Month: September 2010

Salazar Sued for Contempt of Court in West Douglas Wild Horse Case

HOUSTON, (HfHAC) – On September 28th, 2010 plaintiff Colorado Wild Horse & Burro Coalition (CWBC), supported by Habitat for Horses Advisory Council (HfHAC) and Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER), filed a motion to reopen the case and for contempt of court in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia against the Secretary of the Department of Interior Ken Salazar.

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For Our Animals the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Reside in DC

On the up side, the U.S. Senate last night gave unanimous approval to legislation to crack down on animal crush videos—the vile depictions of staged scenes in which scantily clad women maim and torture animals for the sexual gratification of viewers. I’ve written about it several times before, and the first reaction of any decent person is shock that anyone could possibly be so cruel to participate in making or watching this perversion. All good people are rightly outraged and disgusted by the idea of someone torturing and killing animals just for the sexual titillation of others. The bill, pushed by Sens. Jon Kyl, R. Ariz., Jeff Merkley, D. Ore., and Richard Burr, R. N.C., must now go back to the House, and we hope that chamber approves it in rapid fashion.

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A Few Rotten Apples Do Not a Herd Make

Yesterday we dropped a simple “tongue-in cheek” OpEd on our readers in an effort to bring in a little fresh air and to lighten the load, a bit, for those who work so hard to do the right thing for the horses. Lord knows we need it with all of the dark injustices that whirl around us and make us truly wonder at the direction our country is headed. But when I opened up the window and let the fresh air fill my lungs there was the slightest hint of rotten apples that lingered in my nose. I stepped back for a moment, looked around and verbalized:

“Who farted upwind?”

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Mares Make Big Bad Men Very Afraid

This is Leslie Peeples. She is a woman. See her nice picture with her and her nice horses. Leslie likes horses. Leslie has been around horses almost all of her life. Leslie says that is somewhere around 40 years give or take a few minutes. Leslie is scary. Big bad men are afraid of Leslie. Leslie was polite to big bad men but they were very afraid. Big bad men tried to run over Leslie with a big bad truck. Big bad men tried to chop her up with a helicopter. Big bad men were rude and mean to Leslie. Big bad men have body parts that are not too big. The brain is one of these body parts. Leslie is much smarter than big bad men.

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