Day: December 3, 2010

Pay No Attention to the Elephants

When obvious truth is being ignored, it is frequently referred to as the elephant in the room. As the slaughter issue reaches the boiling point, as expected, the elephants in the room are waiting to be recognized. The upcoming “Summit of the Horse” is an exemplary example of elephants in the room. A group of people are assembling to “take the reins back” and provide solutions. That is truly mission impossible because they would have to acknowledge that they are the cause.

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BLM Chief Gives Reasons for Attending Slaughterfest 2011

As Director of the Bureau of Land Management, which manages America’s public lands for multiple uses, I am committed to meeting with diverse stakeholders who have an interest in public land management issues. I have therefore tentatively accepted an invitation to speak at an event called “Summit of the Horse,” sponsored by the United Horsemen organization, which will be held Jan. 3-6, 2011, in Las Vegas. A description of the event has been posted by the organization at

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