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Wyoming Horse Slaughter Plant NOT Plausible

Press Release from the Equine Welfare Alliance

Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis Misleads both Press and Public

Sue Wallis ~ the deceptive queen of the Horse Eaters

Chicago (EWA) – In a detailed article published in Horseback Magazine titled Numbers won’t work in proposed processing plant, EWA president John Holland lays out the reasons that a much hyped horse slaughter plant proposed for Wyoming is in fact not going to become a reality any time soon.

The article begins by detailing some of the business misadventures of Sue Wallis, the plant’s chief promoter, and goes on to enumerate the many reasons such a plant would not be economically viable under present conditions.

In a statement about the article, Holland said, “It is amazing how people will believe anything they read in print, and how many publications will regurgitate blatantly unfounded pieces as if they were newsworthy stories.”

“It was Déjà vu all over again”, pointed out Holland as he recounted when “Ed Butcher (then a Montana State Representative) issued a press releases about the horse slaughter plant he was about to bequeath to the town of Hardin, Montana with the help of unnamed Chinese investors. The press releases were picked up by major wire services who were subsequently embarrassed when EWA exposed the fact that Hardin had passed an ordinance (2010-01) specifically aimed at blocking such a plant.”

The Horseback article concludes “So Wallis has no business credentials, no cost estimate, no business plan, no license, no investors, and no market. Other than that she is ready to start killing horses almost immediately.”

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  1. Just because this gluttonous orb, this sorry excuse for a statesperson, this gelatinous, miserable malcontent is willing to eat anything on four legs doesn’t mean the rest of us are. Neigh!


    • I truly pity those who reside in this state with a hateful hund of a person such as this one is. She truly believes what she does is just. I wonder what in her past has fueled the hate she has for horses. She is a piece of work to behold. God help in when her time comes.


  2. Slaughter house Sue she was elected by whom? Horse slaughtering plants should never ever be in existence – period! Horses are not and never will be for consumption of food in any form or fashion.


  3. This Lady is crazy! why are these horse killers even given the time of day in America?
    Even if one puts aside the HUGE MORAL ISSUES, its still wrong and criminal to send cancer causing meat (by wallis own words the horses she wants to eat are UNKNOWN history “strays”.) Even the BLM in text says some of the ‘wild horses’ are RANCH STRAYS. Its goolish and criminal to even plan to feed that possible taint to any human or animal! The ivermection in horsemeat has killed many dogs, entire greyhound racing kennels died from tainted horsemeat, Thats why dogfood companies won’t risk that. God Bless* ivermection,* saves a lot of horses 😉

    People like Sue Wallis, imo are crazy to want such a blight on America! They are on the wrong moral path and the path to harm people and animals!


  4. SS won big (election wise).

    Problem is that she and her equine profiteers are not the final say so.

    They are now currently dumbfounded by those that have “contrary” opinions with regard to their “final solution” regardong anytyhing that gets in their way.

    p.s. FDA won a big food safety fight and something weird kicking up in WY re: same.


  5. Hitler had a “final solution” and went on to make it reality. I am afraid this horrible excuse for a human will find a way to make this work. I would love to see Sue the first in line at the slaughter box, she certainly is fat enough to feed lots of people. But she would probably taste vile and bitter.


    • In an email of last year, Wallis confirmed to me that she never witnessed the slaughter of a horse. She promotes and preaches to a choir, a song of which she doesn’t know the lyrics. It is those who oppose the horrors of horse slaughter who have the courage to investigate and expose the truth… whilst the ones a la Wallis tell everyone else where to get off the bus – on a route that is tampered with lies, deception and greed.
      Shame on her for misleading and exploiting us all.


  6. Maybe she hates horses because she is big as a horse…she is disgusting! Wyoming will continue to get a bad rap for her disgusting ideas!!


  7. Great news John!! ….the funny thing is I could never tell, if Sue is a “he or she” on certain photos. She is a miserable excuse for a “human being”!


  8. She is one pathetic human being! I wonder why there’s so much hatred, in her, for these beautiful and majestic animals. I realize not everyone loves horses, but she seems to have a real problem with them, which is unfortunate. How anyone cannot be in awe when looking at these magnficent creatures, mystifys me. I hate to say it, but you almost have to feel sorry for her. No, I better take that back. (-:
    Thanks John, for the good news!


  9. There is way more to getting a project up and running and the doors open. For now.. let’s keep a mindful close watch. A management team could be assembled.. but would she ever get USDA or FDA, to make any investor through money at it? I would not think so. Maybe the better rumor is, that Sweet Sue is now opening a franchise for Beach Body Health and Fitness Center.


  10. My question is………if she is sooooo for the slaughter of not only wild horses but “tame” too and seems to be pushing it without a plan, etc……IS SHE GETTING A KICKBACK from someone?????? That is usually why…..need to find out the why for’s and who’s paying……I do believe that if Sue is opening a Health Center……she should take advantage of it…..just saying……K


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