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Pickens Refuge Not a Done Deal, Says BLM

by Steven Long ~ Editor/Publisher of “Horseback Magazine

BLM Crawfishs on Pickens Sterile Herds

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – A highly placed spokesman for the federal Bureau of Land Management refused to confirm that a proposed private refuge for tens of thousands of wild horses is a done deal, as claimed by billionaire Madeleine Pickens.

“We’re encouraged by recent meetings between Mrs. Pickens and BLM

Leadership,” chief Washington spokesman Tom Gorey told Horseback Magazine late Monday.

“At this time, we’re waiting for the receipt of a formal, written proposal from Mrs. Pickens before taking an official position on it,” he said.

In a note to supporters Friday, Pickens said, “Over the past three days, I have been to meetings in Sacramento and again in Washington, DC. I’ve met with BLM Director, Bob Abbey, Deputy Director, Mike Pool, along with the Wild Horse and Burro team. The BLM has officially agreed to support going forward with the development of the wild horse Eco – sanctuary for the horses in holding!”

Not quite yet, says Gorey, while highly complimentary of Pickens.

“Let me add that we appreciate Mrs. Pickens’ interest in helping our

agency deal with one of our most challenging issues – the need to care for

and maintain un-adopted and unsold wild horses, and we hope horse lovers

everywhere will consider adopting a wild horse or burro,” Gorey said.

The Texas billionaire told supporters in an email Friday she would begin with a pilot program of 1,000 wild horses placed on vast land she owns with the goal of moving all 36,000 horses BLM currently holds in captivity to an enormous 1 million acre ranch.

According to reports last year in the livestock industry trade publication, Western Livestock Journal, “Depending on the stocking capacity of the ranch and the availability of forage, she envisions the sanctuary ultimately carrying between 20,000 and 30,000 wild horses. According to the proposal, the herd will be non-reproducing.”

Such an agreement, if true, would guarantee that horses currently held in BLM captivity would go extinct leaving only the rapidly dwindling wilderness herds able to reproduce. Yet many of those herds have mares which have been treated with sterility drugs and geneticists charge that it is BLM policy to drive the American wild horse to extinction in order to make way for more grazing land for cattle.

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  1. Of course now the cat and mouse game will begin. I am sure BLM will never agree to anything for the welfare of any horses. And if so, it is just another ploy to get their goal – and carry on their sick propaganda to wipe out the horses.


    • Noone has seen close up those 36 thousand ‘long term holding’ wild horses. sure the blm shows a distance pic or 3. Lets see the hooves of horses, some held for YEARS in tiny pens or 5 per acre pastures.

      I bet the BLM is whining, OMG someones going to see their hooves. The BLM says “”we need to drag this out for another 5 years so we can feed them more and get them all on the squeeze table and cut off those elf feet.”””

      No live cams BLM?? no ID of each and every horse you ‘hold’?? then I can say they must in terrible shape because the BLM never promotes the 36k or IDs with picture proof and live cams they are well cared for.


  2. I would not believe one bloody word from anybody from the BLM.Madeline and T Boone Pickens would never lie and make this up.This is more fuel being added to the BLM’S killing and herding confabulated BS.I will personally find out the truth on this one. Cant believe a word rom the BLM mustang and burro murderers.Sounds like more interference and madeup crapola from the inside.Jealouy abounds in the world of equine rescuers.Madeline and T Boone are for real.You need to check on the background of some of your lsted rescue groups that are not even real legit 501c3 non profit equine rescues.Some are not even american citizens and you have to be american in order to run a 501c3 non profit equine rescue in the USA.And also check the Ein status on some of the so called lobbyist groups they do not have 501c4 lobby status with the IRS.This is disgusting news to read.Shame on the people making this up.Have you directly spoken to T Boone or Madeline?Has this ben confirmed before being printed?I guess not.HUH?


  3. Fer cryin’ in the beer – what do these *&%#@~/’s WANT??!

    expletive, expletive, expletive…..

    Swear, swear, swear, swear, swear!!!

    Filth, FILTH!!!

    Curse word, CURSE WORD!!

    Really BAD curse word!!


  4. Actually; the BLM wants the Sancturay so they can fill that up and go out out and round up another 1,000…! imo

    The BLM actually “purposely breeds excess Mustangs on public ranges…

    then falsely say: they don’t know how the Mustangs breed so fast…

    for exammple: is putting 26 Stallions back to the herd birth control ? NO…26 Stallions to the HMA is called “Breeding Stangs!

    they put young Stallions to a herd of older mares; genetic mishaps! then say; oh the excess mustangs; to the blm “get real !

    stop breeding and selling stangs on public lands or face “indiction!


  5. Just how big is this sanctuary that can support 30,000 wild horses? The BLM is wiping out the wild horses because they say 30,000 is too many for 30 million acres throughout our West. Maybe T. Boone bought her the state of Nevada.


  6. This is all completely confusing, to say the least!! On one hand, you WANT to believe all the good news, from Madeleine & the BLM, AND, I just recently read today that the governor of the state of New Mexico wants to expand a park & create a wild horse sanctuary!! But, on the other hand, is this all for real? Is there some underlying motive or crap going on that we don’t know about yet? Are we all just dreaming the same dream, & then we’re all going to wake up & find out it was a terrible night”mare” ?? If this news IS real, &, it IS good, this is awesome!! Maybe other states will wise up, & follow suit, think of the extra money they could generate by promoting wild mustang tourism!! People would come from everywhere to be able to see wild horses running “free”! But, on the negative side, they won’t be around for long, if they are unable to breed & reproduce. Why are all the horses being sterilized or gelded?? It makes no sense, & has Madeleine thought of that? At least the poor horses wouldn’t have to live in filthy, crowded holding pens the rest of their lives.


    • I don’t think there are any plans to do anything with the wild herd in New Mexico except include them in this expanded sanctuary – at least that’s what I’ve seen so far.

      The Pickins’ always intended to rescue the ones that were already in LTH. That’s when she first made the proposal – when the BLM was talking about euthanizing them. Of course, they already have been sterilized before they ever went into LTH. But we can’t allow the BLM to keep removing the horses off the range, sterilizing them and passing them on to this sanctuary. Besides, IF the BLM already has as many in LTH as they claim, this piece of land can’t hold all of those, let alone more.

      Are we TOTALLY confused yet??


  7. i emailed MP last night, this was the reply I received:

    Hi Jan,

    Madeleine read your email and ask me to respond.

    It is true that we are submitting a written prospectus to the BLM, but in the meeting, which I attended. the BLM said theyw ere 100 percent committted to the Pickens sanctuary plan and that it was all right for us to represent that to the public at large. Like anything, there are alot of details to be worked out….but it took voer two years for them to say yes, we are on board… we take them at their word.

    thank you for contacting Madeleine and please continue to monitor the website for future developments.’


    Jerry Reynoldson


  8. Everyone needs to support Madeline Pickins and any plan she has to help the Wild Horses and Burros, she’s been trying for a long time to help them and met with nothing but red tape and blocks. If you love Wild Horses, actively support her and any plan she has!! God Bless You Madeline!!


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