The Force of the Horse

Mares Make Big Bad Men Very Afraid

(Tongue-in-Cheek) by R.T. Fitch ~ author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

It’s Not Nice to Fool with Mother Nature”

This is Leslie Peeples.  She is a woman.  See her nice picture with her and her nice horses.  Leslie likes horses. Leslie has been around horses almost all of her life.   Leslie says that is somewhere around 40 years give or take a few minutes.  Leslie is scary.  Big bad men are afraid of Leslie.  Leslie was polite to big bad men but they were very afraid.  Big bad men tried to run over Leslie with a big bad truck.  Big bad men tried to chop her up with a helicopter.  Big bad men were rude and mean to Leslie.  Big bad men have body parts that are not too big.  The brain is one of these body parts.  Leslie is much smarter than big bad men.

Leslie made big bad men look like spoiled little boys.  They think that Leslie take their secret toys away.  They do not like Leslie now.  Leslie does not care what big bad men like, she cares about the pretty wild horses.  They need to be left alone and left free.  Big bad men better be careful when they mess with Leslie.

Laura Leigh at Twin Peaks ~ Photo by Terry Fitch

This is Laura Leigh.  She is a woman too, I know, she told me.  She has a pretty smile that seems to scare big bad men.  Laura speaks very quiet but knows a lot.  This makes big bad men’s body parts shrivel, including their brain.  They know not what to do so they be afraid.  They keep Laura away.  They hide truth from Laura.  These men cannot tell the truth when they answer Laura.  Big bad men brains quit working once they shrivel.  Laura is much smarter than big bad men, too.  She makes big bad men look stupid.  She can do this all the way to Washington.  This pisses big bad men off.  The do not like to see their truth.  They think of ways to hide things from Laura.  This does not work well for big bad men.

Big bad men better learn.  Big bad men better know.  Big bad men should not tempt fate.  Big bad men lose when they piss off the alpha mare.  Big bad men do not know horses real good.

Big bad men need to go away.

I like Leslie.  I like Laura.  They make me smile.  They give me hope.  They are our future.

We need more like Leslie. We need more like Laura.  We need less big bad men.

The pretty wild horses all agree.

Bye-bye big bad men.

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  1. We’re face to face with our destiny. And we must meet it with a high and resolute courage, for ours is the life of action, of strenuous performance, of duty. Let us live in the harness of striving mightily. ~ Theodore Roosevelt


  2. Yes, women alone — defenseless, in the middle of nowhere, aremed only with a camera — must seem pretty scary to certain men.


  3. Lots of big good advocates will be calling their not so good legislators to talk about these big bad men today. Not so good legislators better listen real good.


  4. Me thinks Big Good Man need more sleep! Way to keep the pressure on, ladies! I don’t know Leslie, personally, but I do know Laura and she doesn’t miss a beat. Be afraid Big Bad Men; be VERY afraid!!!


  5. Very cute and quite true.

    R T, I think Terry is right about you needing more sleep. Your big bad vocabulary seem to have shriveled. LOL


  6. Way to go Leslie and Laura.Make those big bad men scared.Save our wild horses now.Leslie you are a great lady,laura you are to.I have met Leslie but notLaura.Together all of us women can scare away the big bad men and thier eenie weenie?????brains. Keep up the fight for our american mustangs freedom. Until all american horses are safe from mans unkind hands. Kathleen Hofferty Ipswich Equine Rescue Corp a federal 501 c3 non profit equine rescue.


  7. Everyday when I see the line in my in-box from SFTHH my heart races and I feel sick apprehension—–I am laughing so hard today and thank-you SO much for this little bit of levity!! Susan Manhattan Beach CA


    • Understood, under the conditions that the horses are currently suffering it is difficult to find balance and this troubles me as I feel a distinct and palatable responsibility to all of you who visit here. Likewise, I am trying to stay focused on the issues and not wander off on unproductive tangents.

      I will tell you this, we have some very significant news brewing that you will most definitely find both uplifting and encouraging.

      So stay tuned…it’s all about the horses!!!


      • Oh! Will definitely stay tuned, R.T. You really called it when you said the BLM stepped in it when they went after Cloud & family – Cloud have MANY fans; most of those fans be WOMEN; Uh oh!


    • Louie~
      Exactly my thought’s. I have a certain standard in my book for a man. It is fairly simple and something that they either have or they don’t…compassion…a sence of desency……A Love for what the Good Lord created……respect…..That is a man…..they do not pocess any of these…Therefore they cannot be called a man.


  8. The History channel had a documentary that told of the women standing beside their MEN in a union dispute at the turn of the century. Their MEN were taking a stand for fair wages and decent working conditions. It had come to a showdown, with the workers facing armed gaurds and law enforcement who were called in to “settle the dispute”. One by one, each woman came out of the crowd and stood by her MAN. The armed gaurds didn’t dare fire on the workers with women there. It turned the whole dispute into a PUBLIC issue and turned the public tide.


    • Well hell, Louie. When the equine advocates stand up in a face off they are almost ALL women. There’s only a few of us stallions scattered amongst that herd and we are probably still standing only because the mares have been looking out for us and the enemy is professionally confused.

      I love these mares and I sure would not want to be on the other side of that fence. OUCH!!!


  9. ROFLMAO! RT you hit another home run!

    I’m just glad Leslie wasn’t hurt the other day when this awful incident went down. I hope since I’m not seeing anything on it right now–TPTB are looking into this. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon about how the Cattoor’s are gonna get fired. Not sure if you can fire without hefty financial penalities–a government contractor but I guess we’ll find out. If nothing else this should set a precedent that if you act irresponsibly you can/will get fired.

    Wrote the BLM a nasty note demanding that they fire the Cattoor’s before someone gets killed. Wrote the Pres too–although I have to confess I have little to no hope that he’ll intervene.

    Will also call the White House too in a few.


    • Those who hurt, torment and harass the innocent will never know the depth and breadth of the love that can be shared with these special guardians of those who cannot speak for themselves.

      Both the incompetence and the impotence of the tormentors stands in the way of their self-awareness and spiritual completeness.

      Louie, we should pity them for they know no joy.


  10. R.T. what they have run head on into is MOTHER INSTINCT! That is one of the strongest forces on the planet. Because women love, nurture and protect what is helpless and vulnerable, the human race has survived. I have seen a mother cat take on an airdale to protect her kittens. Does anyone remember the story of the little mother cat that got burned so badly when she kept going into the burning building to rescue her kittens?
    MOTHER TIGERS, MOTHER BEARS, MOTHER HUMANS– all can be fierce when that force is ignited.


  11. Called the White House Comment line to call for a MORATORIUM on round-ups and reported Leslie’s frightening experience. The person who took my call urged me to call the Justice Department–the incident will be in the daily log of calls that are reported to the President.


  12. hahaha! R.T.!! LOVE THIS!
    Belly laughed for a good few minutes! You always seem to ‘know’ what we need and when we need it!

    Lead Mares get the ‘job’ done, along with our Stallions! Keep on keepin’ on Gang.. We got’s ’em juuust about where we want’s ’em!



  13. I SALUTE Leslie! You are a brave woman….I hope you take this incident all the way! The Helicopter pilot commited a “CRIMINAL ACT” and violated the Fed. Aircraft regulation safety as well! RT. I think “Big Bad Men” first of all are really, really AFRAID of the WILD, WILD HORSES!!!


  14. I like the idea of calling the Justice Department. I found a place on the GOA website last night criticizing the fact that the BLM does not have a system of keeping records of protests when it announces that there is going to be land opened to oil and gas exploration, not does it keep accurate records of how protests influenced outcomes. Seems record keeping hasn’t been in the Bureau’s best interests across the board. I know that we have to keep focused on the horses.

    I opened a story thread for the Jon Stewart Show under forum under the title “When the bad guy is wearing a white hat” I had some back and forths with the program assistants, and the piece has gotten a number of views. However, whenever anyone adds a comment it appears at the top of the possible story thread lists. It might get more attention if other people have time to visit and add their comments. A lot of young people who want a cause to latch onto get their news through Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, at least here in this culture. And Washington does pay attention as you can conclude from Steven Colbert’s appearance before Congress last week. I am not making any judgments here, just observing.


  15. Good going, Louie. I’ll call the Justice Dept. too.

    No big bad men gonna treat Mother Leslie and Mother Laura with no respect. Respect for the life force-respect for the life givers — human or horse. ( Is this a chapter from The Valley of Horses–J. Auel??) It really could be funny except that it is dead serious– Leslie could have been hurt and the horses are “endangered”.
    Bad men–really bad.


  16. The Center for Biological Diversity is running its annual Dodo award vote for those who do their very best–that is, worst– to destroy wild places and drive species to extinction. Ken Salazar is on their list. Go to their site and vote by Oct. 3. I voted. BP ceo Tony H is also on the list– but I voted for (against) Ken.


  17. Kathleen Hayden added a new comment to the post Feds and Contractor Caught Conducting Covert Wild Horse Stampede.

    Kathleen Hayden said on Feds and Contractor Caught Conducting Covert Wild Horse Stampede
    September 27, 2010 at 3:54 PM
    In response to R.T. Fitch on September 26, 2010 at 7:45 AM:

    On Sheldon;

    . The inventories that remain on this date are NON EXCESS distinct population segments, threatened and endangered by loss of habitat… previously free roaming migratory herds of horses and burros…some heritage herds now extinct by fatally flawed Resource Management Plans.
    Wild equids are Aboriginal by fossil fact, re introduced species of special interest, wildlife by Law, held in trust under the wild life public trust doctrine. If these legal facts don’t save our living resources on our heritage landscapes Congress has failed us again.
    Emergency Congressional intervention is necessary and imperative. These herds are representative our final vestiges of American Freedoms


  18. Thank you Diana and Monika!

    Mar! Thank you for reposting from Kathleen also…

    Louie, way to go! I’ll get my call in first thing!

    Big Bad Men REALLY put their Big Dumb feet into ‘it’ this time…

    Huggs all around to all of you amazing, BRAVE, caring, intelligent, sleep deprived Horse and Burro WARRIORS!

    (I think we just stepped up from advocate to warrior status!)

    Keep up the great work, let’s keep pushing!


  19. I’m reading this rather late, but, this is hilarious! So, maybe all of us women need to get together for the sake of America’s wild horses, as well as for all American horses! We would be a force to reckon with, that’s for sure! We could “threaten” bad men everywhere, where it would “hurt the most”. As far as the bad women involved, well, we could fix that with a gigantic “cat-fight”, there IS strength in numbers. We do have our inner nurturing & protection instincts on our side, it’s time we rise up & let our fierce “mother bear” attitudes kick in! If we women tend to love & have a special connection to horses, tame or wild, well, these are OUR “babies”, we NEED to protect them at all costs! Let the “war” continue until horse advocates & lovers, & the horses themselves, WIN!! You’re great, R.T.!!


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