Month: December 2010

Equine Rescue Group Publicly Challenges Horse Eaters

GLENVILLE, PA (Angel Acres) – With the US press awash with misinformation regarding the plight of the American horse, Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue is stepping up to educate the public about horse slaughter via a billboard & internet campaign. Two billboards are up in Baltimore that display 2 horses with the statement, “Stop Killing Us” and a new website has been launched.

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Absence of Logic

It is said that you cannot teach someone Common Sense.

This is the case with the mantra of illogical statements we hear from horse slaughter supporters. The statements, spoken with such authority, in fact either lack common sense or amount to nothing more than finding a piece of jello they can nail to the wall.

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Hey Bob Abbey, This One’s for YOU!

Hey Bob, I thought about titling this post to you. I thought you might want to know. At first, I toyed with Dear Bob or Dear Director Abbey or something that would speak directly from one interested stakeholder to your ears, but as you can see decided against such a simple framing for the massive subject I wanted to tackle.

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Temple Grandin Talks to Horseback Magazine

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – A group of livestock breeders and breeder wannabes who would build a legal abattoir in Wyoming for horses will face stringent guidelines for their proposed facility set by one of their speakers, the famed animal behaviorist Dr. Temple Grandin of Colorado State University. She outlined her speech to the group in an exclusive interview with Horseback Online.

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Wyoming Rep. Bumbles Defense in Wake of Ethics Complaint

Last week, Wyoming resident Patricia Fazio, Ph.D. filed a formal complaint with Wyoming state officials requesting an investigation of alleged violations of ethics laws and securities fraud by Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis.

Rep. Sue Wallis ~ Photo by Pam Nicholes

The complaint alleges Rep. Wallis is improperly and even fraudulently abusing her position as a Wyoming legislator. The complaint further alleges that Rep. Wallis not only neglected to recues herself or disclose her personal financial interest in votes, but that she has actually “sponsored” bills that would materially benefit her or her family.

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