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Sadistic Horse Haters Target Both Wild and Domestic Horses

(In My Most Outraged Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Horse Eaters Wallis and Duquette Stick a Fork in Horses, AGAIN!

Graphic courtesy of PPJ Gazette

If perversity, lies, slaughter, blood, gore and criminal misrepresentation make you a tad bit squeamish then I would not recommend that you read any further as Wyoming state Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her inane and clueless main squeeze, Dave “Dumb as a Box of Rocks” Duquette are once again unleashing their bloody lies and twisted rhetoric upon the sane world.

We have not heard much out of their fringe and extremist group “United Horseman”, a pro-horse slaughter front, in a couple weeks and I guess things must be kind of boring up in Wyoming and Oregon these days (the haunts of the Despicable Duo).  So being that they have not been in the slimy, sub-culture spotlight for a bit, ole bloody Sue and doinky Dave have come up with a double barreled tub of horse blood to splash around in.  It’s been bad enough that the masters of deception and twisters of the truth have been trying to slice and dice up the domesticated American horse but now they have turned their attention, and butcher cleavers, toward our federally protected wild horses.  (The Wallis family is into the sale of “range” meat so adding wild horses would be another flavor that they could add to their business menu.)

“Untied Horseman” touts itself as being a non-profit organization that furthers the humane treatment of horses from birth to death.  Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette have been presidents and vice-presidents of a myriad of alleged groups (fronts) over the past several years and each and every one of them has crumbled into obscurity once their true mission statement became public (We have never met a horse that we wouldn’t eat) so don’t count on this bogus org to survive for long, either.  Their claim to fame is that they generate mass emails filled with hateful intent, inhumane content, deceptive statements and unsubstantiated facts and figures.  In the past several days they have issued two such erroneous and heartless pieces of trash.

The first gory circulation is calling upon all “horseman” to respond to the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) proposed Wild Horse and Burro strategy.  They are in full support of doing everything in their means to ensure that the 40,000+ wild horses that are currently being held in long term holding be released for auction, to killer buyers, and not allowed to go to sanctuaries or even adoption.

Each family member should send in comments as it appears the number of comments is important.  You can rest assured that the horse advocates are sending them in by the hundreds and we can too if you all have your friends and family send them in.

Paranoia and fear run deep with this bunch!  Don’t worry about research or honest input just plug up the mechanics of the process by slinging trash at the target.

For all you radical pro-horse people, please feel free to click (HERE) to read the BLM document and comment by sending your thoughts to the email address of (include ‘Comments on the Strategy’ in the subject line) so that we can make their beloved nightmare come true, wouldn’t that be a gas?

Excerpts from their bloody letter to BLM kingpin Bob Abbey go something like this:

Our organization was founded to restore humane (no such thing) and regulated processing (killer word for Slaughter) of horses in the United State…and to control the overpopulation of wild and feral horse

At least they tell you that they have a screw loose right up front!

We oppose implementing “catch, treat, and release” (CTR)… as horse people who understand unmanaged horse behavior…we strongly suggest that you heed the expert advice of your gathering contractors

Hot Damn, that makes a lot of sense.  Dave and Sue Cattoor have made millions off from the backs of America’s vanishing icon so let’s elevate and raise them up to expert status.  Ole Dave has the documentation as he copped a federal plea to illegally rounding up wild horses by helicopter, go figure, and then selling him off to slaughter, he knows all about this stuff.  And then there is the other firm, Sun-J, that just used a helicopter as a weapon against wild horses at the despicable Antelope Complex stampede, that off-the-wall pilot could be another subject matter expert.  GIVE ME A FLIPPEN BREAK!

We would not oppose adjusting sex ratios with more males.  However, we suggest the ratio of 70/30 to be more effective.

Keeeyripes, let’s bend the laws of science and nature even further to torment the poor horses. These two even manage to surpass the BLM when it comes to junk science and cruelty.

Horses are the most destructive ungulent on the range due to their grazing habits and hoof structure.  Because horses have teeth on the top and bottom, unlike cattle and sheep, they bite vegetation off at or below ground level leaving the plant with little opportunity to rejuvenate itself.

This out and out lie was stated during the public comment session at the BLM Advisory Board Meeting, last week, and both the Board and the Cattlemen got a chuckle out it.  A clear example of fact distortion as anyone with even a tad of exposure to cows and horses knows that the pasture you graze your horses on for 4 months can only be grazed by cows for one.  Horses are movers, nomads and do not overgraze in the wild nor do they destroy watering holes as cattle do.  Blinking cows have been the worst thing to ever happen to our public lands and it doesn’t even take a trained eye to observe the destruction that they wreck upon the environment at the public’s expense.

The WFRHBA provides for the sale of excess horses.   We support BLM selling horses to the highest bidder and not keeping horses in long-term holding facilities providing a $40 million savings to the taxpayer and provide a revenue stream to the BLM.

Yeah, get those horses out there on the market and available for slaughter, yum yum.  But we have a plan that is even better and the public could save not only that puny sum of $40 million a year but over $70 million that the BLM fritters away on capturing and enslaving wild horses and burros every year.  Do you know what it is?  Get a pencil or if you are lazy turn on you phone’s recording feature because here it comes:

‘LEAVE THE HORSES ON THEIR LAWFUL LAND, YOU STUPID SACK OF COW POOP!’  Good grief how complicated is that?  Manage them ON the range not off.  I guess that this simple bit of logic escapes the Duo of Deception but that might also explain why they refer to the 7th grade as their Senior Year.

We are opposed to adoption…because this puts the federal government in direct conflict with the domestic horse industry which is already over-stressed with too many excess horses and no viable markets.

Didn’t you idiots just say in the preceding statement that you support the selling of wild horses?  I am confused, or maybe it is you two who are confused?  Would this be doubletalk, could this represent flawed thinking and conflicting information?  Or is this just one of multiple mind farts that you both seem to suffer from whenever you open up your mouths or sit before a keyboard.  You know, they do make medication for such ailments.  But then again, you would have to read the directions and we know that for the both of you that would be a stretch as you would want to argue with the manufacturer and avoid the obvious truths.

Horses should be sold outright for whatever their value is, and neither the BLM, nor the US taxpayer should retain any further responsibility…to ensure that any livestock animal is not cruelly and unnecessarily abused.

‘FWAPP’ <- another mind fart.

We are particularly opposed to any legislation that would require governmental agencies that use horses to use only wild horses as this is putting government in direct conflict with private enterprise..

Awww, come on Sue and Davie, you are showing the color of your underwear, again.  It’s ugly enough just to mentally visualize but you don’t need to rub that green stuff in our face, we know it is all about the money, first and foremost.  You see, we pay attention, we read, we check facts and figures (means we can cipher, Dave) and we do not spout lies, innuendo and rumors.  You could learn a lot from us if you would just put away your butcher cleaver for a bit.

But enough of that cruel stupidity, (if you have the stomach to read their rag of a letter you can do so by clicking (HERE) but ensure that you have your gag reflex fully under control before venturing into their “LaLa” land as it tends to make a sane mind reel with disbelief) it’s time to move on to their second self-debasing issuance.

Besides dedicating their lives to killing and eating horses these two social misfits now have ventured into endorsing the inhumane treatment of horses, the very thing that they say they oppose…again, either I am confused or that mind fart thing is going on again.

In another release the Decadent Duo are calling upon horsemen, not women, to stop the Nevada state legislature from passing a bill designed to prevent the inhumane activity of “horse tripping”.  In a paranoid rant about Peta and the HSUS the two deceptively contrive and weave a tale that the bill is designed to put an end to Rodeo and horse related sports as we know it.  Dave and Sue see the HSUS as the big boogie man under their moldy beds, hell, last year they put out a gigantic list of celebrities and horseman that they claim are being paid by the HSUS to be horse friendly individuals.  From Willie Nelson to Pat Parelli and even radical horse friendly people like myself sit at the mailbox and wait for that big, fat, juicy HSUS check to roll in every month.  Wallis and Duquette are so lame and out of touch with reality that they even listed DEAD people who they felt they should boycott because of their former horse friendly ways.  How in the hell do you do THAT?

If you care to witness the meltdown of logic and good sense you can view their nonsensical and perverted morals posted on Horseback Magazine by clicking (HERE)

None the less, the Evil Princess and Duke of Doink have shown their ample backsides to the world, again, and are proving to be an embarrassment to family, area, state, nation and species as they rant and tear across cyberspace on their bloody quest to kill and eat the horses of this great land.

You have to give them credit, though, as they are the kind of enemy that everyone needs as they are so delusional and disengaged that they prove OUR point every single time they make a collective comment, it’s a lot like watching a dark and demented cartoon show on cruelty and crime.  If not for the sick perversity of their bloody ways it would almost be funny, but there is no humor in the lack of common decency and the absence of a moral compass.

If anything, we should pity them for their lack of two vital and life sustaining organs, a brain and a heart…and let’s not forget that other important fiber that binds those two organs together, a soul…it must be very lonely to live without one.

They should know.

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  1. I love their doc. That rediculous response to the BLM Advisory Board recommendations will be their well-deserved undoing. We pro-horse folks couldn’t do more to weaken their already-waning position if we tried. I am so glat that they’re calling for all those absurd policies. That absolutely guarantees that they will not be taken seriously in the least, and it will simply remove any remaining doubt that they are the most EXTREME anti-horse group on this planet.


  2. how and why are these people in any office of a horse organization? Who voted or appointed them in?
    I can only hope that whomever makes the ultimate decisions, realize these 2 are heartless, greedy scumbags.
    May the angels of the fallen horses, spread their wings over the herds, blessing them with continued freedom and to live their lives as nature intended. FREE.
    Isn’t that what our government’s constitution granted for all that have built this great country on?
    Thank you once again Mr. Fitch for keeping us informed.


  3. OK – as usual I got stuck on one statement – “Because horses have teeth on the top and bottom, unlike cattle and sheep, they bite vegetation off at or below ground level leaving the plant with little opportunity to rejuvenate itself.”

    So – do cattle have teeth only on the top, and sheep have teeth only on the bottom or vice versa? And if they only have teeth on one jaw (upper or lower) how do they chew at all?

    Suggestion to Rep. Wallis and Mr. Duquette.

    Please lay off the crack pipe, although I think it probably is way too late.


    • Not to mention that one of the long-term holding ranch owners in Oklahoma explained to Carol Walker that the horses were far easier on the land than the cattle that they used to run on that land. That tired fallacy of horses’ use of the land is trite and false. It needs to be put to bed. Sue and Dave need to find a real reason–can’t find it. Oh???


  4. My husband pointed out to me that cattle and sheep don’t have incisors. Now I’m clear on that D&S were getting at, although saying that this makes them less destructive on the range doesn’t make any sense.


    • Hi, Nell. My understanding is that the cattle only have bottom front teeth and pull the grass from the roots. That’s far more destructive to the range. There is a GAO report confirming the destruction as well as ecologists but they never let facts get in the way.


      • I looked it up and cows and sheep only have lower front teeth. I spent the day observing cattle grazing and then went and watch horses graze. The cows were easy, I just sat in one place and watched them tear the grasses up by the roots. The horses lawn mowed–left 4″ of grass intact everywhere I went. I also had to be a bit more athletic as they did not stay in one spot at all. Sounds like I really need to get a life 🙂


      • Oh I mis-stated both cows and sheep have great sets of upper and lower molars to grind up all those roots and the dirt that comes up with them


  5. Thank You RT, Yes, it does make one cringe inside. Cringe, not with disbelief (for we have come to expect such crap as the norm) but anger. And anger is Gooood! It energizes action! I have been reading articles re Sue & Duquette, and how they try to do the spin. For one, I don’t recall, PETA being involved with wild horses in any way. So here, they are trying to connect in the mind, PETA with HSUS as one entity. This can strike a cord with the public. For although PETA does good work, PETA conjures: radical, “terrorists,” vegan (no beef/horse meat)… Similarly, Sue & Duquette have written articles about the Summit, their main focus *always being speaker Temple Grandin. The name Temple Grandin draws attention due to her work, books, HBO film. So this is the 1st draw for attention from readers. Then the “Decadent Duo” explicitly LIES: “Grandin is helping design a WY horse slaughter plant!” With this implanted in the reader’s mind, the article goes on describing how Grandin educated at the Summit: animal behavior, slaughterhouse design, monitoring (video), humane slaughter of cows NOT horses. Sue & Dave just happened to leave out this specific: Grandidn was talking CATTLE NOT HORSES! Soooo, the reader feels one is reading all about Temple Grandin’s intense involvement with horses and horse slaughter, which she is not. She was talking cattle. If she were talking horses, it would be a totally different scenario, as horses behavior, anatomy, fear is totally different than cattle. Apologies, I always try to back up with facts, but presently, could not find this bogus-spin article.


  6. Desperately-Seeking Susan just doesn’t give up. She is an embarrassment to her state and the House of Reps. Glad I’m not from Wyoming – follks there should be ashamed to have such a nitwit representing them in Congress.


  7. “…they bite vegetation off at or below ground level leaving the plant with little opportunity to rejuvenate itself.”

    I have seldom seen a horse pull up grass by the roots (BECAUSE they have both upper and lower teeth, and CAN cut the grass, not pull it) – and bite off below ground level? What? Are they pigs routing the dirt? And as for the forage rejuvenating itself, well, Sue et al should just come look at my yard. After the ponies spend about 2 weeks on my yard – where they will eat certain parts to the shortest possible and leave other batches totally untouched and long – within a week or two after they are moved the grass is back at least half as tall as when the ponies started. Same goes for the trees they eat. How’s THAT for rejuvenation?!


    • As for biting it off belong ground level,If my horse accidently gets a bit of dirt in her mouth, she spits the whole thing out. I have yet to teach her to stamp it back in place. But I’m trying


  8. Email is probably NOT the best way to respond to BLM proposed stategy. There is no confirmation of delivery or receipt through email comments.


    • Louie…Hello! Sorry to stray a wee bit off topic, but I think it was you that posted recently (somewhere, and I’ll be darned if I can remember where), several links to Wild Horse related information to put together a packet to deliver to our esteemed politicians. Been wracking my brain, and bouncing all over the I’net looking. Was it you…and can you help me locate these documents?!

      On Topic – RT…to ROCK, Mister!

      ~ Jan


  9. As I understand it…cows and sheep do have upper and lower teeth (molars)…what they do not have is upper incisors…a dental pad instead…which makes them worse at grazing, more harmful than horses, because they rip and don’t cut the plants they graze. That is just one of so many things wrong and so many lies spewed by these people. I simply do not understand how they get anyone to stand with them at all, ever. With apologies in advance to those who aren’t, there seem to be a lot of morons in ranching and the horse business.


  10. This article is about unregulated grazing on Forest Service lands – “Reining in the Cows (and Goats)” – with a great photo of cows mucking up a water hole and the surrounding area.

    A few quotes:

    “The historical fact of overgrazing across nearly all the public lands in the Western U.S., including even our rugged North Coast, has become a perverse justification for continuing inappropriate grazing. Grazing keeps happening on public lands because it has been going on for so long, and continuing impacts are minimized because past impacts were so much worse.”

    “Too often, these public lands are just being treated as private pastures.”

    Forest Service Rubberstamps National Forest Grazing Permits –
    “In a pattern repeated across the West, the US Forest Service has approved renewal of grazing permits on the Six Rivers, Shasta-Trinity, and Mendocino national forests under a Congressional budget rider. The provision allows grazing permits to be renewed without environmental review if they merely continue ‘existing management.’ Though many of the permits thus renewed don’t actually meet those terms, the Forest Service has refused to allow appeals of these decisions.”

    Sheep are destructive as well, since they DO habitually pull plants up by the roots. That’s why you have to keep them moving. And they’re “selective eaters”, prefering grass to weeds (goats will eat both).

    The information I found on horses is they will graze PASTURE down, which requires rotation for the grass to recover. But, except for observations by Craig Downer, these were domestic horses confined to limited areas, not wild horses who have freedom to roam.

    What I found about “hoof damage” – i.e. horses being more damaging than cattle – was about SHOD horses kept on pasture, not wild horses on the range. And what breeds of cattle are out there now? NOT the lightweight range cattle of the past, but today’s “beefy beef.” The Taylor Grazing Act was passed in 1934. It’s way past time to re-examine what’s happening on the range TODAY – not 77 years ago!

    All this is a major case of “comparing apples to oranges.”


    • As Mar says further down the page, “facts…help get the truth to many…” Thank-you for adding a few. We can’t fight or argue with “the creeps” because they are in a world of their own. Eventually the right people will listen to facts and truth, especially if we keep spreading the word. (And yes, I am naive about people listening eventually, but the alternative is too devastating.)


  11. wonder how the hell sue wallis can explain horses evolving for over 50 million years on north america without the 40 years of rancher wildlife exploiters and blm ‘management’

    The worse part is they outright LIE about the totally different grazing habits of horses and cattle. That is their point, state a lie and let the focus be on that lie rather than how dispicable it is to want to eat a companion animal.

    Even the wild ones could at ‘any time’ be made a companion to man. We evolved together man and horse. Horses are not cattle!, not in breeding history, moral history or natural history.

    When the hell will wallis get it into her thick head,horses are off the table, as a food animal.


  12. “We are opposed to adoption…because this puts the federal government in direct conflict with the domestic horse industry which is already over-stressed with too many excess horses and no viable markets.”

    This is such a stupid statement in a country that’s supposed to value free-enterprise and competitive markets. Maybe they want a tariff on mustangs, as if they were imports from a foreign country. I assume they get AG supports and tax breaks -which overwhelmingly come from the pockets of taxpayers who have nothing to do with their “horse industry” or its “product.” Isn’t that enough?

    NO VIABLE MARKETS?!? Check out breed sales and look at the prices! Domestic producers can and do send “excess” horses to sale barns and slaughter (for now), and that contributes to their bottom line. They could breed for quality instead of quantity, but that might “over-stress” their minds.

    So I can only conclude they’re afraid the popularity of Mustangs will increase. We all know they’re are exceptionally smart, and “easy keepers” – thriving where domestics would suffer. Seems like a perfect fit for someone who wants to own a horse in today’s economy. MAY THE BETTER HORSE WIN!

    Hey, SS & DD – you don’t want to “level” the playing field, you want to stack it in your favor! Last time I checked this was still America. Ever heard of “Freedom of Choice?”


  13. One point about the Extreme views of these creeps is when you have this extremism it pulls the center towards them but not all the way to their side. Pro Slaughter uses them to pull people in their direction even if they do not all agree with them. Countering them with facts does help get the truth to many who have been sitting on a fence and those who have become disgusted by the statements these two are infamous for. At least they are showing they are not giving up on their quest and the wild herds and LTH horses are their target as we have suspected for so long. mar


  14. Geri, Thank You for posting the link. I just did see Jan’s request. Those documents are a good grouping of the work compiled by so many who have been in the field, tracking down the FACTS. You might even add a few more pictures of the atrocities that have occurred since that link was first posted–there is SO MUCH.


    • There is MUCH, Louie…so much, I get lost looking. So here’s another request:

      Speaking of pictures…does anyone know where I can find the graphic of the split photo – the one that shows our Wild Ones running free, next to the one with the helicopter chasing, with the quote – paraphrasing – “Running Free $0.00…” You know the one. Don’t know who put it together, but to those uneducated/unaware about the atrocities, who have no idea that Mustangs even still exist at all…well, that photo should be a billboard on every highway across the nation.


      ~ Jan


      • Jan!! No coincidences. About an hour ago I was sifting through my “all about horse” papers since 2006, and came across the one you are talking about. I was throwing some articles out but I saved that one photo…I call a flyer. Now I am looking for it. I will let you know when I find it. Must be a link on my computer print-out sheet for reference. It was printed out a few years back. Be back to you tomorrow AM. Yes, that split photo speaks volumes. One side cost to taxpayers $$$ and other side $0


    • Right on Louie! I went on a SEARCH from the flyer I had printed out. Finally found it was on Grassroots. LOL…should of checked back here sooner. Thank YOU. You have a good memory, recall. My photo was printed out years ago. ‘Nite.


  15. Are those two still on the slaughterhouse mind set?? I will send them a little plastic brick maker and directions on how to make adobe bricks–wallow in the mud, mix with manure, watch each brick dry for a week– it’ll take them years to construct a humane facility, but it will keep them occupied and away from the horses and the “activists” (sorry–couldn’t resist). Thanks RT– are they for real??


  16. Sorry to anyone who’s already read this, but it’s important to know what has gone on, and is likely continuing, in “livestock” slaughterhouses … under the noses of USDA INSPECTORS!

    This from the HSUS yesterday, 3/23/11:

    “Did you know that under current federal law, slaughter plants have the option of allowing calves who are too weak or injured to stand to be killed for food? Infant calves, some just days old, can suffer extreme abuse including repeated electric shocks, kicking, and beating as workers try to drag the helpless animals to slaughter.

    “In response to a petition by The HSUS, USDA has tentatively approved rules to remove the option of slaughtering calves who cannot stand and require that downed calves be humanely euthanized. Please urge the USDA to protect calves from abuse by permanently adopting these new rules.”

    Link to the petition:

    !!!WARNING!!! The video is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC, but PLEASE watch it. Read the comments by Temple Grandin. Listen to what the butchers are saying. And these atrocities were committed in the presence of a USDA INSPECTOR, who admits he could have shut the plant down. He had the authority and RESPONSIBILITY to do it, but chose to look the other way!

    Do you think calves or other young animals would be treated any better at SS’s “multi-species” slaughterhouse? If this abuse and dangerous contamination was allowed by a USDA inspector, imagine what a state inspector might be “encouraged” to let slip by.


  17. “We are opposed to adoption…because this puts the federal government in direct conflict with the domestic horse industry which is already over-stressed with too many excess horses and no viable markets.” I’ve got a GREAT idea for you SS. How about domestic horse breeders stop producing more horses than they have a “viable” market for? IMO this is just like puppy mills with larger animals. I love all horses but I’ll take a mustang any day!


  18. I don’t know if you subscribe to the “Horse and Man” blog, but this is the post that came to me yesterday (4/3/11):

    It’s about foals born to Nurse Mares … innocent babies not only “unwanted”, but BORN to be “unwanted” … LITERALLY throwaways! Of course, the majority go to slaughter. Their moms are used to wet nurse the foals of “valuable” mares, so those mares can be bred ASAP after foaling. I’d known about this horrible practice, but hadn’t thought about it for a long time. The concept is disgusting … the reality even more so.

    PLEASE read this important article and look at the photos of these beautiful babies!

    And, if you choose, join “Horse and Man”. Their monthly “Bucket Fund” has provided support for Honey Bandit, the Paiute orphan foals, the Mustangs and burros at Dreamcatchers, and many more deserving equids.

    “Horse and Man” comes to my inbox every day, and offers a wide spectrum of “everything horse” … from the owner’s experiences with her own horses to uplifting rescues, horsekeeping, health care, breeds, history, humor … and so many other good things. Sadly, like Sunday’s post, there are sometimes bad things as well.

    This month’s “Bucket Fund” will go to help rescued Nurse Mare foals at Dream Equine Therapy Center in South Carolina. As with most good causes, every “drop in the bucket” helps.

    Thanks for listening.


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