Facebook Protest Mounts Against Nevada’s Attempt to Kill Off Native Wild Horses

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Nevada Resident’s Call to Action


photo by Terry Fitch

We are asking all available wild horse advocates to attend this hearing. DON’T LET NEVADA LEGISLATORS DO THIS TO THE HORSES. AB 329 will be heard on Friday May 13 . The Senate committee on Natural Resources meets in room 2144 in the legislative building. NOTE: The normal meeting time for this committee is 3:30. However, this meeting is to begin upon adjournment of a different committee meeting, but no later than 3:30. We suggest we arrive at the legislative building no later than 2:00. You need time to park and get to the hearing room. The address and parking instructions are at the bottom of this message.

If passed, this bill could be very dangerous for our wild horses. AB329 amends NRS Chapter 532 , laws regulating the determination of water rights within Nevada.

Section 1. Chapter 532 of NRS is hereby amended by adding there to a new section to read as follows:

As used in this title, unless the context otherwise requires, “wildlife” means any wild mammal, wild bird, fish, reptile, amphibian, mollusk or crustacean found naturally in a wild state, whether indigenous to Nevada or not and whether raised in captivity or not. The term does not include any wild horse or burro .


By removing wild horses and burros from the definition of wildlife, the process to get water rights needed in some of our herd management areas can be impeded or possibly prevented. You don’t need much imagination to figure out what could happen if horses and burros don’t have sufficient water available.

A little background

According to Assemblyman Pete Goicoechea, bill sponsor, the request to write this bill came from Nevada Cattlemen’s association and Nevada sportsmen – a fact that has not been publicized. Conversation with Nevada’s Deputy water engineer has confirmed that many of BLM’s existing water rights have not completed the certification needed. These rights and possibly others are in danger.


BE THERE ! Bring your friends and neighbors! You don’t have to testify. We just need to show the Senators that Nevada residents are against this bill. At the hearing of a different bill, a comment was made that nobody supported our position – if they did, they would be there. We need your support if we are going to stop this bill.

Public parking is available in several places. There is a parking structure on Stewart St. directly behind the legislative building is the most convenient but is sometimes full. There are also two parking lots across the street at the south end of the building. For those unfamiliar with the legislative building, it is located at : 401 S. Carson street.” Cat Kindsfather.

“Spread word, like the wind, with great passion, to all you know State of NV threatens, to pass a bill denying wild horses/burros rights to access drinking water. Boycott NV tourism, until NV stands up and shuts this cruel outrageous bill down.”

Phone numbers to call to let NV know you will not be visiting their beautiful state, until AB 329, that would deny wild horses/burros water, is shut down.

‎(1-800-237-0774). 775-687-4322. 702-486-2426. (that IS a phone number – 1-800-NEVEDA-8)

Nevada residents only, please ask these Senators to shut AB 329 down, alert NV tourism boycott

“Senate Natural Resources Committee” at 2144 at 401 S. Carson Street. Carson City, NV.

Here is a list of those committee members and their numbers & email addresses:

Senator Mark Manendo 775-684-6503 mmanendo@sen.state.nv.us

Senator David Parks 775-684-6504 dparks@sen.state.nv.us

Senator John Jay Lee 775-684-1424 jlee@sen.state.nv.us

Senator Dean Rhoads 775-684-1447 drhoads@sen.state.nv.us

Senator Michael Roberson 775-684-1481 mroberson@sen.state.nv.us

All others may contact the NV Governor Brian Sandoval at 775-684-5670 or  Fax  775-684-5683

11 comments on “Facebook Protest Mounts Against Nevada’s Attempt to Kill Off Native Wild Horses

  1. Thank you to War Horse for posting this link under one of the previous articles. This is just part of the minutes from one of the meetings:

    War Horse


    FY10-FY11 Strategic Marketing Plan Review
    Lt. Governor Krolicki remarked that we have always had a marketing plan. Recent times have obligated us to have something much more concrete, something tangible and something to share with others. It has become critically important and amplifying that necessity was the Governor’s call in the State of the State speech prior to the Special Session calling on different agencies of the Nevada’s Executive Branch including the Commission on Economic Development and the Commission on Tourism to create a touchable plan to bring together things that we have been doing and things that we hope to do.
    There was a phenomenal effort by the crew at the Commission on Tourism and I want to particularly compliment and thank the members of this commission. The resources represented on this commission are extraordinary and so many people jumped in. The strategic marketing plan document will be online and I urge all of you look at it. It is essentially what we are doing, where we want to go, what did we do well, what do we need to do better and how are we going to turn this thing around as quickly as possible.


  2. AWHPC is running 2 petitions–one for Nevada residents and one for non-residents. I am really worried about the water in Nevada –and what drinking it has done to the brains of the legislators. AB329–legislated cruelty. I’ll be spending my tourist dollars elsewhere.


    • ironic that they call themselves a wildlife commission when their favorite animal is domestic cattle. Anti-wildlife more like it.


  3. Please let anyone that is unable to make it to the Senate Resource Committee meeting in Carson City know that it will be teleconferenced in Las Vegas on the 13th as well. We need to have as many as possible to attend here also to Stand Strong for our Wild Horses and Burros

    The teleconference will be in Rm # 4412E of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building, N. Las Vegas Blvd. at Washington

    Thank you,


  4. I cancelled a planned stay in Nevada during an upcoming road trip. I told the hotel why it was I was cancelling. They were not aware of this attempt to kill the wild horses and burros at that time. They do now.


  5. Thank you for this! Im absolutely disgusted by Nevada. I called every phone number, faxed every fax number and sent email to every email there. I hope they see the error of their ways. It is barbaric and cruel!!


  6. Leave the horses! Get rid of the people (who want to encroach on the horses land) and those that want to get rid of the horses. Too many people – getting rid of some won’t hurt the world.


  7. Nevada is a Beautiful State , Its Wild Mustangs make this a fact, For Nevada to be aparty to this despicable Law is a disgrace to Human decency, How dare anyone in this State think of such a dishonorable thing…How soon some would forget that the very reason Nevada exists and flourishes is souly because of its Magnificent Mustangs , do they have self destruction in mind there or have they all lost there minds there??????? I have visited the State of Nevada 400 times in my life souly because of its Mustangs and for no other reason. I have faith that there are people there who can over turn this Atrocity and they will waste no time in correcting this horrorible Law…………… Now come on people Nevada get busy and save your Mustangs………………………………..


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