Month: November 2010

Habitat for Horses Helps Struggling Texans Keep Their Horses at Home

“I can get by with a little help from my friends…” In the middle of a financial crunch, the difference between a horse staying with the family that loves them or having to send the horse off to a rescue, or worse, sending it to auction, is often a matter of needing just a few more dollars. When the choice comes down to either buying hay and feed or feeding the family and putting gas in the truck, the horse suffers.

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Numbers Won’t Work in Proposed Processing Plant, EWA President Says

CHICAGO, (EWA) – Newsweek recently carried the condensed version of an article by Sue Wallis, a Wyoming State representative, titled Wyoming proceeds with plans to build state-of-the-art processing plant. The article gives the impression that Wyoming is about to open a horse slaughter plant. It is not and here is why.

The “plans” are not those of the state of Wyoming, but of horse slaughter proponent Sue Wallis. The Wallis business strategy appears to be “If you hype it, they will come.”

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Pine Nut Range Wild Horse Families Destroyed

PINE NUT RANGE, Nevada – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is breaking up natural horse family groups again, this time in the Dayton area of the Pine Nut Range of northwestern Nevada. More shamelessly they have removed foals from there dams and shipped of the young to a holding area called the Palomino Valley facility where they have been thrown in with the general population. This all done while they hoped we were watching football and eating turkey so no one might notice, except GrassRootsHorse’s Laura Leigh.

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Wild Horses, China and a Holiday called Thanksgiving

For the purpose of security and for the element of surprise it is rare that I disclose the actual geographical location of my person. The requirement of the income stream that pumps the life blood into my family’s survival and funds the message of the horses regularly sends me to the four corner of the world for extended periods of time. For many years the continent of Africa was my home away from home but by the luck of the draw I now find myself behind the great wall of China, or should I rephrase that to say the great ‘Firewall’ of China.

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Midwest Ranchers Find Gold in Nevada’s Wild Horses

A two sentence article appearing in the Nevada Ely Times, November 3, 2010, only stated that “Chairman of the Governor’s Wildlife Commission, Scott Raine of Eureka, has designated a new Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners’ Feral Horse Committee “consisting of” what Raine calls “five of the foremost experts on the issue of feral horses in the State of Nevada.” The Chairman is Mike Stremler and members Commissioner Hank Vogler, Wayne Hage, George Parman and Floyd Rathbun.”

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