to be produced.
  • The number of celebrities that fall into line to advocate the humane and just treatment of America’s horses, both domestic and wild, continues to climb.

All of this progress has been made because the word is beginning to “get out”.  The message is finally “being heard” because of the efforts of thoughtful and caring individuals such as yourselves.  Never underestimate the power of the individual to “make a difference” and each and every one of our readership and friends has had an exponential impact on the progressing of equine advocacy.

So for some, we will see you in D.C., for the others hold down the fort and speak to your co-workers, family, friends and neighbors about your efforts to put an end to the destruction of our Wild Mustangs and the quest to end Horse Slaughter, forever.

Keep the faith and may the Force of the Horse® be with you.

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  1. Thank you for this! It is refreshing and rewarding to review the victories! Seeing them stacked together is so strong. It helps me feel stronger knowing our efforts are giving birth to positive results and a stronger hope of change for our wild horses and burros! R.T. Fitch, hats off to you!


  2. I sincerely hope that we will have a Western Conference at some point so the rest of us can participate and meet to talk about strategy, projects and the work at hand for the wild ones. I want to be in DC but will save my pennies for buying horses from BLM who have no chance for adoption. The legislators are in DC And at home. I will make a point of meeting them here in Colorado with any advocates who would join me. This is something we can all do to keep our representatives up to date and educated on wild horse and burro issues in all the states we advocates reside in. If you have the chance to travel this summer, visit a wild horse herd and spend time observing them and sharing their free wild spirits. I hope to see you in the field… where the wild ones run. I am glad LA is planning a rally for the 25th also. Let’s not stop the protests! mar


  3. Lets not forget our honorable mention by several senators on the appropriations comittee..This is where we will get the zoos stopped-by getting this comittee to deny funding..we should be keeping up the pressure on these comittee members..This is an IMPORTANT fight.


    • Yes, this is still where we can hurt the plans BLM/DOI have got for the horses. Keep telling the committee “No New Funding” Or even “No Funding!” There is still a place at IDA website for sending to the members?? Tell me if I am wrong? Guess I better go find out and send more messages if it is there! mar


  4. Thank you RT–we sometimes spend so much time looking into the future we forget to turn around and see the victories of the past. It’s good to be reminded.


    • Right! We many feel that we’ve accomplished little sometimes, but looking at our accomplishments objectively, who else since Wild Horse Annie has gotten even THIS far?

      Keep fightin’!


  5. April 2010, URGENT!!
    The International Society of Protection for Horses and Burros historically has saved the
    American Wild Horse ~ it’s now time to assist them from a FEMA, State of Emergency.
    Save Wild Horse Annie’s Horses Today
    Last year’s fall / winter brought record blizzards, record drifts of snow, and damage to electric and water system to all of South Dakota was given a declaration of a National Disaster in March by President Obama and Governor Round’s. ISPMB and horses and Karen Sussman have experienced the best of times, “no horses died.” Karen remains positive and she will remain firm to rebuild her funds and plans to be an international model, a book about Wild Horse Annie was released and Princeton is first time study about the remarkable behavior of Karen’s wild horses.

    The family has experienced the worst of times in debt, damaged and depleted, research study from Princeton a book was written about Wild Horse Annie the Founder. April Weather is still bring records rains, several inches of snow, floods are where there were none and 50,000 in past hay debt is due in January and rising.

    You are probably asking how you can help. Its simple send a donation of $ 5-$ 10-$15 -$20-$25 on up monthly. You will be updated by a fall birthing of a monthly newsletter blog. Help Wild Annie’s Horses”.

    It’s hard to believe that South Dakota was the disaster which went unnoticed by the Haiti earthquake. We need to turn our concerns back to the horses and release the Wild Horses need our help and it is URGENT today!!
    From: Karen Sussman
    Subject: Urgent! Fall in love with a Wild Horse and pay as little as $ 10.00 dollars on up** a month for its care. You will receive updates on your horse on the upcoming ISPMB newsletter blog. Coming in the fall/winter after the horse’s lives are secured.
    Date: Wednesday April 12, 2010, 7:46 PM
    We have received notification that ISPMB is a non for profit seeking to get over the hump. This news is from Karen Sussman President of 400 hundred wild horses the need is great but people’s hearts’ are bigger than anyone can imagine. Wild horses are of need of hay the current hay bill is 2,500.00 per month and is ballooned due to the hay company bailing out in the early fall causing emergency need with delivery problems, droughts and high hay prices the emergency ballooned by reversing the Burn and more will be coming to the computer per web blog newsletter.
    Can you please call a friend or another person and ask them to donate with you. This is critical to the future of wild horses.
    You can also contact Karen Sussman about larger donations. This is a 5013c non for profit organization. The horses cannot be replaced when they are gone they will be gone. All donations are tax deductable.
    To find your representative and phone number goes to:
    We appreciate every effort to help save America’s wild horses, send a donation today for this URGENT EMEMERGENCY SITUATION
    Karen A. Sussman
    President, ISPMB
    PO Box 55
    Lantry, SD 57636-0055
    Tel: 605.964.6866 (due to situation please only call 11-5:00 and leave a message)
    Cell: 605.430.2088 (emergency only/large donors)
    Saving America’s Wild Horses and Burros since 1960
    Become a member of ISPMB today!


  6. Elizabeth, I have only one word to change. The horse (thing, issue, problem, controversy, thought, concern, pain-in-the-ass-I-wish-all-you-horsehuggers-would-wake-up-and-realize-we-need-to-eat-we-need-to-put-a-room on -need to protect us-would-just-shut-the-#^€€~~}>€€>}#<|#%*'bb Hell-up!) is NOT a symtom. It is a SYMBOL. This world absolutely runs on something (like MYTH), and it WILL in to the projected all TIME.


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