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More Nevada Roundups Planned Despite Pleas from Congress

Chief Investigative Reporter George Knapp and Chief Photojournalist Matt Adams

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Wild Horses of Twin Peaks ~ Photo by Terry Fitch

LAS VEGAS — Government contractors have fired up their helicopters for yet another roundup of Nevada wild horses. The latest gather targets a remote area north of Ely, Nevada.

Four more roundup operations are on the schedule in our state this year. They will not only thin the herds, but wipe them out altogether.

2010 already ranks as one of the most aggressive in the history of Bureau of Land Management horse roundups, with a lot more to come. Operations which proved deadly for the herds have already scooped up thousands of mustangs from public ranges, but with no commensurate reduction in the number of private cattle allowed to stay.

The next round seems are designed to wipe out the horses altogether.

The Moriah Herd area near Ely will result in the removal of every one of the 72 horses living on thousands of acres. Two other Nevada herd management areas will be completely zeroed out of horses, and two others will see more than 90-percent of the mustangs taken away, even though federal law set aside those ranges as places where horses could roam forever.

Critics of the program say it looks as if BLM is in a race to grab every horse it can get before the program gets shut down, which is exactly what is needed according to a letter sent to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and signed by 54 members of Congress, including Nevadans Shelley Berkley and Dina Titus.

The letter harshly criticizes the roundups, calls for an immediate moratorium, and seeks an outside study of the science behind the gathers, or lack thereof, by the National Academy of Sciences.

BLM says it will cooperate with such a study, but Director Bob Abbey told Congress he has no intention of stopping the roundups.

“We signed the letter because we need to stop the roundups and the slaughter so we can study the policy. It hasn’t worked and they know it, we know it, the horses know it. We asked that they allow for a study but they won’t stop and I worry because these studies can take years,” said Rep. Titus.

Titus worries that by the time the study is complete, more herd areas could be wiped out by BLM. The roundups themselves can be deadly to horses.

“You see these pictures of them running to death and the colts and it breaks your heart,” she said.

A separate review of the horse program is already underway. The inspector general of the Interior Department is actively soliciting information from the public, including horse advocates, about all that’s wrong with its implementation — a review that can’t be seen as good news within BLM.

On another front, philanthropist Madeleine Pickens is hoping to move forward with her plans to build a sprawling horse sanctuary in northern Nevada. Pickens has already put millions of her own money into buying a large ranch near Elko and now has an agreement to buy a second property as well.

She will need the cooperation of BLM if she wants to put captured mustangs on the land so she can open an eco-tourism attraction, although BLM has said in the past it does not wants the horses to remain in Nevada, even in a sanctuary.

Director Abbey has agreed to meet with Pickens this month to talk about her plan but has made no promises.

Titus says she has already introduced legislation to force BLM to use options other than roundups, such as more adoptions, birth control, and a program to encourage ranchers to allow horses to graze on private range. But BLM continues to use roundups as the primary focus of the program.

Here’s a list of recent gathers:

Herd Area # of Horses # Removed
Moriah 72 72
Montezuma 139 139
Paymaster 45 45
Reveille 250 198
Silver King 600 545

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  1. There was a Civil War in this country in which the blood of horses and men bought the freedom that is epitomized by the very president today. For the very symbol of American Freedom our American Mustangs to be killed and caged during this presidents term speaks volumes. We have been sold out by the highest bidder, corporatized, and lost our country to greed.


    • Frank I think what you state about the horses could easily be applied to the people. They can’t cage us but they can control us economically and through increased “spying” and stomping on the freedom of the people. Government is increasingly going where it has never gone before and with each step there seems to be a bit more of our freedom chiseled away. What better way to make your point than to go after the very symbol of freedom? What will they spend their millions on when the horses are all gone? Will they chase eagles out of the sky and pen them next to the horses? Is this why they are so reticent to support the Pickens plan, they have to have multiple thousands of horses in holding to continue to get all that budget money?


      • The reason for the government acting as it does is because corporations and special interests demand it. We are not a democracy anymore. We are a corporatocracy. Run for and by the corporations. Wild horses only bother those who can’t make money off of them or those special interests who don’t want anything that is federally protected standing in the way of their greed.

        BP wouldn’t allow anyone in the airspace over the Gulf, wouldn’t allow reporters to get too close to take photos and thumbed their nose when the EPA said to stop using Corexit, one of the most toxic and deadly dispersants. The Cattoors have said no flying over their gathers, they hold them on private property away from the nosy American taxpayers, only allow a handful of people hundreds of yards away so no photos can be taken and rush hundreds of horses in their stampedes because it is good for their bottomline. TIme is money after all.

        Do we really want corporations running (ruining) this country? Because they will gut every last inch of wildness for their bottomline, Wall St. stock price and CEO salaries. Congress should not be pleading. Congress should be demanding. But they won’t. It’s an election year.


  2. Who in the hell does BLM think they are? Not only are they inhumane idiots but they do not abide by their own policies nor do they abide by the wishes of the people or the congress. They ignore the orders of the law…Everyone connected to these roundups should be ashamed of themselves that they are doing this to innocent animals, they are part of what the American people stand for being FREE…and you idiots are taking that away from them…Remember ” what goes around, comes around”. This that you have done will all come back to you and your families…I knew that cattlemen were ruthless but I did not think that they were “killers”, but now we all know for a fact that they are, and so is everyone connected with BLM and these roundups … are all “KILLERS”…….
    For the idiot flying the helicopter, I never in my life thought that I would say this, but I hope that your helicopter goes down, that you fall in the middle of the herd and that you are stampeded to death, you are an uncaring SOB to do this…all of you are money hungry greedy people and greed kills….SHAME ON EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. Because you are doing this for cattle and whatever else, the stupid pipeline for BP, it will all come back to haunt, your cattle will come down with disease and wipe out the whole herd, you will lose your homes and business and such, it will in the end all come back to haunt you.


  3. I know I’ve said this before, but this is totally unacceptable. I am also asking who in hell does the BLM think they are? Do they think no one will notice when they start expanding existing mines, start new ones and start blasting for the Ruby pipeline in the same exact places where they removed horses for NO other reason?

    Salazoo and Abbey are on a power trip that needs to end-NOW.



    There is absolutely NO reason to do this and to think it is funded by taxpayers that can’t even get the time of day from the White House controlled by that schmuk Emmanuel…I smell one-term President as long as the GOP doesn’t nominate Dracula (and that is always a possibility). But it will always be kneeling at the special interest alter whomever wins.

    Coming to a BLM/USDA/state equine killer headquarters signage that reads….”MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!”


  5. I wish that we had some way to tag the horses the Bulls Lies and Mismanagement agency keeps rounding up. This way if Congress will ever get off their lazy rear ends we’d have some way of knowing which horses go to which HMA.

    God I hope we get this sorted out before too much longer. And then Congress can tell Bulls Lies and Mismanagement NEVER AGAIN.

    I can’t understand why all the rush. Nevada is a lot of desert. It isn’t like San Francisco or another big city with loads of people, water and other resources. I say leave the horses alone. They are on the lands that were given them in the first place. With the “science” that Bulls Lies and Mismanagement spouts everyday I’d be surprised if they even acknowledged that those lands were theres in the first place. They’d probably say that it was meant for cattle.

    This is for all Californian’s. I don’t care which party you are in or if you even vote. But please write not only Senator’s Feinstein and Boxer (who is in a huge battle which Fiorina) but write Carly too. We need to bring everyone we can onboard with this.

    RT has anyone considered writing HRH Princess Anne? I know she’s British but she does so much for the horses. Perhaps she can help somehow to make Bulls Lies and Mismanagment understand the error of their thinking.


  6. I think the pressure from us is still effective. It must continue. There is so much to do right now. They are talking about us. They are very aware. We have continued to surprise and annoy because we are still here. mar


    • I agree, Mar. Right now, I’m still reeling from Lisa’s chart posted yesterday. I felt shakey half the day, realizing that there really will be no wild herds left — that saying “no herds” is NOT an exagerration.
      Today I feel that I’m coming back into balance and realizing that I have to keep doing what I’m doing, be a supportive shoulder for those of you who need me, and keep educating people.
      The ceremony last Saturday, by the way, was really great. It was so incredible to have a community of people come together and put out positive energy. It’s easy for me to get caught up in anger, but more productive to find center — just like I do when I’m riding my mare — and see what is possible.


  7. You are all right on track. As you said, Nora–FIND YOUR CENTER. A boxer in the ring knows better than to loose his cool–he looses his focus if that happens. Just let that righteous outrage forge into cold, hard steel and keep doing what we have been doing. Anger has a purpose–to activate. WE ARE ACTIVATED.


  8. I’ve been checking back all day and something really bothers me about this blog post. Certainly not the content or the reason for the header, but honestly….think about this…”More Nevada Roundups Planned Despite Pleas From Congress”.

    I understand the point of the header and don’t disagree with the use. Here is where I have a BIG PROBLEM…PLEAS FROM CONGRESS????? Honestly?! Congress gave Slaughterczar, Abbey and the rest of the wild equine, bison, wolf wackin’ creeps their stinking MONEY!!!!!!! They PLEA????? For what? Civility and consideration???? Ain’t been none demonstrated yet by DOI, USDA and the state killers. Pleas from Congress? Congress can shut them down in an instantaneuous heart beat. Don’t be fooled. Some “equine friendly” Congressional members are not willing to “expend” their political capital on behalf of the wild equines.

    My post is not an attack on the authors that bust their butts and pocketbooks to help the equines. I just feel it’s time to get real angry at Congress and those committees that appropriate and authorize. Call ’em out…all of them for approving the last budget, the upcoming budget and the stimulus monies.


    • Mary Landrieu’s upcoming date to revisit the Wild Horse & Burro Program and BLM Should address them aggressively and make demands that are backed with action. She surprised us last year and I hope she will again. mar


      • If the action or proposed legislation is not connected to funding….the wild equines are doomed. Saw something from a NV Fed rep on Knapp’s site saying legislation is “going to be submitted”. Going to be sunbmitted????? Madam/Sir….how about NOT FUNDING ROUNUPS?????? How about stopping the current roundups? No more PZP or castrations or dumping herd elders until this mess is resolved?? I’m sick and tired of playing the patty cake game with Congressionals that say they are wild equine friendly.

        As I stated earlier….the committee persons in Congress not only funded USDA and DOI, they gave them stimulus funds. They can call them on the carpet IMMEDIATELY and shut them down pending review, investigation or study.

        I know this, Congress knows this and they are playing us like a cheap fiddle about to be dumped at the county fair bonfire .

        Think about that advocates…no one in Congress has stopped the massacres since the lie that was the 1971 Act….no one except one judge (that I know of) that ruled against the roundups in CO…NO ONE HAS WON TO PROTECT THEM!!!!!! And the ruling in CO is about to be OBE as the roundup is on track.


  9. And yes, hammering them with our emails, faxes, phone calls are important. I just wouldn’t bother with DOI/USDA other than a cc.


  10. If they end the round ups and abide by the wishes of the people, maybe a significant milestone will be reached whereas the country needs something, somewhere to turn our trust around in our leaders. How about starting with a pretty simple and basic phenomena like allowing our horses to thrive and then see what other changes may occur in our country as trust in gained back. Sounds like a beautiful idea to me. LR


  11. The Pony Express now is in possession of 35,000 letters which Madeline Pickens is going to hand deliver to Washington. They have purchased 600,000 acres and are looking to purchase more acreage. Amazingly last weekend 6,000 people wrote letters and joined the Pony Express once HSUS and ASPCA posted it to their website. As RT said we all share a common goal to save the horses. WE must remain united and committed to that goal. It takes a nation united to overthrow a rogue government agency like the BLM but we will. SO Please take a moment and join Madeline Picken’s Pony Express. If everyone who reads this site writes a letter and gets 5 friends to do the same 35,000 will quickly grow to 50,000. How many voters can they ignore? It only takes a click and a few minutes. Save America Mustangs is building a float for the News Years day parade to call attention to the plight of the horses. Millons of people watch the parade.


  12. Contact your own Senators and Congresspeople and the White House. I’ve provided an easy link.

    The BLM is squandering hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on horse round ups, horses in holding pens and the most costly of all on grazing permits for livestock on our public lands. Less than 3% of our beef is produced on the range. There are over ten million cows out there and less than thirty thousand horses. The BLM has removed thousands this year alone. It must stop or they are all going to be in pens…


  13. I joined Madelaine Pickens Pony Express and sent my letter. I have signed many petitions to against slaughter. I want these round ups to stop immediately.
    May the powers that be put an end to the roundups once & for all.


  14. Found this yesterday!
    RENO, Nev. — The Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have signed an agreement designed to better coordinate the management of wild horses in a region covering northwest Nevada, northeast California and south-central Oregon.

    BLM spokeswoman Heather Emmons says mustangs in the region move a lot between the three states as well as between BLM-managed lands and Fish and Wildlife Service-managed lands within the Sheldon-Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

    She says the agreement calls for BLM offices in the three states and the Fish and Wildlife Service to improve how they count the animals and to share the information.

    Plans also call for the agencies to work cooperatively on habitat and population monitoring, and removal of excess mustangs from the range.

    Read more:


  15. I have a question: Have any of you visited any of these long term holding facilities? Does anyone have photos or video of them? I have been unable to find any address of any of them or photos or video of them or documentation of how they are treated. I have a letter from Debbie Collins [BLM National WH&B Team] who says (and I quote) “…Therefore, we provide feed and care to our wild horses on lush, healthy long-term private pastures that exist primarily in Oklahoma and Kansas…”. Although on private property, they are still our wild horses and we need to check up on them and personnaly the only knowledge I have of these public wild animals in one of these long term holding facilities is one of abuse to the point of starvation and death of a group of our wild horses last year who were supposedly on the BLM’s “lush and healthy long-term private pasture” and eventually had to be rescued by the Grace Foundation in California. Does anyone have information on our 30,000 plus animals that have been removed from their home land? Can we get the locations/addresses of these facilities and then check up on our horses/burros?


    • BLM knew what it was doing putting the horses on private properties. When answering a FOIA request they are not supposed to give out any information that would identify a private person or their whereabouts so even if you did get any docs it would just be blacked out. The best bet is still google or people who know the areas.


    • Good … we need someone to go to these facilities and see for themselves and then tell us what they see. We already know that we don’t want ANY of our wild horses/burro in these places but since half (?) of them are there already … then someone who cares needs to be checking on them. Hopefully we can discover where our wild horses/burros are being held captive and you can go there … I think it will be a sad visit but necessary. Thank you and keep in touch.


    • Debra,
      I hope you get this! Back in September you posted a note on Horse’s Heart that said you live in/near Kansas and would like to visit the horses at the BLM holding facilities in that area and I looked up a bit of information for you and now am wondering if you ever had a chance to actually go there? Something new has come up now that is of utmost importance regarding this/these facilities and would really appreciate hearing from you ASAP. Please contact me directly at ….. I would certainly appreciate it! Thank you.
      Grandma Gregg


  16. There are some in the Kansas City Correctional facilities, but certainly not enough room to pasture the number the BLM is talking about. I think grazing this year on BLM is approx. $1.39.month? The cost for the BLM to graze our horses in private long term storage is approx. $475.00 a month.

    I doubt that we will ever be able to find all of the BLM holding facilities other than in freezers across Europe.

    If you can find out, Where the horses are in Kansas besides the Correctional facilities, I can take a run down there. The correctional facility can only hold 600 to 1,000 horses. The 1,000 horses would not be everyday, but just passing through.

    They did have a facility in Illinois but apparently the BLM cancelled that contract and is now going to send the horses to Tenn.

    They want her to submit a bid for a contract as a long term holding facility.
    BLM Statement regarding Madeleine Pickens’ Wild Horse Sanctuary Proposal

    The Bureau of Land Management is grateful to Madeleine Pickens for her interest in helping the BLM deal with the challenges of managing wild horses and burros, both on and off Western public rangelands. The BLM is committed to continuing its discussions with Mrs. Pickens to address these challenges, which include the effective management of wild horses and burros and the protection of taxpayer dollars expended through the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program.

    Last November, Mrs. Pickens offered to take over the care of thousands of wild horses that the BLM holds in facilities across the United States by setting up a private foundation that would care for the animals at no cost to the government, potentially saving American taxpayers millions of dollars.

    Mrs. Pickens’ more recent proposal seeks a BLM stipend of $500 per horse, per year for the life of each horse. Under this plan, Mrs. Pickens’ foundation would first take about 10,000 wild horses currently in BLM short-term holding facilities (corrals), the costs of which are significantly greater to the BLM than those of keeping horses in long-term holding (pastures).
    To realize these potential savings to the BLM, however, Mrs. Pickens’ sanctuary plan would need to meet certain requirements for wild horse management.

    First, Mrs. Pickens’ plan to care for these animals at $500 per horse, per year is similar to the long-term holding contracts that the BLM currently has with private landowners in the Midwest, where about 22,000 unadopted or unsold animals are cared for at an annual cost of about $475 per horse. The animals graze on private pastures in Oklahoma, Kansas, and South Dakota, where forage and water are abundant. In contrast to these annual contracts, Mrs. Pickens has asked the BLM to commit to lifetime payments. Because Congress appropriates the agency’s funding on an annual basis, the BLM is not authorized to make such an unlimited commitment.
    Second, Mrs. Pickens’ plan proposes to take the animals from private pastures and facilities and instead graze them on private and public lands on a large ranch in Nevada. However, current Federal law prohibits the BLM from using allotments associated with that ranch for grazing wild horses. The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act restricts animals to the areas where they were found roaming when the Act was passed in 1971. Unfortunately, none of the BLM grazing allotments that Mrs. Pickens proposes for her sanctuary were areas where wild horses roamed in 1971.

    Congress would have to amend the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act to address this aspect of Mrs. Pickens’ proposal.
    As an alternative, the BLM has offered to advertise a holding contract on private land and welcomes a bid from Mrs. Pickens’ foundation. Open bidding on such a contract would ensure that taxpayers get the maximum benefit from their investment.

    The BLM is committed to working with Congress, stakeholders, and the public to ensure the welfare of wild horses and burros, both on and off public rangelands, while also protecting these Western lands from the destructive effects of herd overpopulation.

    The BLM manages more land – more than 245 million acres – than any other Federal agency. This land, known as the National System of Public Lands, is primarily located in 12 Western states, including Alaska. The Bureau, with a budget of about $1 billion, also administers 700 million acres of sub-surface mineral estate throughout the nation. The BLM’s multiple-use mission is to sustain the health and productivity of the public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. The Bureau accomplishes this by managing such activities as outdoor recreation, livestock grazing, mineral development, and energy production, and by conserving natural, historical, cultural, and other resources on public lands.



    • This is a fun place to play …

      Home Page –

      Lots of great contract info once you figure out how to navigate. Plus it ISN”T an arm of the Federal Government, although the data is collected from the Feds. 2008 FY is pretty complete. 2009 partial. Look at the FAQs to learn more. Don’t bother trying the “USASpending” link for additional info. It’s just a bunch of graphs of trends and I couldn’t find any meaningful links. So much for “transparency”.



    • Found one… actually there appears to be three facilities just south of Kansas border in Bartlesville, Oklahoma area (go to the link) … hope someone can go there and see for themselves and let us know how our horses are doing…… funny that it is listed under “attractions” in the visit bartlesville page … so since it is a town attraction … can we go there and see them … perhaps if you “played dumb” and contacted the town chamber of commerce and asked to go see this “attraction”? … just a thought…
      Also, going to google map satelite the areas … since these facilities have been there for a few years maybe they can be seen? [2189 wild horses can’t be too hard to find in that small town?]


    • Fouund another one … in Kansas and it sounds like you can drive to it and see he horses:
      Reader asks for directions to see wild horses of the Flint Hills
      Topeka Capital-Journal, The, Sep 29, 2002 by Capital-Journal
      12Next ..Question: I enjoyed reading the recent story in your newspaper about the wild horses grazing in the Flint Hills south of Emporia. Are there some directions you can give us for where we can go and watch the horses? — H.L., Topeka.

      Answer: The horses are in pastures in Butler and Greenwood counties south of Cassoday and you can see them from a county blacktop road south of there, said Steve Vestring, a member of the family that operates the Vestring Ranch.

      “Since you are coming from Topeka, the best way is to take the Kansas Turnpike to the Cassoday Exit,” he suggested.

      That exit is Milepost 92, which is 80 miles from the South Topeka Exit, which is Milepost 172.

      “Go south on the blacktop road, which is Stony Creek Road, across the railroad tracks on the edge of Cassoday,” Vestring said. “Take the road five miles south where it turns a mile to the east, and then follow it another four miles south.”

      The wild horses are in pastures on the east side along the 10- mile stretch and usually are easy to see.

      “It is possible to pull off the road and park on the shoulder just about anywhere along that stretch,” Vestring said.

      There are about 6,000 wild horses grazing in the Flint Hills in Butler and Greenwood counties in three long-term holding facilities.

      The Bureau of Land Management, an arm of the U.S. Department of the Interior, pays ranchers to feed and care for the wild horses, according to the original story.


      • This is wonderful. I am sure advocates will get there and learn more from the local folks. Who could live near 6,000 wild horses and not know where to see them? Thanks for finding this. They would be good to see! mar


    • There must be some way to find these wild horse/burro facilities. Would the Freedom of Informatin Act help? Can we look at “Fed-Biz Ops” (federal contracts out for bid and awards of bids) and find this information (tried this before, but will try again) ? Certainly there must be some of us who know someone who knows … you get the idea.
      Per BLM data [Wild Horse and Burro Quick Facts] holding facility costs for FY 2009 were $29 million with 34,500 off-range animals which equals $70.04 per month/per head expenditure verses (as you said) $1.35 per month/per head livestock grazing cost [government income from livestock grazing]. This is a negative $68.69 per head/per month which figures to $28,437,660 per year unnecessary cost to the tax-paying public … not to mention the loss of quality of life for the wild horses/burros on their home range.
      I found this article from 2006 (see link) which stated that in 2006 the average private land cost was $13.20 per AUM but the BLM only charged $1.56! What are the livestock grazing companies “holding over our heads” in order to get this welfare from us?


      • I believe someone posted on this blog that there is no comprehensive listing of holding facilities for public consumption and that if you wanted to know, FOIAs had to be filed individually for each concentration camp (and I think you had to know the contract number?)..IOWs, they don’t want people to know the exact number of death camps and their specific locations and most definitely the precise population numbers or deaths/auctions…plus I think they have arrangements with facilities (like prisons, etc) wherein the animals magically disappear after a certain period because they are NO longer BLM/Fed property. Think this happened at a state prison in NV recently..


      • There are rumors about the 5 year contracts and questions about what happens at the end of 5 years. This is a very disturbing distribution of out captives. It is prone to rumor because there at=re few facts. But please study the list. Print it out and start making notes and learning where these places are generally located and then begin to find them. It can be done if people can get out there or if ssomeone knows another way, please try. mar


    • I may still have an email with the name. Or I can Write the person who gave it to me and get it it again.


      This is the Facilities Report. there should be a new one sometime. This is Feb. 2010.
      I will test it if it doesn’t work I will try again. mar


      • This one works. I still believe we can find these with Google Earth. There is a subscription to Google Earth Called ‘i’ that is live and George Knapp recommended it to us. I don’t have it. If anyone can get it it is real time satillite imagery. The names of the towns are on the list. Please look it over and see if you can find these places. mar


      • Here’s a link under Federal Business opportunities that spells out contract conditions for wild horse holding.
        I happened to email Steven Santoro listed at the end of the listing for a definition of PI–an acronym that was used in the contract. He replied that he “didn’t understand what I meant” and went on to ask “why I wanted it”. I still have the email–I haven’t returned comment to his email since I found out what PI meant-“Project Inspector
        I did find the following in the contract which might explain why nobody knows where these horses are located
        “Observation for the Public – The site is not intended to be a public viewing area. Therefore, the contractor will restrict or prohibit access onto the site by the general public.”
        Again they place our wild horses on private property and we have lost all access to where they are and how they are being treated.
        If that doesn’t *iss you off–the contractor who is keeping our horses is required “at minimum” to observe them once a week!
        Let’s keep digging and find out where they are—and email Mr.Santoro with your questions!


  17. I will google (don’t have real time google map) and see if I can find some addresses/specific locations. This is a good start – thank you.


    • Flash Earth – Zoom into satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth in
      Explore satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth from multiple sources inside a single, zoomable Flash-based interface. … Tools and toys by Interaction Designer Paul Neave.
      Maybe something from here would work? mar

      Ogle Earth: Google Earth Live?
      Impressive as Google Earth is, on two occasions I’ve shown the application to someone only to have them respond, disappointedly, “Oh, you mean this isn’t a live view of Earth?”
      Live Pictures for Google Earth – Live satellite photos for the
      “As part of the Google Earth image update released last week Google quietly added a major new feature to Google Earth – live satellite images!…
      Satellite View of my House – live satellite map using google live
      Satellite View of my House – view live satellite map using google live earth. Google earth live enables you to zoom in using satellite. Search house satellite view, live maps with google live earth.
      Google earth live
      How to find live satelite pictures of my House using google earth live. … 1. Download and install Google Earth live
      Download google earth live free download
      the future of the web… … Start » Windows … Search results: google earth live free download……
      Google earth live free download
      Free download google earth live – Google Earth Beta Explore the globe, and much more downloads. … google earth live Search Results…
      Does Google Earth feature live satellite feed? [Archive] – vBulletin
      There is a free version of it, and then the $20 and $400 versions. … Alternatively, are there are similar programs to Google Earth that offer live satellite feed?
      Google Earth live flight tracking
      This flight tracker has a Google Earth button labeled “NEW! Track this flight in 3D via Google Earth!”; … It downloads a Google Earth file and shows the flight as a location in Google Earth,…
      Google Earth live flight tracking
      First Look at Windows Live Essential Beta’s New Social Features #screenshottour #downloads … It downloads a Google Earth file and shows the flight as a location in Google Earth, updating every 1…


  18. Is it me or is there a wierd blueish-purple thick line from top to bottom ob this blog post?

    Yes, its made to look like legal scratch pad. See the horizontal lines also?


    • Good gravy!!!! I do see the horizontal lines! I must admit I have a 10 year old monitor/VT and it is dying a slow, dark death.

      OK…slow off the mark here. The reason why is…….and the trigger is??????


  19. Barbara Steele:

    Thank you so much for that investigative work. As I have always suspected the Feds/States specifically write contracts to exclude all, with exception by the agency. But that doesn’t mean we can’t demand access thru our reps.

    And I am starting to think we should demand of our reps that they stop funding roundups (since they seem to be incapable of same) and birth control until this issue is resolved….you know, like the cowards in Congress won’t pass anti-slaughter legislation but they won’t fund inspections either.

    Demand that funds be shut off for roundups and birth control to your reps until this issue is thoroughly addressed and the “2 year” study is in….tell your reps and the Prez that!


  20. Anyone know if the budget has been approved for FY2011? Stipulations should be mandated for remaining and future stimulus funds also.


  21. After much “googling”, I found this link:

    Click to access budget.pdf

    Each Executive Branch has a link to the left (haven’t been to USDA or DOI yet).

    And then I went to and this page:

    It has been passed (with Pelosi/Reid fuggie procedure). Please take time to review a “special” action for DOI. I will also check it out.

    So all the pleas may be sincere, but the action is not….Congress gave them money…AGAIN!


  22. Good lord…in 2010 it looks like Salazar got his 80 million request funded and look at the plus for 2011 (it says millions, but with the comma I think the WH means billions…IOW, THEY GAVE THEM MORE STINKIN’ MONEY!!!!!:

    Click to access budget.pdf

    How it breaks down for BLM is a mystery (what a surprise!).

    I’m telling you folks here and now, Congress is not our or the wild equines friend. Understood that there may some good folks there, but not by this budget (2011) and check out continuation of “discretionary funds/carryover”.


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