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BLM and Infamous Contractor Kill a Minimum of 7 Wild Horses on the FIRST Day of Tuscarora Roundup

The News as WE See It ~ by R.T. Fitch

Salazar's Death on Wheels

The BLM's way of protecting our Wild Horses

They would not listen during the Calico Roundup where 150 horses are dead and now the warnings were issued to postpone the ill conceived and misguided roundup at Tuscarora and in the very first day the BLM and their infamous helicopter stampede specialists, the Cattoors, have killed 7 horses, that they admit to, with undisclosed multiple injuries.  All of this behind a Gestapo style, closed gate, paranoid process where the American public is not allowed to witness the violation of law and bloodshed.

This is YOUR federal government working at its best to wipe out the last of our native wild horses while they allow private cattle to graze on the same land at a ration of 50 to 1…where is the CHANGE?

Beyond outrage, beyond comprehension this flagrant use of misguided power has gone too far.  Driven from the top by the impotent and natural resource destroyer Ken Salazar this has to stop and has to stop now.

Call the horse killer Salazar and give him a piece of your mind, I am sick and tired of attempting to be professional in what we report; tell him what you think of his ties to the cattle industry, his cloudy past and how he bumbled the BP spill and forever destroyed one of our national treasures.  Tell him exactly how you feel about his sell out of our national icon, the wild horse and how he has raised the Obama administration to the pinnacle of being the most damming environmental administration in years.

Tell him…call at 202-208-3100

Fax him at 202-208-6956 and email the destroyer of our wildlife at

And while you are at it, tell him you want a resignation and we want it yesterday.

This is insane!

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  1. I know how ya feel RT… It’s getting harder and harder each day to maintain some form of diplomacy and professionalism. It’s like every time we give an inch, a mile gets taken. I seriously think that if I bite my lip any more that I will literally have a busted lip!
    Yea, it’s full on MF*T* now…


  2. How do we find out the condition of the foals in this 228 (or left behind)? I see no mention of foals.


    • That’s the really scary question. I feel like my heartbeat has been put on hold waiting for the answer to the condition of the foals.


    • I can’t get the image of injured and dying horses along the path of destruction out of my mind. Any foals separated from their moms won’t last long in that heat.


      • My mind keeps going to that picture of that foal that was left with its legs tied out in the heat, forgotten, to die. Can’t shrug it off.


  3. Dear BLM and the Cattoors:

    Please don’t ever round up 228 of my wild horses in 2.5 hours ever again. Why the race to round up 228 horse before 9 AM? This does not sound like extreme caution to me. Extreme is correct, however.

    And please provide a detailed report with photo on every single foal in this 228. Everyone. Even the ones you left behind when they couldn’t keep up.


  4. I posted in Cloud’s blog that we need more law suits!

    Our emails are easily deleted as well as faxes, and our phone calls are probably never documented and never addressed.

    We need to fight with physical law suits that have to be addressed and journalism that exposes and causes waves of reaction!

    We need to fight as if we are at war… and at war we are!!!

    Let’s start a legal fund and find another attorney/attorneys willing to fight for our horses and for us, to create more notice and obstacles!

    The horses can not talk and our voices are being ignored!

    We need to find additional attorneys who will add their suits to the list that we need to form of legal action against the inhumane treatment and unlawful terrorizing, killing, maiming, separating and imprisonment of our protected wild life!!!


  5. This needs a full fkn page add in the New York Times or Washington Post so the people who have no idea, and who do not know about this find out. There are so many who don’t follow this here, who just don’t know. They need to know. The answer is in numbers fighting this. I have been sick to my stomach about this for days. Literally.
    BTW, MP is going to be on Issues tonight with JVM- Tuesday July 13, talking about the Ruby Pipeline and the Tuscarora gather (slaughter). There just aren’t strong enough curse words to convey how mad I am.


    • I like the idea of full page ads in papers across the country calling for a halt to round ups with graphic photos. Nice way to go around the BLMs media blackout.


    • Great idea to get the wild horse story out to the “population centers” particularly the Washington Post in DC. The Chincoteague Pony Penning is coming up the last week in July the the Post usually has an article about it. Even a well written article to the editor as well as a full page ad would get a lot of attention in DC. Anybody out there that is a advertising/graphic designer?writer?


  6. Mr. Salazar,

    You are in violation of Section 9 of the 1971 Free-Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act. The law states the use of helicopters must be done in a humane manner.

    Sec. 9. In administering this Act, the Secretary may use or contract for the use of helicopters or, for the purpose of transporting captured animals, motor vehicles. Such use shall be undertaken only after a public hearing and under the direct supervision of the Secretary or of a duly authorized official or employee of the Department. The provisions of subsection (a) of the Act of September 8, 1959 (73 Stat. 470; 18 U.S.C. 47(a)) shall not be applicable to such use. Such use shall be in accordance with humane procedures prescribed by the Secretary.

    The killing of 7 horses in the Tuscarora roundup does not constitute humane treatment.


  7. Does anyone know how to get this in the larger newspapers? I’m talking know someone on staff that can get in put in print. I have tried with the Winston-Salem Journal, but don’t know if it was put in or not. This is just, well I don’t even know a word bad enough to describe this. Inhumane, terrible , atrocious all seem to tame and I don’t think 4 letter words could say it any better. It needs to stop and stop now. I am beginning to think the only one who can stop all this insanity is God himself.


  8. How do we know that this roundup has been put on hold? Because BLM says so??? This would be mostly unprecedented by this agency. They suspended a couple of days at the Pryors but ran the horses all winter.

    Do we independent acknowledgement of this? Sorry to be so negative but I just don’t trust them.


  9. this is so saddening, i am in tears. I have called and called and wrote letters and emails – no one in government seems to give a damn.
    if there are thousands of taxpayers who do care…we need to really get organized and move to the front lines at the SAME time otherwise we will keep being ignored and the mustangs will keep being killed…until they are all gone!!!!
    so how can we organize and be ONE VOICE (loud and in unison…)????




  11. Go the the BLM website where they are taking comments regarding the strategy of the roundup. I did so and told them what I think about them and their shameful act.
    Come November, write to your Congressmen and women and let them know that you will vote them out unless changes are made to the BLM.


  12. SENT:
    How can you people live with yourselves. We are tired of Emailing, phoning and petitioning to no avail. What is the matter with this government. You ,the BLM and DOI are all in pockets of of the cattle and oil industry.
    You hire a convicted person (company) to terrorize and run these creatures to death. We ARE watching as is GOD!! You ignore your own rules about no round ups until six week after the end of foaling.
    These animals are doing fine. Give them access to the water you have fenced them from. Give them equal numbers WHICH IS THEIR RIGHT with the other livestock. They were GRANTED the rivers and water rights and land rights back in 1971. How Senator Burns has raped them should be an embarrassment to all government parties concerned. Let him and Salazar spend a full day at a slaughter house in Mexico to see what they are doing.
    Very Sincerely
    Shirley Verhoef


  13. Yes, (finally, HSUS!) this was announced on Jane Velez-Mitchell’s program, also on the email from MP, it said that ASPCA has also joined in calling for a moratorium, if so, tha’s a big organization.


    • Excerpt from Jubic v. Ely BLM, et al., ; on availability of water

      As a result of the development plans, wildlife areas are being expanded with plans to put water “guzzers” in place so that the wild deer and elk will have water. (Plaintiff) submits that the defendants have a duty to provide for or allow access to same for our Nation’s wild horse herds. (Plaintiff) argues that the problem is not a lack of water sources but a lack of water rights. Nevada is a state that claims rights to all the waters and water sources within the state and, in fact, has been involved with much litigation with the BLM on this matter. A great part of the water problems on federal lands is owing to the fact that more grazing permits than ever are being retired. When that happens, the ranchers, who claim the water rights based upon state law “custom and usage,” shut off their “guzzlers” and other water supplies to the lands as they are no longer needed for their cows. As a consequence, the wild horses are forced to travel further in search of water, sometimes crossing invisible jurisdictional lines and getting themselves into trouble and danger of being shot by the ranchers as “strays.”.

      63. There is no doubt that acquiring access to Nevadas waters is a legal, not a geographic problem or based on insufficiencies. (Plaintiff) submits that despite the difficulties and legalities involved in achieving water rights in Nevada, the BLM nevertheless has a duty to see to it that adequate water is available for the wild horses that roam within their various HMAs. (Plaintiff) further submits that the defendants have failed in that duty;
      “It is BLM policy to conform with applicable state laws and administrative claims procedures for water rights when managing and administering all BLM programs and projects, except as otherwise specifically mandated by Congress. The State Engineer Office in the Division of Water Resources of the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, administers water rights programs in Nevada based on beneficial use and the Doctrine of Prior Appropriation. The State of Nevada regulates its water rights programs using guidance in chapters 533 and 534 of the Nevada Revised Statutes. The BLM will acquire and perfect water rights necessary for public land management purposes according to these state laws and procedures. (Emphasis added.) The BLM also will protect existing water rights of the U.S. by protesting or providing comment during the state permitting process on applications for new water rights or for changes to existing water rights that may interfere with BLM’s ability to utilize such water for public land management purposes.”



  14. millions of dollars the cartoors are paid and they use the same old crappy pipe panels with cheap net fencing!!

    Get some higher panels you cheap horse killers!! and some canvas solid gromit tarps to hang on the panels to block views.

    And tell your WIFE to stand way back when she is gawking at the panicing stallions!!

    With her standing there close watching the horses bang into metal and trying to jump the LOW fence. She is making the mustangs break bones and injure themselves!!

    Lady!! back away from the horses and you will stop have so many handeling deaths!

    Get her some glasses or place a cam so she stops panicing horses!

    I am so pissed off at the BLM they say the avocates panic the horses and its those idiots contracters and blm workers who are the ones making the horses terrified and jumping through shute windows and over pipe fences!


  15. Hi, I went by the BLM office in Salem, Oregon and spoke to the people there. Having been in activism nearly 20 years I know when some bloated office worker tells me the standard, “this isn’t at this office” standard response. But it gets better, if you have a problem at BLM tell your congressperson, this is what one of the office staff said!

    I told them, well, its a problem with the BLM brand, why should it be a problem of my congressman?

    They lady just didn’t get this. I think more people should go to their local BLM offices and complain, its a bad bad brand.


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