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Feds and Contractor Caught Conducting Covert Wild Horse Stampede

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch

Advocates Catch Feds and Dave Cattoor with their Pants Down

USFWS&BLM/Cattors covertly loading and shipping wild horses from Sheldon ~ Photo by Katie Fite

While law makers and the American public had their eyes concentrated on the much contested Silver King round up in Nevada the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) along with helicopter contractor David Cattoor where conducting an unpublished and unannounced secret wild horse gather at the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (Sheldon).

Plaintiff in several suits against the BLM for lack of transparency and violation of First Amendment Rights, Laura Leigh , was tipped off that there was illicit activity taking place at Sheldon as many roads were closed due to a “wild horse gather”.

On September 22, 2010 Ms. Leigh discussed this situation with wild horse advocate Leslie Peeples, who was already on the road to visit another wild horse herd, and Ms. Peeples immediately changed plans and headed to Sheldon to investigate as no such “gather” was indicated in any public records.

On the morning of Sept. 23, 2010 Ms. Peeples phoned the Lakeview office of the USFWS and when asked if a wild horse gather was being conducted she was told, “yes”.

Cattoor Truck at Sheldon ~ Photo by Leslie Peeples

Ms. Peeples headed out to Sheldon on back roads when she encountered an oncoming semi-truck with a livestock trailer being towed behind it at a reasonable speed.  Ms. Peeples intended to ask the driver where the stampede was taking place so she pulled her car over to the side of the road and stepped out into her lane of traffic to flag the driver down for information.  Upon seeing this, according to filed court documents, the truck driver aimed for the center of the road, speeded up and missed running over Ms. Peoples by only inches.

“It is my opinion based on clear observations at the time that, had I not moved out of the way, the truck would have hit me,”  stated Ms. Peeples, “As it turns out, the truck which passed by me was loaded with, what I am informed and believe to be wild horses from the Sheldon gather.”

Same Truck at Twin Peaks ~ Photo by Terry Fitch

Photos verify that said truck was owned by BLM helicopter stampede contractor, David Cattoor.  One photo was taken by Ms. Peeples at Sheldon and the other by Terry Fitch at Twin Peaks.  They both match.

Subsequently, upon heading further up the road, Ms. Peeples was barred access to public lands and told that the stampede was not published because “We like to keep things low and quiet”.  Likewise when Ms. Peeples inquired about viewing the horses at the holding facility she was told that it was on private land and that she would not be allowed.

Upon departing Sheldon and with the resumption of cell service Ms. Peeples did make contact with the USFWS Lakeview Regional Office (Lakeview Office) and spoke with a Mr. Paul Steblien who confirmed that a wild horse roundup was taking place and that 400 horses would be stampeded.  Further information relayed by Mr. Steblien indicated that the horses would be transferred to the Dufferina Refuge Headquarters and that 250 of the captured horses would forever lose their freedom while 150 would be “vasectomized” and “ovarectomized” and returned to the refuge.  Mr. Steblien did agree to escort Ms. Peeples into the gather area the following day.

Ms. Peeples then headed to the Dufferina Headquarters to further search for information regarding this secret stampede.  Unfortunately no one was available at the office so she continued down the road to locate a place to take her dog for a walk.

Horse Bones near subversive burying pit near roundup wild horse holding facility ~ Photo by Leslie Peeples

Once outside of her car she began to notice skeletal horse remains scattered on the ground, as she began to investigate and walk further away from the road the bones became more numerous  until she came upon a freshly dug pit.  Nearby was what appeared to be another pit that was freshly covered with numerous bones scattered throughout the area.

“There were horse bones scattered everywhere. I photographed what I observed…”, Peeples said.

As she headed back to her car she heard horses whinnying.  She walked towards the direction of the calls and discovered a holding facility with approximately 250 horses confined.  There was no signage indicating area restrictions.  Likewise, she witnessed parked in the area what she believed was the same truck that tried to run her over, earlier.  There were no humans at the facility.

Chopper violating FAA Safety Regulations ~ Photo by Leslie Peeples

While walking back up the hill towards her car she could hear the roar of helicopter blades which as she proceeded and crested the hill she observed the helicopter hovering just a few dozen feet above the roof of her car.  Once her physical presence was reveled the chopper pilot aggressively turned the aircraft in her direction and hovered directly over her with little more than 30 feet of safe clearance.

“At this point the helicopter was so close I could see the pilot’s face and his facial features appeared angry”, said Peeples.

As the unsettled Ms. Peeples attempted to make her way to the car the aircraft continued his aggressive actions and orbited around her at an estimated distance of only 60 feet.  Even while in the car and attempting to drive away the chopper continued to harass her until she stopped and shot another picture which, then, caused the aircraft to depart the area.

Relentless helicopter attack againest taxpaying U.S. Citzen ~ Photo by Leslie Peeples

Ms. Peeples pulled over to gather her composure and exited her vehicle for some fresh air only to have the chopper return, again, to harass her.  Once more the camera proved to be an effective weapon in deterring the marauding helicopter.

The level of harassment did not let up as soon Ms. Peeples was accosted by a USFWS Ranger and the following day her “escort” was canceled due to her unexpected presence on public land the day before.

Ms. Peeples has and will submit to the court her video and photographic documentation of the events laid out in this brief article.


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  1. i wish someone big could stand up to these bullies who get away with taking our wild horses and doing whatever they damn well please with them!! they think they are above the law!! and so far they are getting away with it!! makes me so mad!! i don’t want my tax dollars to fund this!! we need some big wigs to get involved!!


    • I am sending more money (Herd Watch and Grass Roots Horse and for Laura) and I challenge each one of you to do the same because without people in the field we do not know anything!

      Leslie I am grateful to you for your guts and tenacity. This is what it takes and you have been strong and so brave. The burial pits must have been disturbing and I do hope one day the story will be told how and why these horses came to be there. You have seen much and come through unscathed, thank goodness. These decision makers should be relieved of their jobs. We have to expect more of this activity and defiance toward the public and advocacy. Our wild horses are truly in danger at all times.

      Thanks for your presence and courage. mar


  2. I’m not an FOIA expert, but it seems to me that information could be gathered to show many, many of these types of round ups that have occured outside of the public’s knowledge. I’m sure there must be documentation to prove that the Cattoors received payment for these unnannounced “gathers,” where they transpired and so on. The government has to keep records of all expenditures to rationalize budgeting for the next fiscal year.
    As for Leslie … I had to stop reading this article at the point where the truck almost ran you down. I had to go outside and breathe and stop shaking before coming back in and finishing the post. This is so scary, and I want you to know, Leslie, that my heart and prayers are with you. I can only imagine how terrifying this experience must have been — alone, in the middle of nowhere and scared for your life. To me, this is nothing less than attempted murder.


    • Joey, I’m totally with you on this and sooo glad Leslie wasn’t hurt. Yes, these people should be brought up on charges. We should also be able to sue BLM for CRUALTY TO ANIMALS!!!!!!! They are the ones that hire these_ _ _people
      people get mad at me for saying anything about BLM,” Oh, ours is good, they wouldn’t do that! My B—. They are government run & they’ll do as they please.
      I will continue to send letters for our horses but I’m praying hard to God also.
      This incident with Leslie sure goes to show that no one is safe on PUBLIC LANDS WHEN CLOSE TO A ROUND UP, LEGALE OR NOT!!!
      Thank you Leslie for all that you do for our Mustangs. Please do us that love you a favor, Never go out alone again, please. These people ARE DANGERUS


    • Threatening a person with a vehicle is assault with a deadly weapon. Maybe the same for charge for the assault with the helicopter. Did you file a complaint with the Sheriff/ DA office?


  3. Now, if THIS doesn’t get the attention of the courts and our so called representatives in DC, what is it going to take? Will the BLM have to actually KILL an advocate before anything is done?

    I have NEVER been SO DISGUSTED in my life!


  4. Just when is self-defense justified in cases like this? This is like something out of the movies but it is real and happened to an innocent person. You can only imagine how terrified the horses are but Leslie can tell us how she felt. How terrible.


    • Dead on Barbara! (pun intended)

      If they would do this to a human, just exactly what do you think they would do to weaker, non-talking life forms? Actually, I guess all of us here do KNOW what they do….and the documentation just keeps piling up!


  5. Excussssseeee meeeee! But didn’t Sheldon just recently get butchered by these scum??????

    I think it was 18 to 28 months ago wasn’t it? Wasn’t this also conducted as a mystery roundup (Sheldon)? Maybe I’m getting this confused with other NV “mystery stampedes”.

    Excellent documentation and effort…if this judge doesn’t do right by the wild ones and the American taxpayer….SUE HIM AND HIS LOPSIDED COURTROOM!!!!!

    That takes guts to in to the path of a butchers semi. I wouldn’t have done it….I would have videod til the “cows came home”.

    Good job warriors!

    p.s. Can anyone imagine how long this abuse has really been going on before the utilization of the internet and the formation/committment of our warriors?!?! Makes my skin crawl to think of how many years these butchering wild (and probably domestic) equine killers have been roaming with out ANY ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!


  6. Can you imagine how angry the killers were when the found out the warriors were figuring out what was going on and actually showed up?!? Priceless!


  7. Damn! I know that’s not a very ‘intelligent’ remark, but I’m not sure I have words for what I’m feeling right now..

    Leslie, I can not even imagine how scared you were. Bless your heart! To actually ‘live’ something like that, feeling that they really could have hurt you, or worse!

    Thank you for being there and I’m Thanking God that you’re safe.

    Seriously, if THIS doesn’t get anyone’s attention, I don’t know what will. I agree.. attempted murder.. intent to do bodily harm..

    I always say to you all, when you ‘head out’; to PLEASE be safe.. I’m not sure if you CAN be safe, now?

    I’m so entirely OVER this B.S. Some how, some way there HAS to be MORE of us ‘out there’. More than ‘they’ know what to do with. If Leslie wasn’t alone, that would have never happened. Or, I HOPE not. But, I’m talking 50, 100 or MORE of ‘US’ need to show up in FORCE… Maybe we could harass them with their life?

    This just fires me up even more, and I HOPE all of you too! Nobody messes with my ‘Family’ and gets away with it!

    Please hang in there, Leslie.. We’re here for you..


  8. Laura you and the ladies are doing a wonderful job. The only way to fight this rogue agency is in a court/judge that is not afraid of the Feds. Our horses are important and we all will fight for them. No doubt they have been doing this for sometime. I would get a court order to dig up that area where Ms. Peeples found the skeltons as it would be very damaging to the BLM. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


  9. Someone needs to secure the location and examine the remains in the “Pit” asap. A classic “Smoking Gun”. Hats off to the folks involved in this. Great Americans all!


  10. Thank you Leslie for standing tall while in an such a dangerous situation. Personal danger seems to be escalating. I’m so glad that your camera worked as a means of protection. Any of these actions by Cattoors company could have had a different outcome. How dare Federal officials ask YOU questions. Its US that have a lot of questions for THEM. Judge Hicks this is the time you need to stand up and make a loud statement for all the people who see things that are wrong in this country and try to fix them using the system. WE do not resort to terror tactics, we use the system that is in place. And to think these are the people who show up armed to protect themselves against us.


  11. This is criminal activity by the truck driver and the helicopter pilot. I hope, Leslie, that you have notified the offices of the local District Attorney and the U.S. Attorney to file a report. I know there are people here who will say that does no good, but as Laura is demonstrating with the Grassroots lawsuit, this kind of conduct needs to be made public and prosecuted. We are not a nation of thugs.


    • I agree with Theandbetween. These incidents are criminal and MUST be reported to authorities regardless of what kind of response they give. The reports are documentation and public record.

      Well, it’s NO SECRET now — by their OWN behavior — that THEY HAVE SOMETHING BIG TO HIDE!


  12. I asked my husband to read this article. He’s worked on aircraft for almost 30 years, and one of the first things he said to me after reading was that this pilot’s license should be revoked — that he was definitely flying recklessly, and there are penalities for doing so.
    I realize that what’s going before Judge Hicks is a civil suit, but it seems to me that there are also criminal charges to be considered. I understand if these things can’t be discussed in an open forum, but I do hope that criminal charges have been filed against both the truck driver and the helicopter pilot — both of whom clearly intended to physically harm Leslie.


    • Maybe Ms. Peeples needs to file a serious charge against the pilot using the photos, video, tail number, date and time with location to the FAA?


    • anything against the government goes into federal court before federally appointed judges…We need to figure out how to get a lawsuit filed against Catoors and their employees in civil court..and ask for billions in compensatory damages..I haven’t got time for 2 weeks to research this, so maybe others can and we should pursue this in a civil court and get these thugs where it means their pocketbooks- see how quickly their employees desert their methods when they are named in this lawsuit, and they become liable for millions in damages granted by a “JURY” of american taxpayers who themselves could be subject to simular attacks by government contractors..we can have liens put on all their property, to cover the judgements..There is no known activities conducted by advocates to warrant these physical attacks and its time we put it in frount of a jury to decide not a federal judge.


      • Their pocketbooks are WHY this is happening. The pocketbooks are threatened by what we are finding out and revealing to the broader public. These people have just now tipped their hand of HOW VERY DESPERATE they are to continue with their status quo and it OBVIOUSLY has to do with guarding their pocketbooks.


      • Since Grassroots Horse is providing legal counsel for Laura and Leslie had her encounter representing Grassroots Horse, then perhaps the most productive thing we could do is donate to them. Visit their web site, and make a donation. Most of us don’t have the resources to fight this as individuals, but as a nation of Wild Horse Advocates united behind a representative group, we can have a great deal more power.


    • I think that if they had meant to do physical harm to her, they would have done it. That is what scares me. We are this close. I think they meant to intimidate her and us. Perhaps we need to contact the FBI before we (you who go) to gathers.

      I think we need to be very, very careful. Get some advice from someone. It would be a lot better to have an FBI agent or someone, perhaps a law enforcement officer from an agency you trust, to escort you or a private security firm. We do not need to be the ones who introduce guns into this.

      On the other hand, if I were going to the round-ups, I would want to have some sort of protection.

      I think we need to watch our rhetoric. I understand the anger, the sadness and grief, the tragedy of this, believe me. I am on adoption gone bad side of the mountain, and I have been able to befriend a few of these wild ones who have suffered greatly as a result of the BLM’s failed policies. I have done what I could with the resources I have to help the ones right in front of me, but we need to rise above the baseness of the people who are destroying our wild horses and our environment.


  13. OK folks…how does it work when a private citizen feels they have witnessed or stumbled upon a crime scene that may involve Federal property (wild equines) or Federal employees?

    Who do you call? Dept of Justice SUCKS!!!!! What about Homeleand Security? Afterall, why are there so many equine bones? Was it a terrorist bio attack? Illegal chemical dumping….EPA???

    Someone out there (as already mentioned) needs to report a possible crime scene situation to SOMEBODY!!!!! Feds? State? County? Good luck, because those 3 in NV have been beating up wild equines without accountability for DECADES!

    HSUS and ASPCA have animal forensic resources and contacts. What about the folks that helped out at Three Strikes? Guess that means you have to get cooperation from the county or Feds first though.


    • HSUS could very well step in and do an investigation hand and hand with the FBI. What more do they want? Advocates lives are on the line against horse killers/abusers and even BLM/DOI at this point should have the smarts to back down and not allow THEIR activities escalate to any further point. We have the right to know what is going on. THIS IS AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE!!!!!



      • HSUS will never stand up to the BLM–they make way too much money selling the contraceptives for the wild horse m ares to them. That’s been the problem with them all along and why HSUS never spoke out about the inhumane treatment of the Calico horses all last winter. They have a better cover, but when it comes to the wild horses they are just as guilty as the BLM.


      • Nancy, They Could but I know they won’t. Pity. But they need to be sited here as they
        have the ability to make this front page news if they wish. They do not wish. mar


      • No HSUS will do what they have done before–let all the work be done by others and step in and do a few press releases at the end and claim the victory. If you aren’t with us all the way then in my book your against us. Just more gamesmanship and quite frankly I’ve had more than my fill of gamesmanship.


  14. I have forwarded the article to my Congressman with the plea to forward it and spread the word. Hopefully it will help out. Please do the same. Every letter helps. Copy and send please!!


  15. They really did cross the line this time. They have gone beyond driving mares and foals off of cliffs.
    Leslie, we are all thankful that you are safe. You are one brave gal. No more needs to be said on blog.


  16. Swear Cuss Swear Cuss Swear Cuss. Sorry I can’t post what I really want to say but this is way over the top. Now the Contractor for the BLM is harassing PEOPLE???? I know Dave Cattoor is not a nice man but this is way beyond good faith.

    This pilot needs to be grounded by the FAA PERMANENTLY. No ANDS IFS OR BUTS allowed.

    I demand the BLM to FIRE Dave Cattoor and his merry band IMMEDIATELY.

    And truthfully whoever was flying that helicopter–I don’t normally wish this on anyone cause isn’t a very nice thing to say much less think–I hope he crashes and burns. I hope a big gust of wind blows that bird right smack into the ground and blows up–not hurting any 4 legged whatever species they are.

    I apogolize to my fellow advocates here for my rant. This just has me very angry that someone would act like this.


    • Margaret no apology needed you’re just saying what we are all thinking and feeling. I got up this morning and passed the computer and saw the notice about this story which I read through the still bleary sleep eyes. I was awake immediately, I think I’m still in shock cuz normally I’d be screaming and kickin walls ’bout now. (well not really I just painted them). There are a lot of thoughts swimming through my head, the main ones are my concern for the safety of our advocates in the field. Dave & Sue you are worse than scum.


  17. I have a question for those that are at those roundups. I will explain my question after someone is able to answer it.
    I have heard time after time how cramped with horses the trailers are. With what you have seen,approximately how many horses are they fitting on these trailers?


    • They keep you as far away from the trailers as possible as the horses are terrified to be in there but the load up as many as they can get in. There is no consideration to anything as they are simply meat on the hoof. To the Cattoors they are simply dollar signs, dead or alive.


      • The reason I am asking,is that I have knowledge with trucking. If they are overweight,the haul cannot weigh more than 80,000lbs without special permit. I cannot say they are overweight,however,I can almost guarantee,that if they are hauling from short distances,that they are not scaling out and more than likely will take risk of being overweight,if they can bypass scale houses. The DOT may be a saving grace here,if you suspect they are not running DOT compliant in any form.Also as of Nov. a law was passed that makes the drivers responsible for the rig and load are compliant. If not,now the drivers will be ticketed and fined.
        If you suspect ,they are running overweight, DOT will set up checkpoints and scale them on the road, They also are allowed only 14 hours working time,that means on duty(even if not driving). It may pay to become familar with some more of DOT violations,as a simple overweight on an axle can shut the truck down on the spot.

        I am just mentioning this as this is a shot in the dark,but may come in handy. I would definately report the driver to DOT,if he was driving recklessly.

        Take Care out there,to all of you. I sure wish I could stand with you.


      • Thanks,Morgan. I hope it helps. It may be a smaller battle that can be fought and achieved that assist the overall battle. If you can get accumlated violations within DOT and the FAA,it may be possible to pull their operating licences and get this one group of lawless people away from the wild horses.


  18. File a complaint against the tail number of the helo with FAA.

    File a reckless driving charge against the semi (plate numbers please) company with the Feds that regulate interstate trucking (FTA, ICC?)…Cattoor has to have his licenses straight to go on public roads.

    File a crime report with the sheriff and the FBI regarding the pit/bone site.

    Get names, times and keep copies of orginal material.


  19. “We like to keep things low and quiet”. Is EXACTLY how those California bureaucrats absconded with hundreds of thousands of dollars via grossly inflated salaries – then, by way of excuse, someone said “no one was paying attention.” Fox in charge of the Hen house.

    Government run a muck – seen at all levels and aspects.

    “We like to keep things low and quiet”. And WHY? Because to be transparent would make those responsible for this decision, accountable for taking, making this decision to conduct this covert roundup of OUR horses away from us, we, the people. Experts know better? In the old days, the very old days, when a man was reliant upon his horse, to steal a horse was punishable by hanging…and frequently that sentence was meted out without today’s standard of “due process.” Horses were of that value…when the USE of them served man. Now, horses, wild horses are being devalued by those who have no USE for them, but have USE for the land…public land, that supports “we the people”‘s wild horses. Due process and laws seem to be in force only when convenient to the greed of the few who “think” they know better than the masses they pro port to “serve”. That is exactly how Hitler operated in his “grand plan”. The BLM is, in reality, bypassing “due process” and stealing our horses.

    “We like to keep things low and quiet”. That is exactly how thieves behave, because the BLM KNOW they are STEALING from the AMERICAN people !!

    And who profits from this stolen decision? When is enough, enough, really.

    “We like to keep things low and quiet”.


  20. Margaret, there is no reason to appologize. I’m sure many of us feel the same way and it goes ffor the truck driver too. Both the pilot and driver should be in jail and the book throw ar them.


  21. Folks, everyone has to realize that for the most part the US Fish and Wildlife Service has a free reign over the Sheldon horses and burros, pretty much doing what they want whenever they want. We’ve been haggling over this for years. The WFRH&B Act specifically DOES NOT apply to these horses. There are some state laws (NRS Chapter 569) that addresses notices of gathers, ownership and disposition of “feral” horses however the state has chosen to stay out of it.

    The original Sheldon litigation was supposed to address the application of these limited protections but evidently it didn’t.


    • Nevada Willis,

      We have a lot of information about the original Sheldon suit and where the donation buttons are still active. Where the suit was NEVER posted as dropped. Where someone donated just last month on YOUR site for the Sheldon action.

      The Sheldon action disclosed a lot of useful information and was left in a way that it could be resurrected.

      You want to deal with this issue and we will be glad to run a separate piece just on the details.


    • California Willis, Do you think We are limited to working to save only wild horses on BLM lands??? We know what we want ROAM to cover. It is all of the wild ones. BLM and Cattoors are going after our wild ones on all lands, and so are we.

      You have isolated yourself further and those who have been associates, too. You have now attacked the experience of another respectable wild horse advocate. You are not the only one who is experienced and knowledgeable. The DRAMA is created by BLM and the bloody (IMO) Cattoors and YOU. mar


  22. The Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge protects more than half a million acres of high desert habitat for large wintering herds of pronghorn antelope, scattered bands of bighorn sheep, and a rich assortment of other wildlife.

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), as the Federal land managing agency for the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (Sheldon Refuge), is issuing supplemental information in response to a request from Ruby Pipeline, LLC (Ruby) to use certain roads located within Sheldon Refuge. If the Service agrees to allow Ruby to use Sheldon Refuge roads, the Service would do so by means of issuing a Special Use Permit (SUP) to Ruby.


  23. One component of the plan includes a proposed land exchange between Ruby and Service and is considered a connected action to the Sheldon Transportation Plan and Ruby Pipeline Project. A separate document, Ruby Pipeline Project Land Exchange on Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (Land Exchange) includes a description of the lands being considered for exchange and an analysis of the impacts associated with the proposed exchange. Much of the information in the Land Exchange document refers to analyses that have been refined in the Sheldon Transportation Plan.

    Paul Steblein, Project Leader
    Sheldon-Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge Complex
    P.O. Box 111
    Lakeview, OR 97630


    • Nell if you look at the right margin you will see the “flash widget” powered by BOX. the info from Leslie is Supp TRO 1 Dec Peep…-1.pdf then scroll down to the next line and the first box on your left will be the photos. Hope that helps, I had trouble finding it too.


      • Thanks Morgan I also was having issues finding that widget. Just haven’t ever seen something like that before…but hay you learn something new everyday.

        I was thinking and others have mentioned this–but FAA needs to be called in on this–as that pilot violated FAA laws. I don’t think FAA is cotton to abiding by Dave and his merry band of followers. They might just ground this pilot for being stupid.

        Also if anyone got the DOT number on the truck you might want to call them for being dumb. That was a good call whoever made it on being overloaded but the problem is finding the damn truck when BLM goes into “black operations”.

        God I can’t even begin to tell you guys how steamed I am at this. BLM threatens observers everyday with “escalating things” with their hands on the butts of their guns. Now who the blinking lights is ESCALATING THINGS!

        You know most truck drivers would help out a broken down motorist. How the blinking lights does this idiot know what Leslie wanted??? You know speeding up cause he didn’t want his pic taken–fine. But he crossed that line when he went down the middle of the road forcing Leslie to step aside or be run down.

        Anyone remember that protestor that stood his ground in Tiamennen Square???

        Louie you’re right–Dave and his merry band of followers are really The Goon Squad and that’s not like The Mod Squad.


    • All the docs from all the legal actions has filed are located on their website, photos included. Full disclosure. VERY INTERESTING READING. Upper left corner there are links to the legal actions page.

      We need to SUPPORT this effort which is going full force for OUR horses. Donate on their site too — a friend who tries to donate when possible just said she was selling stuff via craigslist to raise extra to donate for this. Excellent idea and I, too, am going to see if I can do the same. Every bit helps and I think there will be a LOT more court activity to come given this development.


  24. Maybe I’m naive, but would it be feasible to “tag” a few member of different horse herd family and track them by GPS? Such that school children, classes or whole schools could “adopt” a family to watch over, track, love and learn about?


    • That is an excellent idea! I believe children should be included in the fight to save America’s wild horses and burros, including President Obama’s daughters. They love animals as I read somewhere one is particularily fond of ttigers and the fight to save them. This action taken by the B LM and contractors needs to be out there in the news circulated around the world, seriously. I am posting it to my fb page and 3 of my friends had posted prior to sending to me! Glad you are alright.


  25. I think I may have stumbled on something. Based on my post earlier. If someone who is at the forefront of this battle could contact me,via email or phone,I will pass it on.


  26. I bet this is going on all the time.I bet the Cattoors are still selling mustangs to slaughter and pocket the money.Ovarectomies??In horses??Unheard of!They are selling those mustangs.I bet my right foot on that!This needs to get into congress ASAP!I will call the WH tomorrow morning first thing!


    • I keep repeating it like a broken record, but, “The Alternative Management Options” secret internal document, concluded the BLM should spay and return mares to help continue the die off of americas wild horses..this proposal was again brought up at the WH&B meeting in Denver this year. The BLM is continuing to follow this manefesto document-using now more devious means to do so..Who is going to fund this with the dollars appropriated to their agency??? The fish and game? then we need to pull and revise their budget…the forest service??? then we need to pull and revise their budget…be sure to bring this up and post a link to this article when you contact the white house and your elected officials in what ever state you live in-and we also should be voicing a complaint about the “menacing” being done by the rouge contractor-CATOORS-americans be they republican- democrat or in between are sick of government harassment-and this is rising to dangerous levels-to the point someone will be hurt or injured by government contractors..I can see a billion dollar lawsuit on the horizon…and I hope it is me or my family members who pursue it. How many helicopters do they have???? How many people do we have???


      • Last I checked, it was around $1500 + to spay one mare. You have to keep them quiet afterward — basically stall rest for several days and checking the incision site regularly. Somehow I just can’t see DOI agencies putting that much time or effort into spaying them. As far as removing just their ovaries? Uhmmm … has anyone ever tried doing this with a wild horse? Is this some kind of experimental program? I personally don’t know anyone who’s had this kind of surgery done on a domestic horse, let alone a whole group of wild ones.
        First words that came to my mind: “smoke screen…”


      • Sandra – I don’t have my copy of the Alt Management doc handy, but wasn’t there something in there about some mares dying after the BLM tried spaying them? I’ll have to read it again, but I sure think something like that was in there.


      • These “overectomies” p;robably explain a lot of the bones larua found. There are other possibilities too awful to think about.


      • What bothers me, if the sterilizations like vas and ova are really going in the field is what medically trained person would agree to this? Opening the gut?…in the field?…without stalls? Good god!!!!! Sounds like Mengele.


      • They are spaying and gelding in the field? How barbaric. And the reason they are not choosing PZP over this insane option?


  27. Laura Leigh will be coming onto Truth Squad radio tonight to give us an update on some major happenings this week.

    We again extend an invitation to any of you pilars of BLM to join the conversation. We would jsut love to have the opportunity to “chat” with you!

    Very Sincerely,

    Marti Oakley


  28. The Navy took care of their problem

    Follow AOL News on Facebook and Twitter

    Navy Pilots Grounded After Double Helicopter Dip Into Lake Tahoe [VIDEO]
    Sept. 24) — Two Navy pilots from San Diego have been grounded after their helicopters dipped into Lake Tahoe last week. The Sept. 13 incident was caught on a dramatic video, which shows the two choppers hovering just above the water.


  29. Join us Sunday evening at 8 CST on The Truth Squad Radio Show.

    We will also be having Wally Paul and Alex Heidebreicht on talking about the government sponsored eco-terrorism……like getting rid of our wild horses!

    The Truth Squad Radio Show with Marti Oakley and Barb Peterson

    Date / Time: 9/26/2010

    6:00 pm PST

    8:00 pm CST

    9:00 pm EST

    Call-in Number: (917) 388-4520



  30. BTW: Our actual guests this week are Wally and Alex from Republic Defiance. Laura was given part of their air time to update the horse situation. She will be on at about 5 after with her update. Marti


    • Thanks for giving this air time..this is a serious incident -and catoors have shown a willingness to escalate their attacks on americans citizens..I urge ALL to flood the white house with calls demanding an end of terrorism by goverenment contractors on taxpayers..can we ask for some homeland security for protection..WHAT exactly are our taxpayer dollars defending in the homeland..Is that “Homeland” as in the German definition?


      • Oh you can bet those phone lines are going to light up. And heaven help the first person who tries to placate me or tell me it doesn’t fall under their department. I will be faxing this blog along with Leslie’s declaration. RT you can bet that this blog post has traveled around the world. Louie & Sandra I completely agree, the actions against citizens by contractors and any of the agencies that even touch on the wh&b issue truly echos days we thought had gone by.


    • I noticed when I worked in Nevada that most locals did have satelite whips on their vehicles…and yes we need communication devices out there, we also need to be traveling with others into HMAs, we need rendavous points and check in times with each other..but more than anything we need the White House to intervene to stop this harassment of american taxpayers..keep documenting evidence folks..every bit counts in the big picture..


  31. Sandra, right on target–same method of operation–right down to the same color shirts-don’t forget about the BROWN SHIRTS. CITIZENS of this country need to BEWARE!


  32. Satphones are good but really expensive. At 4 dollars a day that’s 120 a month…and you could probably buy one for less. But the cost is prohibitive–it’s like 1.75 a minute.

    You might be able to do better with a CB. They use to make ones with a low band frequency that could travel MILES.

    Definitely agree that we need to do check in’s regularly. We need to mark maps and stay on those highways. If someone goes missing we know where to start looking. We need to have definite check in times–anything more than 30 mins late will result in the State’s Attorney’s office being called.

    If anyone else has ideas on communication out in the boonies where there is no cell phone reception–please chime in. All ideas are welcomed.


  33. I would suggest that no one go to any of these round-up areas alone from now on. Try to take at least one other person with you. There would be no way of proving anything if you were found dead. The BLM would cover the whole thing up, case closed. And if any one of you can handle a gun and have a carry permit I would advise that also even if it was only kept in the glove box at least you would have some way to protect yourself. These people mean business and they think they are dealing with a bunch of silly females. You will have to prove them wrong.


  34. The brown shirt goons have discovered that the WILD HORSE and Burro ADVOCATES mean business and they are making some very foolish mistakes.
    It is not wise to go out there alone or unarmed.


  35. These are public lands, not private land, The federal government is each and everyone of american citizens, and we need to be there for the horses and stop the stealing of our horses in this and all other ways,. the head BUTT HOLE of the B.L.M. NEEDS GONE and brought up on charges, get your congressmen and women off there gravey boats and get them working with and for us for a change,. We can stop this all from being the way it is if we get hot and heavey on congress and the senate,. now and keep it up,. B.L.M has found a gold mine in our wild horses and there deaths for profit,. if your reps dont jump in on this and stop it then get to them with votes and show the federal grovernment we will have it or they will be out of a job asap


    • BLM has circumvented the very laws that established critical habitat herd areas to protect preserve and manage 1971 inventoried herds and their ranges. BLM has been crimminaly neglegent in the management of our living heritage. They are wildlife by law ( Kleppe v New Mexico). The are wild by Congressional ACt and species of special interest. They evolved as distinct population segments under ESA critieria, and, having lost their critical habitat, are threatened and endangered. AS a part of Spanish occupation, Native American Culture and western pioneering settlement free roaming wild horse and burros are inherently connected to our heritage landscapes under the protection of the National Historic Preservation ACT, Sec 106 compliance.
      If that isn’t enuf Congressional foundation to preserve wild horse and burro herds on historic ranges then there is no hope left for our constitutionaly guarenteed freedoms either. The government serves no other purpose than to represent the interests of the American People.


  36. Where are we?? What country?? or is this a movie?? No joke–this is criminal–who the f— do they think they are harassing a citizen of the USA with a lethal weapon? Send this article to everyone in Washington DC. Use all the cuss words you’ve ever heard– and make up a few. This is a crime scene– and so is the bone pit.


  37. Tell me this all happened the same day the BLM suddenly “discovered” there was public interest in the round ups and made their big turn around deciding not to close public lands during the round ups. No law suit needed, they are now open honest and above board…NOT!!!

    Judge Hicks should have no trouble seeing their announcement for the ruse it is.


  38. Is this not the American holocaust, but with horses, which makes it appropriate? Only the president can stop this, but apparently he won’t. Very scarey. We have also lost many helicopters(med-evacs) in this country with Drs, nurses, pts in the recent yr and not mechanical error. The cowboy mentality exhibited here makes me wonder how safe we are. For the first time in my adult yrs, don’t know who to vote for,as I cannot believe any.And this is a big election with our Gov,Senator, and Rep! I applaud those who are on the battle fronts, trying to save our horses. I am a Sheldon by birth and this has always hurt again. Have had Paul Steblein in my address book for yrs. Who listens?


  39. Good God. THank God Leslie is safe. She should have called 911, no matter if no one could get there, just to record what happened as an emergency.
    The press should get out to the bone pit immediately before they cover it up.


  40. I agree with ALL comments. Isn’t this “attempted murder with a lethal weapon”? If it was me I might go to the hospital [for documentation] and say that the truck attack forced me to jump out of the way to avoid being killed which caused not only mental trauma but physical injury (pulled muscles or ?) and that the helicopter chasing me forced me to run for my life which caused not only mental trauma but physical injury (neck injuries or leg strain or ?). Not suggesting fraud [I hate fraud!] … just suggesting documentation for future court proceedings. And I bet these injuries (both mental and physical) are true … they certainly would be for me if I was attacked in this way!
    Also agree with the idea of working in pairs … especially since there could be other dangers in remote areas … and also notifying someone of your basic route/roads when you go out and estimated time of return … those bones could have been previous wild horse advocates for all we know! Safety first.
    Also, perhaps I don’t have all the facts about the Sheldon roundup but here is a link “Ruby Pipeline and Sheldon” and so far have found NO mention of any roundup. Has anyone else?
    Ruby Pipeline Supplemental Information and Comments
    I have notified Knapp and a few others about this incident.
    Thank goodness you are here to tell the story. Most important: please take care!


  41. We should send this to Jesse McKinley–maybe he’d like to do a follow-up piece for the NYT. What federal agency is going to investigate the “bone pit”? Maybe Dave Cattoor would like to say something…….


    • The bone pit will be off limits in the future. Just the fact we are here discussing it will make them put up a no entry sign, maybe with warning of prosecution… would it be a bluff?

      I tried to post the PDF with plans to remove all horses within 5 to 15 years.. sorry I could not get it to work but below is more info on the management of Sheldon wild horses.

      I think the wild ones are telling us to do something quick. They are dying again. mar


      • ” ranchers raised European horse breeds as working stock and as remounts for the U.S. Cavalry.”

        From the Sheldon site.
        Gee I wonder where the ranchers got the “European” horses.


  42. I would like to see that helicoptor yahoo grounded. And never fly again. That needs to be reported to the FFA and they need to ground him. If they don’t ground him they have ways to find out how many hours before he was in a bar drinking. That is *insane* of any person flying an aircraft to do! ‘road rage of the skies’ its insane!

    Same thing for the truck driver call the dept of transportation and report him. They are not supposed to go past anyone in the road much less move to the middle of the road to make someone jump out of the way.

    Think about what happened- and if the same happened with a truck or a helicoptor where the public could ‘see’ what happened.

    That is criminal and would be all over the news with both truck and helicoptor drivers arrested.

    Now are loads of those’ secret round-up’wild horses going to show up in slaughter pens?

    Or does the contractor just shoot them in the pens or let them die of thirst in the pens and try to bury them?

    I bet that area is over run with coyotes feeding on dead horses. Cattle people must love ya contractors at calfing season!!


  43. Listened to Laura Leigh on the radio show tonight. Shes awesome!

    The removing of wild horses fits into the larger picture of the destruction of America.

    I hope more Americans notice this huge ‘taking’ stealing- before its to late!


  44. Grandma Gregg.. I was thinking exactly that earlier today.. Leslie went through and still is I’m SURE, some serious mental anguish..
    That pilot and that truck driver need to be brought up on charges NOW!
    I really don’t think the FAA would appreciate knowing a pilot was using a chopper as a weapon OR a means to scare someone. What if something went horribly wrong and he did crash it but hurt Leslie!?

    And, WTH is up with the A-hole that met Leslie in the morning? They are showing their ugly ‘colors’ now. This alone could get.. weit.. SHOULD get this whole operation shut down. Will it? I dunno?

    I just Thank God that Leslie is OK and in one piece. I totaly agree, none of ‘us’ should be out there alone again. Too much of ‘he said, she said’ could happen. Good ‘ol Boys seem to stick together. And seriously.. All that against one woman, alone with her dog? Really Cattoor’s & BLM & Forest Service? You couldn’t ‘curb’ your helo, your semi or your tongues? Whew.. I’d like to see their Top Dollar PR Firm get this sorry bunch of dumbasses off this time!?

    Pictures don’t lie. Neither do ‘WE’! Leslie, I can’t say enough how proud I am of you and how GLAD I am you are OK..

    We HAVE to get at that ‘bone pit’ AND see what’s underneath where it was recently covered over. We KNOW what’s there. I mean, I would imagine it’s babies? I’m so so sorry, I don’t mean to be crude or sick at all. That’s just what comes to mind. :O(
    I say, IF they block it off, we get a court order to have it dug up. Smoking Gun.. Blew up in their faces.

    We were all saying it was going to take something ‘extreme’ to happen and maybe, just maybe this was it.

    I will NEVER EVER believe anything a Government Agency says to me again.. (Not that I did before, but being brought up to respect Government, like I’m sure you all were; you WANT to trust it?) How can I teach my Son to respect and honor his Gov. AND The President if this is what they do, constantly? I can’t! We’re down to trusting each other. That’s a good thing and that’s what I’m stickin’ with.

    This is something that has to be plastered everywhere. We are NOT going away… Not now.. NOT EVER! Thank you to each and everyone of you working so hard on legal cases, out at roundups with broken hearts and cameras clicking..


    • I think all those bone pits should be dug up.

      Perhaps a college professor or several with forensic or other studies would like to examine all the bone pits across america.

      Even bones of wild horses can ‘speak’ to us on how they died.

      Plus after the *insane threats* towards americans alone around the helicoptor contractors…I would like the FBI to dig up ALL the bone pits and make sure none of the perceived ‘enemies’ of the contactors aren’t buried there!!

      Anyone who is insane enough to drive a semi and a helicoptor towards and over a starnger!! is a very out of control mentaly unbalanced person!!

      .Could be very easy for people like that to kill a person, a co-worker- who actually spoke against them directly.

      I think the years and years of killing wild horses is similar to PTS from people who have killed in wars and such. It gives people a mental problem and they need help and not to continue with their jobs.
      What will it take?? a road rage helicoptor crashing into someones car or a crowd before these insane people are stopped?


  45. What they are doing to these beautiful, innocent horses is truly heartbreaking & this story needs to be read by as many people as possible! I will definitely send it to everyone I know, but I wish there was something more I could do to save the horses & to help prevent these horrible people from hurting & possibly killing someone! What a tragedy, I truly hope they are stopped before more damage is done & more of these poor animals are forced to suffer for no reason!


  46. Can’t really speak as to the intentions of the driver or whether or not he sped up or the necessity of jumping out of the truck’s path, since that wasn’t on the video. From the video, it looks like the road is barely wide enough for a semi and clearly would not be considered to be a two lane road. There really isn’t any room to be standing on the road. This seems to contradict the account,

    she pulled her car over to the side of the road and stepped out into her lane of traffic to flag the driver down for information. Upon seeing this, according to filed court documents, the truck driver aimed for the center of the road, speeded up and missed running over Ms. Peoples by only inches.

    The truck driver aimed for the center of a one lane dirt road, if he wasn’t in the center he would be off the road. How is it “her lane” when traffic going both ways has to share the road to the point of one of the vehicles having to pull off the road to let the other pass?

    The whole story seems to be over sensationalized, which casts doubts on all of the accusations and assumptions being made. Which is really too bad because your core arguments are strong enough to stand on their own.

    Can’t say that I approve killing horses but they are an invasive non-native species and have to be controlled somehow. Sterilizing part of the population seems to be a good long term method of population control.

    Did the BLM break a law by not publicizing the stampede? There seemed to be plenty of people who knew about it, even reporters at major media outlets. The media is largely sympathetic with your cause, why not work with them to increase your access or provide you with video? You could even provide them with questions to ask.

    The horse bones look at least 6 months old, so it is hard to come to the conclusion they were killed by the BLM and if they were digging pits to bury horses why would they leave bones scattered all over the area? Why is there only one picture of bones and not a picture showing them over a larger area? Why is there no picture showing the freshly dug pits? If Lara was there with a camera and says she saw something, then were is the picture of it? If there are more pictures why not post them?

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like killing horses. I just don’t know if I believe the accounts in this story, especially about intimidation. All of the people in the video were very nice and professional with Lara Leigh.

    Even though my comment is critical, I admire your determination and dedication to your cause.


    • Been trying to catchup on all the actions that have taken place this past week. I have to respond to the following comments made by Wodun.
      His/her comment–
      “Can’t say that I approve killing horses but they are an invasive” —–

      Obviously we know where “you” are coming from with this comment!

      “Did the BLM break a law by not publicizing the stampede? There seemed to be plenty of people who knew about it, even reporters at major media outlets”–

      Who are these “reporters” at major media outlets—how come that I as a member of the PUBLIC didn’t know of these activities? What about the statement that “they” wanted to keep it quiet? Looks like they sure have something to hide?

      “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like killing horses. I just don’t know if I believe the accounts in this story, especially about intimidation. All of the people in the video were very nice and professional with Lara Leigh.”

      Your “definition” of nice sure isn’t my definition of nice!

      And like the other great comments out there I agree that no Wild Horse Advocate should be riding alone—you need someone “riding shotgun” and watching your back!
      I know you all were taken by surprise to walk into such a situation and I am thankful nobody got injured or worse.
      Donation being sent to Grassroots today!


  47. Wodun — Your comments are heard. We live in a country where it’s OK to agree to disagree.
    Please go to other posts on this blog. Read view points that may differ from your own. I hope it will be educational and that you’ll feel welcome. Please … ask questions. You’ll find a wealth of information here that may surprise you.
    At this point, there are thousands and thousands fewer horses on the range than the BLM claims. One of the bloggers here, Lisa LeBlanc, put together a graph, using numbers gathered from the BLM, showing how this agency deliberately skews numbers and that wild herd populations have actually declined dramatically. They are not over-populated and the herds are not in need of culling. If anything, many horses in holding should be released, because in some areas wild horses are being managed to extinction.
    They really aren’t an invasive species. In fact, the DOI refers to these animals as a “desirable species.” There are many ways that wild equine help to improve the range, just as their ancestors did. Moreover, it’s their land, protected by law.
    As to your comments on the bones … It doesn’t matter if the bones were fresh or not. It’s against the law to kill wild horses, which seems to have been done frequently at this particular site — enough that pits were dug, and the one was freshly covered. Hard to say what was under the dirt — how deep the pit was. It really does need to be investigated as a crime scene.
    Also, truck drivers generally slow down if there seems to be an issue in the road. They don’t speed up and move toward the center of the road, toward where a person is standing. However, with this contractor, there tends to be a history of aggressive behavior toward humans as well as horses.
    This “gather” was not published on any official web site. That is contrary to official policy and public demand. There is supposed to be a comment period and a notice period, as well as other protocols, which were blatantly ignored. Anything that is done on public land needs to be transparent to the public, as we’re paying for it.
    Overall, the BLM seems to be very much out of control, doing whatever they want on our tax dollars with no sense of accountability. What we’re trying to do here is demand change, share information, find support, and … yes … occasionally express our outrage at a rogue BLM & DOI.


    • Also, Wodun…the video was not of Leslie Peeples experiance but of Laura’s over the past several months highlighting her struggles for access. If you go to you can download Leslie’s declaration and see that she was on Highway 140 when she pulled off the road.

      R.T. Fitch Author – “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” The Force of the Horse, LLC 1-800-974-FOTH


      • 🙂 Well, I live in a world of possibilities. I hope people who don’t understand where we’re coming from can learn and perhaps “see the light.” Sigh … hope is a fickle friend. 🙂


  48. Seems like Wodun needs to have his or her logic meter checked and recalibrated….the irrational meter is working overtime to excuse bad, illegal behavior.


  49. I stumbled on this exchange of information about the Wild Horses. It is obvious that so many people are passionate about them.

    Living in NJ, it is very difficult to imagine the “western” setting of all the open, inaccessible space.

    When people like Wodun post, please do not attack them. With all the solid information available, PLEASE educate them. It would be easy for a person, trying to understand the issues to be turned off by being attacked.

    When people use profanity or attack me for asking questions, my Personal Radar says “Don’t trust these people. They are fighting with emotion, not fact.” At this point, I tend to dismiss their position/comments. This is NOT the effect you wanted, was it?

    To fight effectively, we need effective action. The people who mentioned the FFA, calling the White House, contacting Legislators, filing police reports are getting the facts on record are helping the issue. When a Judge makes a ruling on a case, s/he can only use the evidence presented. PUBLICIZE the EVIDENCE far and wide. The more facts that are made public, the better the chance of getting a positive outcome for the horses.

    Document, document, document! Work with a partner. Stay safe.

    The Good Guys HAVE to WIN !


    • Right on, Susan! I totally agree with you, on all points. Emotions naturally run high when it comes to our precious wild ones. But we need calm deliberate action to effect positive changes.

      I am afraid that there is much more involved than meets the eyes and ears. Transparency and integrity, on BOTH sides, is a MUST! I appreciate your voice of reason.

      Thanks to everyone who is working so hard for our mustangs!


  50. Susan:

    I think you are confusing the posts to Wodun as attack. No one used any profanity and I am the one that got petulent with recalibrate the logic meter, Nora’s response (as I noted) was perfect. As to my comment “it would be lost on Wodun” is a FACT of this debate and battle.

    You did not comment on Wodun’s position that these animals are non native AND invasive. Funny considering there are probably less than 18,000 left roaming. You did not comment on the illegal flight activity of the helo and the aggressive driving of an apparent Cattoor meat truck. Fine. Be nice and educate. OK…where is THEIR accountability to us? Why do we have to be baby polite while animals die to “educate” someone who apparently doesn’t have a clue?

    What you fail to realize is that lives, not Wodun’s feelings are hanging in the balance of life and death. By Wodun’s logic, it is very clear this is either an uneducatable and/or uninformed person or worse, a player in the insidious scheme that is killing many wildlife forms, to include our wild ones.

    Don’t misunderstand, I support their right to speak just as I speak on the meat blogs. The argument comes down to facts of which the meat brigade has few other than that’s the way we’ve always done it and a ton of lying and hiding or ignoring the reality of this situation.

    99% of the people here posted to educate on the poster’s behalf. I got a little flip, but no less sincere.

    They don’t listen, Susan. Based on the numbers and situation, I don’t understand why you think anyone here was not educating. And I’m sure Wodun can speak for his or herself. I don’t need a lecture about being fair, kind or educating.

    But, you are intitled to your opinion…just like me. Nobody “shot the Wodun” messenger. Sadly, not what can be said of our wild and domestic ones.


  51. The truck driver SHOULD have STOPPED for someone in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere who could have needed assistance. Instead, he sped up. As stated in Leslie’s document, he would have run her over if she hadn’t moved to the side.


  52. Not all of the people from the various agencies have been “nice”. Please view more videos and you will see that many of the armed security agents have been arrogant, rude and “badge heavy”.


    • Louie — You know … some people carry around big badges to compensate for other, smaller things … Did I just say that out loud?! 🙂 🙂


  53. As far as the horses being “feral”, that issue was settled in 1971 when Congress declared that our Wild Mustangs are Federally Protected Wildlife…PERIOD. They are, at this time, anything but protected. The only protection they have is from the courageous advocates who are met with hostility, aggression and downright criminal behavior.


  54. Nora, there do seem to be some issues that play into this whole ugly scenario, but we wont’ go there. One thing for certain –REAL MEN don’t have to have a badge or a gun and they don’t have a need to threaten or intimidate.


  55. Dear Wodun
    You happen to be totally wrong about the myth that wild horses are not native to North America. On Sept 21, a story by Associated Press Writer Gillian Flaccus wrote about a trove of animal fossils dating back 1.4 million years that researchers say will fill in the blanks in southern California’s history. There were over 1,500 fragments of many animals,” INCLUDING HORSE.” Google the article. Your argument that the horse is not native to the North American continent is so full of holes it is a joke. Are you going to go against the research community? I doubt you will unless you want to make a complete fool of yourself. So you can go back to your horse slaughtering friends and tell them they need to take a look at this information too.


  56. We need our Senators and Representatives to stand up for our Horses. We need Judges to stand up for our horses. So far the majority seems pretty afraid and unwilling to stand for integrity, ethics and humanity. The US Forestry Department, the BLM and the USFWS disgust me. I forgot the MMS and of course the Nevada Department of Agriculture. The Nevada Department of Agriculture planted a field of alfalfa along HWY 50 with no fencing around it. Made the 24 Virginia Range Horses dining in that field estrays and a hazard. Evil people with black hearts. I don’t believe Obama will help, Ken Salazar is his man. The Courts and Congress are our only chance. And of course all the advocates in this country doing whatever they can to save our Wild Herds. A special thanks to those on the front lines.


  57. . The inventories that remain on this date are NON EXCESS distinct population segments, threatened and endangered by loss of habitat… previously free roaming migratory herds of horses and burros…some heritage herds now extinct by fatally flawed Resource Management Plans.
    Wild equids are Aboriginal by fossil fact, re introduced species of special interest, wild life by Law, held in trust under the wild life public trust doctrine. If these legal facts don’t save our living resources on our heritage landscapes Congress has failed us again.
    Emergency Congressional intervention is necessary and imperative. These herds are representative our final vestiges of American Freedoms


  58. @ Nora Morbeck
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 07:08:49

    Thanks for your response. I would have to see more than some bones on the ground to assume they were killed by the BLM. And you seem to believe in the absence of any evidence that there were pits. Someone was there with a camera why not take a picture? I don’t doubt your claims that horses are being killed but in this specific story, the claims are not backed up by the photographic evidence.

    @ R.T. Fitch
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 07:11:12

    Also, Wodun…the video was not of Leslie Peeples experiance but of Laura’s over the past several months highlighting her struggles for access. If you go to you can download Leslie’s declaration and see that she was on Highway 140 when she pulled off the road.

    Sorry if I made that mistake but you seemed to be implying the pictures and video were from this event. I have the same skepticism of organizations like yours as I do of the government. To go back to the bones example, why not show a picture of them scattered over a larger area? Am I supposed to believe that there is a large debris field of bones based on a picture that doesn’t show it?

    While I might disagree with your methods, I do admire the lengths you are willing to go to to promote your cause.

    @ Denise
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 10:37:24

    You did not comment on the illegal flight activity of the helo and the aggressive driving of an apparent Cattoor meat truck.

    I very much doubt the accuracy of those claims. I don’t just automatically believe things people say to me.

    What you fail to realize is that lives, not Wodun’s feelings are hanging in the balance of life and death. By Wodun’s logic, it is very clear this is either an uneducatable and/or uninformed person or worse, a player in the insidious scheme that is killing many wildlife forms, to include our wild ones.

    Paranoid much? I imagine being called a government or meat industry plant is one of the worst insults in your community.

    I readily admit to being uninformed and after reading this site and watching the videos posted, I still feel like I am not getting the full or even an accurate story.

    Sep 27, 2010 @ 11:03:37

    Not all of the people from the various agencies have been “nice”. Please view more videos and you will see that many of the armed security agents have been arrogant, rude and “badge heavy”.

    I watched all of the videos linked on the site RT posted in the story. Everyone is acting professionally toward the camera. As far as rudeness goes, I saw more evidence of the people behind the camera being rude.

    These government employees know what you say about them. You wonder why there isn’t more access? Kick a guy in the crotch and then ask for a ride to the store. Even though everyone is on a first name basis, there is an adversarial relationship but it goes both ways.

    I especially like the part where they tried to trick the BLM guy into escorting them to the roundup. Not exactly honest but pretty clever.

    @ Barb3000
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 14:04:44

    You happen to be totally wrong about the myth that wild horses are not native to North America. On Sept 21, a story by Associated Press Writer Gillian Flaccus wrote about a trove of animal fossils dating back 1.4 million years that researchers say will fill in the blanks in southern California’s history.

    Yes horses lived in North America 1.4 million years ago then they all died off and were not introduced until the white man came. A lot has changed over the last 1.4 million years, climate and topography just to name a few.

    So you can go back to your horse slaughtering friends and tell them they need to take a look at this information too.

    Excuse me? You know I really have a hard time taking any of this seriously. I would be more than happy to have a rational conversation about this with someone but I don’t think that is possible.

    I probably agree with 99% of your positions but I am turned off by the strategies, tactics, and rhetoric used to achieve your goals. Transparency and accountability are a two way street.

    My advice is to keep those cameras rolling and post the full unedited versions online. Buy a better mic or some sort of wind shield. If you see a debris field of bones, take a picture that shows it. Conduct yourselves with the same integrity that you want out of the government. Don’t sensationalize your story, you don’t need to.


    • I think you are a smart ass who has come here to waste people’s time. You cannot use your name because we likely know you. You say just enough to reveal you have been in this a while. You are here to play games. You are enjoying tearing down advocates and seem to be a kind of psuedo advocate yourself. I know several people like you. I bet you are one of them.

      Having a good time??? Why don’t you try driving out to investigate a roundup sometime and see if they treat you better… or are you on a first name basis? Somehow I do not think I am off the mark here.


      • Wow that is really paranoid.

        You don’t know me and I don’t know you. I followed a link from Coast to Coast AM to this site.

        I just read the story and gave my opinion on it. As I said several times I agree with many of this communities positions when it comes to wild horses, I just happen to disagree with the methods they use to promote the cause.


      • I knew you would say I am paranoid. I am delighted you lived up to my expectations but to tell you the truth you Are a waste of my time. If anyone else wants to put up with you- compassionately or otherwise, go for it. You hold no interest to me. I could care less if you are what you say, If I am wrong, so be it, there are more important things to do than read your flip responses that are Your Conjecture. Many here have real experience and do not need your BS. This is only my opinion and you have yours. No, I am not paranoid. But you are playing games with good people. m


      • If you were in agreement then you would be acting a bit differently. You are much less in agreement that you own up to. You are far more negative right from the get go that you can admit. And why have you not used your real name??? We do overwhelmingly and unless you are supportive, and you are not, you are picking away at people who have done no harm and have been threatened for Caring. m


    • Wodun ~ The earliest known direct ancestor to the Equus genus is something like 55 million years old. The latest known horse DNA was recently found and dated at no more than 7,500 years old, not 1.4 million years old! That 7,500 year old DNA was of Equus caballus – the exact same species that the Spanish reintroduced in the 1500s. And the same species as our present horses, both wild and domestic.

      That plus the fact that the National Institutes of Science field studies state that horses are not destructive of their environment, and are actually beneficial: Cows have no upper front teeth, only a thick pad: they graze by wrapping their long tongues around grass and pulling on it. If the ground is wet, they will pull out the grass by the roots, preventing it from growing back. Horses have both upper and lower incisors and graze by “clipping the grass,” similar to a lawn mower, allowing the grass to easily grow back.

      In addition, the horse’s digestive system does not thoroughly degrade the vegetation it eats. As a result, it tends to “replant” its own forage with the diverse seeds that pass through its system undegraded. This unique digestive system greatly aids in the building up of the absorptive, nutrient-rich humus component of soils. This, in turn, helps the soil absorb and retain water upon which many diverse plants and animals depend. In this way, the wild horse is also of great value in reducing dry inflammable vegetation in fire-prone areas. Back in the 1950s, it was primarily out of concern over brush fires that Storey County, Nevada, passed the first wild horse protection law in the United States.

      And, in addition, Congress declared in the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act: It is the policy of Congress that wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death; and to accomplish this they are to be considered in the area where presently found, as an integral part of the natural system of the public lands.


  59. We are all very aware that government employees know what we say–problem is–they don’t LISTEN.
    All that armed guard had to do was be polite, and try to help the observers find the round-up site. Instead, he was rude and belligerent. As to whether he felt he was being “tricked’ is up for debate. There should have been NO NEED to trick him. He forgets that he is a PUBLIC SERVANT and that those humane observers have every right to ask for direction. His response was totally out of line and unwarranted.


    • If we are talking about the same clip, the guy was not rude or belligerent. And it was pretty clear that the people behind the video camera were trying to get a BLM escort not to the observing area but to the actual round up site, why drag this poor guy into whatever drama you have with his boss?

      I have no problem condemning heavy handed actions from government officials but this is not one of those cases.


  60. If anyone has a hard time taking any of the comments on this blog seriously, then why would anyone even venture on to debate any of the issues?


    • I have a hard time taking it seriously when people start with the accusations that anyone with a different viewpoint who stumbles onto the site is a government plant or some other delusion paranoid reason for why I am here.


  61. As to the seriousness of the helicopter harrassment–that could be viewed either objectively or subjectively–depending on whether you were in the helicopter or directly underneath it.


    • Or it can be viewed through whatever credibility you think the accuser has in a he said she said where only one side of the indecent is given.

      Sensational stories work good when you are talking to your fellow true believers who are unquestioning in accepting whatever story is put forward. They are less effective when dealing with the general public who has just as much reason to doubt the advocacy group as they do the government.


      • But the actions of the pilot could easily be interpreted as intimidation with the threat of violence. And I am sure a judge & the FAA might feel the same. There was no reason for him to be concerned about a woman standing there and if he was, all he had to do was radio it in and let some BLM official go speak with her. It really was none of HIS BUSINESS AS A HIRED PILOT why she was there, so why did he feel like he had to swoop down a few times over her head? Looks like it is the advocates who need the bodyguards. Just a note to the Cattoors–these aren’t your horses you are rounding up, nor is this your old days when you were secretly rustling wild horses to send to slaughter and you had to be careful of anyone catching you. These are AMERICA’S HORSES. You might want to start acting like it.


      • “Or it can be viewed through whatever credibility you think the accuser has in a he said she said where only one side of the indecent is given.”

        I’m curious what other side there could be. Why would a ‘copter hover over a car or a person several times. Did he want to see her driver’s license?

        I’m assuming you’ve watched the ‘copters flying close above the horses and right on top of that week old burro. These men are just not compassionate about anything. Their business has hardened their hearts.


  62. In the interest of good relations between federal employees and advocates, perhaps a swap could be arranged–one of our pilots could fly the helicopter and one of the federal employees could try to outrun it.



    That Congress finds and declares that wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West; that they contribute to the diversity of life forms within the Nation and enrich the lives of the American people; and that these horses and burros are fast disappearing from the American scene. It is the policy of Congress that wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death; and to accomplish this they are to be considered in the area where presently found, as an integral part of the natural system of the public lands.


  64. I’m a little late getting in here. Can anyone give me a phone number or email address so that I can have to tell them what AS____S they are. Who can I contact about this illegal round up?



  65. Coming from a family with many in law enforcement and many friends in law enforcement, I would have to disagree. The conduct of the security guard was most UNPROFESSIONAL and his superior should have called him on the carpet. People who enter into the field of law enforcement have to be thoroughly screened, and they must have the right personality and temperment to handle any and all situations that they encounter with the public. This was NOT a critical situation, nor was he dealing with persons attempting to break the law. They merely were trying to get to a destination. He reacted in such a way as to make one wonder what HE was doing out there.


  66. By the way, did ya know that BLM settled the native/feral argument, which Agencies rely on to exclude wild horse and burro herd restoration. Proposed Nv Test Training Range RAMP and final EIS contained this statement
    Comment 87, BLM Response, pg. E-25″The issue of a wild horse as an invasive species is moot since the 1971 WHBA gave wild free-roaming horses “special” status based on their heritage of assisting man settle the “west”….”

    Didn’t the Kleppe v. New Mexico case override state law regarding management of wild horses? Isn’t the herd area within the wild life preserve. Inquiring minds want to know.


  67. Here is what I found so far on the Sheldon roundup. I have not found any EA or public announcement of their specific (date and location) plan to gather but this article says: “… Before the release this fall of a new draft environmental impact statement, Steblein briefed Congress on the problem and the proposed response: removing ALL horses from Sheldon Refuge within 5 to 15 years to restore habitat for sage grouse and other wildlife. Horses would be adopted out, or as a last resort, auctioned. The refuge now gathers 350 to 400 horses a year…” And WE thought the BLM was bad!


    • We all need to educate ourselves on the BS that is being spoon fed to us and here is another example regarding Sheldon:

      Click to access Sheldon%20PU%203%20-%20crop%20_whole.pdf

      Purposes for Sheldon National Wildlife
      “…as a refuge and breeding ground for wild
      animals and birds…” [my comment: and the wild animals don’t include wild horses!!!]
      “…for the conservation and development
      of natural wildlife resources and for the
      protection and improvement of public grazing …” [didn’t they just say WILD animals?]

      Mining and Livestock Grazing
      Mining within Sheldon Refuge is a complex issue and
      will require additional information before informed
      decisions can be made. The Service will prepare
      a separate plan [has anyone found THIS plan the speak of?] to address mining and minerals management within the Refuge.
      [my comment… so it is OK to manage the refuge for grazing but not for the REAL wild animals which include the horses? PLUS although this land is supposed to be a wildlife refuge … it is OK to approve mining? And where is this mining proposal?] More BS!


  68. Jus’sayin’ for sayin’ sake.. It’s pretty ‘funny’ or ‘odd’ that ‘Wodun’, (who to me, talks like a man..), shows up here on R.T.’s blog after Leslie’s ‘incident’.

    IF Mr. Wodun were truly interested in asking questions and learning something I don’t think he’d put himself in the ‘defensive’ positon from the start.

    The main quote to remember here, was ‘that we like to keep things quiet’.

    When you hear that sort of thing coming from a Public Employee’s mouth, regardless of what capacity they work, it IS a RED FLAG…

    Thanks for letting me put my 2 cents worth in…

    Keep it real fellow ‘Mares’ & ‘Stallions’! :O)


    • Fair comment, Joey.

      Wodun’s listed last name is Nudow which is Wodun spelled backwards and it comes from a gmail account so the individual is, by all odds, bogus.

      I did let the first message through for the sake of representing another voice but it appears that the facts just don’t seem to make any sense to this possible plant. I would not waste much time on attempting to educate someone who is not straight forward enough to use their own name, that alone speaks volume as to intent.

      At least even Dave Duquette voluntarily goes by “Doink” so I have to give him that.

      Good call.


      • RT I appreciate you posting my comment. Questioning viewpoints do not appear to be very welcome here and it shows your courage.

        I’m sorry if you thought Wodun is my real name, it is not. That should of been pretty obvious. Perhaps you are not very up to date on your internet culture. But a bogus individual? C’mon that is a little ridiculous, I am a person. The viewpoint in my comments is my own.

        I did let the first message through for the sake of representing another voice but it appears that the facts just don’t seem to make any sense to this possible plant.

        That is why you have little credibility. Maybe you don’t get better access because no one views you as credible. Anyone who asks a tough question must be a government or meat industry plant, or worse they are part of some anti-horse conspiracy.

        /in a wisp of smoke Wodun disappears back into the shadows. The faint smell of fresh meat is all that is left. You are left to wonder when the Overlords will next send their servant or what form it will take in the next visit.


      • Sorry Wodun but I am not as dumb as I look. I know all about the mystical internet wizard but you have become a detractor while we attempt to solve some very serious issues.

        If you are not forthcoming enough to logon with our real name then there is no place for you here. We are adults and have little time for adolescent flashbacks of middle aged misfits who never got beyond Dungeons and Dragons.

        Send your warlords, we have defeated worse.


      • Maybe Wodons helicoptor is grounded after his road rage of the skies.??

        So he has to spend all his days and nights at his computer (drinking??) playing ‘world of warcraft’ .Being a bitter man posting nonsense attacks at the tree huggers who ‘made him have road rage’. you know like the abuser who says, ‘you made me do it’

        don’t punch the computer screen Wodon or you’ll miss the guild raid!!and be sure to get off your ass and shower at least once a day.

        I have my imagination too on what a horse killer does when there is no light to kill by!


  69. Ok: I was informed of the resistance group thru Facebook. Im all for saving the American Horse in every way/aspect . I would even advocate designated lands specifically for the development and welfare of it’s existence (program designed to encourage breeding, minimize human interaction, supplication of food in weather related threatening conditions etc… -whatever it would take -get it?


    • Please read this booklet:

      Click to access managingforextinction2007.pdf

      You are correct in asking “what is it all about?”
      My answer is that it is like a muti-layered chocolate cake.
      My major concern is the immoral amd illegal activities by our governmental officials who have been instructed, encouaged and are paid [by you and me] to break the law [1971 Congressional Wild Horse and Burro Act] … which ends up with the harassment and abuse and suffering and death of OUR horses/burros on OUR land.
      There are a lot of other issues/layers that you will discover when you read the booklet: Water, Land, Livestock and mainly Oil and Energy giants, etc. Please learn and then do whatever little thing within your power (letters to media and governmental officials and friends and relatives)… to help with what I hope YOU know is right.


      • Grandma Gregg: NOTHING,I repeat:NOTHING illegal perpetrated by the “govt.” surprises me AT ALL! Yes! I AM ANGRY ABOUT THIS! Unfortunately , with so many serious issues hitting the “landscape” all at once, Im afraid this one will be ignored for quite a long time. MONEY is typically the answer to getting ANY issue to rise above to the surface , and thanks to so many CLUELESS Americans who have voted in the current COMMUNIST in chief and his “comrades” (AND IM INCLUDING RINO REPUBLICANS IN THAT DECLARATION!) – we now a massive problem on our hands! What gets me is typically these type of issues are brought to “light” by the very same people who advocate these CRIMINALS who are currently in office! WHERE IS THE LEFTIST ACTIVISTS IN CRYING OUT AGAINST THE ABSOLUTE ATROCITIES THAT WERE COMMITTED IN THE GULF OF MEXICO?? !! – That said, it’s time for people to STOP looking at politicians as the answer! It’s time for people to educate themselves on the issues and how the current criminals in office have voted & who “owns” them! People need to take the POWER BACK!! The Wild Horses issue is just a symptom of it ALL!


    • It is so deep and thick the many reasons they want the horses gone. A big reason is when there are no wild horses on the land…no one is interested in reading the reports and seeing the hard land use that happens.

      So many places are now zeroed of wild horses. Land with ‘horse’ names’horse lake”wild horse canyon’ has not a horse left for hundreds of miles. yet the land is over run with thousands or cattle or sheep or mines ruining everything. The ‘lakes are dry’ mines used the water. And noone in Gov. seems to care or notice.


    • Concerned American:
      Although the last three horse slaughter plants were closed in 2007–the horses are now being shipped to Canada and Mexico. They are driven for hours with no food and no water. Pregnant mares go to slaughter every day. The babies are cut from the mares and tossed out like garbage.

      At meat auctions mares that have a foal by their side are routinely sold. The meat buyer shoots the foal because it is illegal to slaughter any horse under 6 months of age.

      Although this particular story has a happy ending–there was a case in Montana of a cowboy who had adopted a mustang 11 months earlier. When he lost his property his horse ALMOST went to slaughter. Fortunately between the brand inspector and a couple of people this horse was saved from a brutual death. It is illegal to adopt and send the horse to slaughter within one year of adoption. After the title changes there are NO PROTECTIONS for the horse.

      Horse meat is sought after in Europe. We don’t eat horse in this country (except for a few people that might be slaughtering their own–for their own use–Slaughter Sue comes to mind).

      I should also mention that the slaughter houses that were closed were not only foreign owned they paid virtually NO AMERICAN TAXES.




  71. Somehow, the thought MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS comes to mind when we ask ‘WHO OR WHAT IS BEHIND THIS”. The slaughter market is just a small sideline–not so small to those who profit from it, but small in comparison. Good way to get the horses out of sight and make some money on the side. That way, people don’t stumble onto bone pits and ask questions.


  72. Reply I got from the BLM on Facebook after posting this story link on their discussion page.

    BLM Wild Horse & Burro Program In early September, the BLM and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service signed an agreement designed to better coordinate the management of wild horses in a region covering northwest Nevada, northeast California and south-central Oregon. The agreement calls for BLM offices in the three states and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to improve how they count the animals and to share the information. However, the recent feral horse gather on the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge was conducted exclusively by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


    • Wendi: yes , it is clear that ANY response from this agency or any fed agency for that matter is just the same old uncooperative/secretive BS (need I remind you of the EPA and it’s handling of the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Michigan?). Not sure if you are a Nev. native ( I am not. but an animal/horse lover nonetheless) , but if so, please help get the word & exposure out to Sharon Angle (Republican running against Harry Reid for Nev. Senate seat) -it’s obvious that Reid is a complete special interest/”owned” whore who has no loyalty to Nevada or the US. I would hope that Angle would become aware of the issue and be held accountable should she win (and polls indicate she has a very good chance) – I dont trust her completely (she’s a politician,duh) but I sure as hell dont trust Reid. Please consider voting for her. And no, Im not some GOP activist, Im simply concerned with how the Fed Govt has become nothing short of a tyrant and sees no obligation to abide by the Constitution of the US. The BLM/Wild Horse issue is just a microcosm (no less important than the myriad of issues the country is facing) of our current state of affairs and an out of control govt.


  73. I would like to address a few points here.
    First off this is a criminal conspiracy between agents of the government and private contractors and evidence of such activities should be carefully guarded and held by several parties to insure safe keeping for possible future prosecution, especially the assaults and the bones of the dead horses. THAT IS A STATE AND FEDERAL CRIME AND CONSPIRACY. IF THOSE HORSES WERE IN CALIFORNIA THEY BELONG TO CALIFORNIA AND NOT THE FEDS AND CALIFORNIA HAS STRICT LAWS AGAINST CATTLE AND HORSE THIEVING, AND INTENTIONAL KILLING OF LIVESTOCK. PUT YOUR THINKING CAPS ON FOLKS AND EVERYONE OF YOU BLOGGERS PICK UP THE PHONE AND START TELLING YOUR REPS AND THE AG IN SACRAMENTO ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON. WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN IF THEY GOT A FEW THOUSAND PHONE CALLS FROM ALL YOU FOLKS?


    You have a county Grand Jury and this evidence should be presented for inquiry and possible indictment. If the county district attorney tries to block you, file a complaint with the foreman of the Grand Jury, FBI and DOJ for obstruction of justice as a co-conspirator with the above parties. Make sure you also notify the presiding judge of your superior court, your county supervisors and the Attorney General’s office of organized crime in Sacramento. You are correct the actions of the trucker and helicopter pilot are assault and terrorist activities and come under the Dept of Homeland Security. See title 18 USC section 4.

    These horses represent freedom, and these people hate freedom in any form. They are the lowest lifeforms we have on this planet. I do believe this is part of a much bigger plan, as these horses can be used by the people living on the land for transportation and their future plans want to limit our ability to travel and be self sufficient. A good horse, especially a former wild one can cover a lot of ground in one day.

    I could go into a long discussion on wild horses from a man who once made his living with his brothers of rounding up wild horses, breaking and training them, and then selling them to real cowboys and ranchers as they were preferred over many other breeds of horses by a lot of them living and working in the west.

    Yeah, I have ridden with wild horses in Nevada and they are truly some of the most beautiful and awesome animals on this planet. Too bad a few of the big stallions have not kicked the crap out of some of these pukes! I HOPE THEY DO!



  74. I just wish we could be part of logical planning instead of being treated as nuts. I would like to have some logical answer we can all agree to. They have been practicing birth control on State owned wild Nevada horses since 2004. Oh, by the way, better watch what you eat, we might be next.

    Gonacon, Development of Injectable and Oral Contraceptive Technologies and Their Assessment for Wildlife Population and Disease Management

    Advantages of GnRH
    NWRC scientists are hopeful that the GnRH vaccine will soon be approved for use for wildlife fertility control. GnRH vaccines have an advantage over PZP because they prevent eggs from being released from the ovaries, thereby eliminating estrus and some undesirable behaviors (e.g., bucks chasing does across roads) associated with it. In addition, GnRH vaccine has promise for reducing or eliminating certain undesirable behaviors in companion animals. For example, fighting, scent-marking, caterwauling, and wandering by cats, and unruly behavior in horses, could be reduced by GnRH vaccine because the vaccine indirectly blocks the production of sex hormones (e.g., estrogen and testosterone) which contribute to the expression of such behaviors.
    The single-shot, multi-year GonaCon™ vaccine will be a useful technique for the management of certain enclosed or urban/suburban wildlife populations, such as deer. GonaCon™ still has limitations, however, especially the need to capture and inject each animal.

    “Long-Term Efficacy of Three Contraceptive Approaches for Population Control of Wild Horses”

    Click to access miller062.pdf

    “Four-year contraception rates of mares treated with single injection porcine zona pellucida and GnRH vaccines and intrauterine devices”

    Click to access miller084.pdf

    “GonaCon, a versatile GnRH Contraceptive for a large variety of pest animal problems.”

    Click to access miller043.pdf

    Q. How long does GonaCon™ last?
    A. It depends upon the individual animal and its response to the vaccine. Long-term field efficacy data currently does not exist. However, in pen studies, a single-shot of GonaCon™ has successfully kept 4 out of 5 female deer infertile for 5 years. A second shot given the same year or in subsequent years can increase effectiveness, potentially rendering deer infertile for life.

    Blm testing fertility control

    Click to access Fertility_control_03_05_2010.pdf

    Way better plan than this

    Click to access BLM.Team.Euth.FOIA_Cover.letter.pdf

    Actually, this sound like it could be an answer, if each animal was allowed to reproduce when it is old enough. I would not want my mares to reproduce year after year, but with real range management. Designate land for the wild animals only, replant the grasses, build solar water pumps, keep the horses and all the animals healthy. If the horses trust some of our photographer friends, would they accept a wrangler who could gently move them around, so they do not damage the ranges? I know this is a fantasy.


  75. RT– I guess freedom of the press is alive and well, just not fair. Thanks for confirming my suspicions about you and your motivations. I’ll go elsewhere find the truth and facts. You and people like you are the reason so many others are misguided, misinformed, and ultimately defrauded out of their hard earned donations to a cause that is bias and deceitful in hiding the full truth. By not posting other points of view or reasonable arguements YOU are the one perpetrating the conspiracy– not everyone else.


    • Not real clear as to what you are talking about, Ace?

      Even let your comment through while you hide behind a handle as it is obvious you have something to hide, like your name and who you really are.


      • I have submitted information and questions to this site related to the Sheldon gather and you have not posted them. That is what my comment was referring to.


    • Wow, I posted what I had in my heart and you posted what you wanted. So, it is hard to understand what you are upset about. Did you read all the various comments? Please if you have a good idea, most horse lovers would like to hear it. We need some more good ideas.


  76. Can somebody tell me quick if you see a trailer of horses that you know are being hauled off for Slaughter who do you call to track them down the highways!!! I just saw a trailer full of horses between Laredo and Austin Texas that pulled into a gas station truck stop and store!!!


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