Equine Mission to D.C. in Full Swing

NewsFlash from SFTHH

Keep the Phone Lines Burning

Simone Netherlands of Respect4horses reports that the first day of lobbying has been a huge success BUT we still need at least 20 more signatures on the letter supporting H.R. 503 and we only have until 1700 hrs on Tuesday to acquire them.

Below is a listing of current aquired signatures:

Jim Moran, Elton Gallegly, John Campbell, Robert Andrews, Mike McMahon, Patrick Kennedy, Walter Jones, Shelley Berkley, Raul Grijalva, Peter King, Dan Burton, Jim Gerlach, James P. McGovern, Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Earl Blumenauer, Jim Himes, Dennis Kucinich, David Wu, Barney Frank, John Olver, Mike Castle, Mazie Hirono, Marcy Kaptur, Bill Young, Nick Rahall, Mike Rogers, Gary Ackerman, Mary Bono, Mack, Judy Chu, Susan Davis, Robert Brady, Steve Israel, Maurice Hinchey, Edolphus Towns, Steven Rothman, Diane Watson, Harry Mitchell, Nita Lowey, John Lewis and Brian Bilbray

While a team of volunteer, citizen lobbyists are working the halls we still need callers to phone into their Representatives.  Simone has drafted a sample “script” to guide you through your call.  Said script is inserted below and can be customized to fit your stylye/mood.  Please make the call for the sake of the horses and we will give you an update Tuesday evening.


Dear calling team, thank you for helping in this very important task for the horses!!

Before you start on your call:

1. Have your notebook and pen ready, or your computer in front of you. It is very  important that you keep accurate notes of all your calls.

2. Pick the legislator you are calling and memorize his or her name 10 times before you make the phone call. Or you can write his/her name on a sticky note and stick it in front of you. Where ever is says dots….  This is where you say the legislator’s name. The name is the most important thing to not get confused.  Oh and make sure that you know if it is a congressman, or a congresswoman.

3. Have a smile on your face when you are calling, and be very very polite and very sure of yourself, speak clear and slow and let the aids respond to you.

4. Please print out this calling script so that you don’t have to stare at the computer screen all day.

5. Please make sure that you finish your entire portion of the list. If you have time after that, you can keep calling anyone on the list you want, and just state that someone from Respect4horses might have called before. The more calls they get, the better.

Calling script:

(The words that you are actually saying are typed in black, and the words to explain what you do next, are in blue).

-Good morning, my name is ……..   and I am with Respect4horses Organization.  Can you please tell me who is the legislative advisor that handles animal rights issues and H.R. 503? Can you please give me their email address?

Then you write or type down the name of the person, and the email address (make sure you get the spelling correct).

Are they in the office? (If no, ask them when they will be back ) Can you please connect me with them?

If you get a voicemail, you leave a message saying this, if you get an actual person skip voicemail and go down to next page:

Hi, My name is …. … with Respect4horses Organization. We are here in Washington D.C. and would like to speak with you regarding a dear Colleague letter which was initiated by Congressman Moran’s office a couple of weeks ago, in regards to H.R. 503.

We are wondering if you are aware of the letter and if Congressman…….. has signed it. As a co sponsor of H.R. 503 he/she will undoubtedly want to sign this important congressional letter, which is urging Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring the bill up for a vote in the house. The letter is of utmost importance and the deadline is today. Someone from our organization will be stopping by your office today, and we would really appreciate it if you could sit down with them.

Please give me a call back as soon as you can. Thank you,  phone number (and then your phone number.)

Once you leave the voicemail, your job is to call this same person back again before the end of the day, and see if you can get a hold of them or leave another message stating the same, but mentioning that it is your second message.

If you get to speak with the legislative advisor:

Hello, My name is … with Respect4horses Organization. We are here in Washington D.C. and would like to speak with you regarding a dear colleague letter from Congressman Moran’s office in regards to H.R. 503.

We really appreciate congressman……cosponsoring the bill and undoubtedly he would want to sign this important letter. Do you know about the letter? Do you know if Congressman ….. has signed the letter already?

If no, then explain this:

Congressman Moran has initiated a dear Colleague letter in which he is urging Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring H.R. 503 into the house for a vote. Seeing as how this bill is going to die otherwise it is of utmost importance that Congressman…….. signs the letter. Let them respond.

Can you please bring the letter in front of him today and ask him/her to sign the letter? The deadline for the letter is 5pm tomorrow (Tuesday Sept 21st)

If she is not sure if he/she can get the letter signed:

Someone from our organization will also be stopping by your office today, and we would really appreciate it if you could sit down with them quickly.

If you do not have the letter, we can either drop it by for you, or you can contact Congressman Moran’s office. His number is

When he has signed the letter, can you please be so kind as to give me a call that he has? Thank you so much, we really appreciate it, have a good day.

If they ask for an email address give them simone@respect4horses.com

Now that you are done with your call, take your time to type up your notes about the call and what the legislative aid said to you. We need only about 4 to 6 sentences per call, These notes are going to be very important for follow up.

Thank you dear friends!! Much respect and love to you all,

Simone Netherlands

Respect4horses Organization

5 comments on “Equine Mission to D.C. in Full Swing

  1. That’s one thing good about being in california–my 6:00 am is their 9:00. Will try to make the calls. Duncan Hunter comes from a horse family and we see eye to eye on absolutely NOTHING. I’ve already called them on Friday and they were aware of the letter and had received other calls.


  2. Well , …. Im not so sure if its a good thing if everyone is going to be representing themselves as Respect4horses or if that is even legal.

    However, If you would like a calling list and you would like to represent Respect4horses, then please send me an email and I will assign you certain legislators to call.

    We really do need many phone calls tomorrow.

    Make sure you are not calling those reps that have already co signed the letter.

    Make sure you are only calling Co sponsors and ask them to co sign the letter. We are not asking for co sponsors right at this moment.

    Im sorry if its all a little confusing.
    You can always call me with questions,

    Simone Netherlands,
    928 308 6718


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