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Fringe Horse Eating Cult Feeds Off Food Network Frenzy

(The News As We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

“Slaughterhouse” and “Doink” Drop their Drawers Again!

The Duke of Doink and Slaughterhouse Sue

In a recent press release the Equine Welfare Alliance echoed the outrage of the American and Canadian people at the production of a Top Chef Canada episode airing May 16th on the Food Network where the featured “classic French dish” is created with drug tainted horse meat.  Likewise Steven Long of Horseback Magazine covered the story of how a growing swell of Facebook users were compelling the Food Network to pull the upcoming episode.

The Huffington Post has picked up on this disgusting story along with many other news agency’s but right on cue, desperate for attention with butcher cleavers in hand, renegade Wyoming Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her clueless lapdog Dave “Doink” Duquette open their bloody mouths and sic their sick minions on the sane animal lovers of North America.

Using the Facebook page from their defunct Horse Slaughter fest, held post-holiday season in January, Slaughterhouse and Doink show their mutual lack of any moral compass by posting the following tripe:

· Summit of the Horse    “The animal rights crowd are using their usual abusive tactics to hammer on the Food Network because they are going to feature horse meat in a show on traditional French cooking. They are attacking their sponsors and the show itself trying to get them to take it down before it happens. We need as many of you to contact them directly to show support. Go to find links. Thanks!”

Most telling of all are the handful of comments coming back from their meager list of brain dead followers: (names removed to protect the mentally challenged)

“So long as the slaughter is overseen by a professional inspector, there is no real threat of abuse. Don’t take traditions and cultures away from people. That’s not right. Why arent these people trying to save all the chickens and cows slaughtered if they are so conscerned about slaughter methods?”

“I asked some of them that same question. They told me it is different cause cows don’t know what is happening to them, lol! I told them they were full of it,they can’t be against one and ok with the other, they are all livestock, horses are no better then cows,or goats ,ect.”

” I sent letters of support to all three…. of all the livestock, pigs are the most intelligent. If any one wanted to use the intelligence card @Billie they picked the wrong type of animal to argue it with. Granted I am not saying horses aren’t intelligent, but pigs win that contest by far.”

“I didn’t know that about pigs, thats pretty cool!”

” Horse Meat….It’s Whats for Dinner!”

This dialog, and initial claim, is why these idiots are their own worse enemies and a tremendous boost for sane and normal individuals; between the bunch of them they can barely come up with a sentence that either makes sense or has correct grammar and spelling.

So, for all of you self-actualized humans out there that don’t refer to the 4th grade as their “Senior Year” you still have time to visit the Food Network’s Facebook page and at the very least get them to publish a disclaimer as to the dangers of the carcinogenic drugs that are present in butchered U.S. horse flesh…they can do that at least…but then again, if there are those that are stupid enough to eat a friend, then the hell with them.

Contact Food Network Top Chef and the sponsors GE Monogram and  Presidents Choice tell them horses are not food, that horse slaughter is cruel and barbaric and should be banned. Urge them to pull this May 16 episode.

UPDATE: President’s Choice not only Sponsors this mess but they SELL HORSE MEAT

Horse meat has long been a tough sell, but it’s time we learned to appreciate its healthy attributes. On the menu: horse meat tartare, horse meat burgers with fresh goat cheese, horse steak with Béarnaise sauce, Wellington-style horse tournedos and, to satisfy your sweet tooth, a nice cream dessert. Chef Dany Carrier.

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    • Likewise, Top Chef Canada just restricted viewing of their Facebook page to Canadians only. Location is established when a viewer logs in to Facebook, presumably based on IP address.


      • Please go to Top Chefs FB page (not Top Chef Canada) and tell them you will no longer watch the show in the US. The US show is so much bigger market than Canada.


    • Yep, they’re blocking their American “cousins”, but they were a bit slow on the uptake. Once this shameful action went viral, damage control was effectively out the window. If the people at Canada’s Top Chef can’t defend their position, they are indeed cowards!

      I’m sure the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition will keep us up-to-date through R.T. and other contacts. In the meantime, commenting about this on the Huffington Post article(s) and elsewhere would be a good idea.


  1. We are indeed slamming the sponsors. If Food Network isn’t smart enough to pull the episode, then maybe, just maybe, some of their sponsors will be. If Food Netword does air the episode. They will lose millions of viewers both here in the states and in Canada. I for one will no longer be watching the Food Network.


  2. What is it they do not understand about DRUGS and CHEMICALS–and not raised for human/pet consumption? Nothing will remove those drugs from the meat. Therefore, those drugs enter the eater’s body. Well…… maybe they’ve been ingesting them for some time…… We’ve been here before–right?? There’s no cure for stupid.


  3. R.T., only as you can tell it. Best laugh I’ve had all day. Thanks for keeping this on the radar as we lead into tomorrow when it’s supposed to air.


  4. Hi my dear American friends and THANK YOU, R.T. LOL on an otherwise grim topic.

    You can stay updated on our Canadian protest and boycotts of Top Chef Canada and its sponsor by joining our Facebook group: “Boycott President’s Choice.” You will NEVER be banned from there (unless you’re a troll. We slow roast and eat trolls).

    “President’s Choice” is a food brand name. It is named as Top Chef’s direct sponsor. However, all divisions of parent company “Loblaws” need to be called to account for supporting horse slaughter and toxic meat.

    Its parent company is at Feel free to jam their switchboards and emails. The president of “Loblaws” is Mr. Galen Weston. His email:

    LOBLAWS IS CANADA’S LARGEST FOOD RETAILER, so this issue is significant in terms of what it means to the horses.

    Loblaws owns a chain called “The Real Canadian Superstore”, which is their primary retailer of President’ Choice products.

    They also own a chain called “Supervalu.” They distribute food products called “No Name,” and clothing called “Joe Fresh.” They also own Canada’s “IGA” and “Marketplace IGA” stores. They have “President’s Choice Financial” division, which handles everything from credit cards to pet insurance and mortgages.

    You can find a separate website and set of phone numbers, emails and office addresses for each of these divisions. Just Google.

    Please, bolster your own spirits and support Canadian horse advocates as we fight for our beloved equines!

    Horse hugs,
    Alpha Mare


  5. Thank you Alpha Mare. Fight them at every turn! I’ve sent Loblaw a letter and am waiting for their reply. Will join Fight Presidents Choice and Americans should know we have IGA stores here in the US.

    Yes bolster your own spirits and at every chance – be there to tell them not to butcher our beloved horses.


  6. PS I’d like to add that there is NO evidence that any of the Loblaws group of companies actually sells horse meat in their stores. Please don’t contact them asking them to stop doing so. Stick to the topic of them glamorizing horse slaughter/meat by sponsoring “Top Chef Canada.” Thank you.


  7. I am reeling, R.T. I’m a horse advocate, and did not know this. I thought horse eating was limited to few fringies in Quebec. To discover that a company whose products I’ve been buying regularly for 25 years, distributes and promotes horse meat is repulsive, nauseating and sickening. I’ve had PC ice cream, salad dressing, and even meat in my home. I’ve shopped at their various subsidiaries up to 3X a week! I am furious. This has to stop. Thank God they’re being outed.


  8. This statement from Chef Danny Carrier is a classic “Horse meat has long been a tough sell, but it’s time we learned to appreciate its healthy attributes.”

    I wonder if he’s offering a side of Ivermectin or Clenbuterol with the bute burger…


  9. Is there any way to reach these people without ‘liking’ there facebook page or something? Every time I go to a site to log in they want location information: apparently being a neighbor from the US one can’t contact them. It’s not as if it’s none of our business, how many American horses end up in Canada for slaughter?


    • Nell, I guess the duo forgot when they called a boycott of actors that supported ending horse slaughter. They even target a few that were dead…. And then they have the nerve to call us activists and terrorists.


    • Seeing as they say pigs are more intelligent, I ask, when last did you see a pig being ridden in the show ring, competing in jumping, reigning, western pleasure, dressage, trail, pulling a cart, plowing our fields, carrying our police men and women, carrying soldiers into war, being ridden on the trails, in parades, racing, and many many many more instances that our beloved equines have served us over the generations. Pigs may be considered more intelligent but they sure as hell dont fit the class of “companion animals” as horses do. There are exceptions to the rule where most animal types are concerned but horses are not bred for consumption period. Oh but then maybe Oink and Doink can publish a picture of themselves riding some wonderful little piggies (doesnt that conjure up some images LOL). I am so tired of this stupid argument that they are no better than animals that are bred for the foodchain. Personally I would rather no animals were slaughtered for human consumption!


  10. What happens when you lose one market (the EU)? You look for or CREATE another one, preferably close to home.

    Adults have a choice in what they eat. Most children don’t. It’s well known that children and the unborn are very susceptible to toxins (think tuna). Should they be consuming something that has PROVEN toxins and at least one carcinogen, with effects reported as soon as three years after consumption? Is feeding children horsemeat from unknown (and UNKNOWABLE!) sources child endangerment? What’s the Canadian equivalent of the USDA/FDA/AMA? Have they weighed in on this?

    I’ve seen numerous comments from people who ate horsemeat ONCE, or a few times, usually in Europe. Admittedly, they weren’t taking much of a chance. What happens … especially to children … if adulterated horsemeat becomes part of their regular diet?

    BTW, I’ve read justifications that horsemeat is eaten in Central Asia. How many of their horses receive Bute or, for that matter, ANY chemical medications?


    • Poor Ginger, the Canadian equivalent of the USDA is the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. You can read about their constant “outings” by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition. Last spring, (our national news agency) aired footage provided by CHDC. Search “No Country for Horses” on the CBC site.

      Slaughter plant workers were so frustrated by the lack of supervision by the CFIA, they complained to their union. CFIA inspectors were hiding in the back room from stray bullets. Untrained, unskilled workers are required to stun horses with a .22 squirrel gun. Yep, the same gun that humans have tried to suicide with, and tragically ended up with brain damage. Because the calibre is too low to even exit a human skull. Bullets zing all over the plant. They miss; sometimes the bullets ricochet off rather hard horse skulls. They shoot horses repeatedly through the eyes, the cheeks, etc. Extended footage on CHDC’s site (“Chambers of Carnage”) will show you psychopaths firing .22s repeatedly as the horse slides around in its own blood, getting up and facing the rifle again with a missing eye. Workers shoot randomly into herds of ponies/minis they pack into the kill chute—against CFIA rules, as horses are to be stunned one at a time.

      Google “CFIA horse meat.” You’ll find the Equine ID Document. It is supposed to present an accurate picture of substances administered to horses. Instead, the CFIA has granted kill buyers a huge loophole. They only have to testify to drugs administered SINCE THEY’VE OWNED THE HORSE. Which, as we know, could have been that morning at auction or off “free horses” on Craigslist.

      The CFIA has tested only a few horse carcasses for banned substances over the years. Something like 900+ out of the 100,000 annual slaughter. CHDC can provide the exact number.

      So, there is literally no safeguard for either horses or humans. The CFIA gets an “F” rating. We shouldn’t be surprised, as Canadians are routinely food poisoned and even killed by sloppy inspection practices at plants that handle hogs, cows and chickens. We’re notorious for immense, barely checked outbreaks of Avian Flu, Swine Flu, etc.

      In the horse slaughter vids, you’ll also notice the length of time the stunner is permitted alone to torture a horse. Plants push workers to stun, hoist, and bleed a horse every two minutes. Yet many more minutes go by as the torturer whips minis in their faces, applies a 5000 volt prod to horses (your car battery is only 13-15 volts), and shoots them repeatedly. This implies an immense conspiracy of horse torture, in which the other workers and even inspectors “protect” the sadist. Torturing horses is apparently even more satisfying than pushing through the profitable quota. You will not hear anyone banging on the door or yelling, “Hurry up!” as he takes his time in his sadistic pleasures.

      Our copious letters to politicians both in the reigning party (Conservative) and its Agricultural Opposition (Liberal), yield only form replies. They assure us the CFIA is functioning at a high level, we’re safe, blah blah blah. Only the National Democratic Party has taken a stance against horse meat, introducing a Bill to end slaughter. But of course, they’re dismissed as “socialists.” After all, they were wicked enough to bring us free health care. Who knows where compassion for horses and safe food may lead.

      And yes, of course the EU knows Canada is slaughtering the same horses they banned from US import. They hesitate to grind slaughter to an immediate halt, as this would result in massive lawsuits from Europeans who’ve consumed horse meat. Imagine the economic crisis if everyone who’s had miscarriages, birth defects, cancer or anemia from horse meat consumption—launched a class action suit against their government. The EU downplays and goes slow, citing, “A few cases of contaminated meat.” Horse slaughter in Canada and Mexico WILL end. The EU just published a report saying exactly that, about “a few concerns” at plants and kill pens. It will be done low key, and suddenly horse meat imports will be banned, with the EU smelling like a rose to its citizens. Even though they’ve been knowingly poisoning them for years.

      Please join us on the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition Facebook Page, where we discuss these matters and share our letters to/from officials.


    • Monika, I almost voted “Yes”, on grounds of cruelty, until I saw “No. It will get people talking about an important issue.” So which is it? Do we want them to pull this one episode, or let all Canadians see it and question both the cruelty of horse slaughter and safety of eating horsemeat? Not to mention Canadian horses being raised specifically for slaughter. Knowledge is power!


  11. The Care2 article: “Top Chef Canada’s Horse Meat Episode Sparks Outrage” was #1 (the most popular) early this morning. It’s now fallen to #3. I’d like to see it stay in the top spot fas long as possible. The longer it stays, the more people will see it and, hopefully, understand and investigate for themselves. It may also prompt Care2 to write more on the subject. I don’t know if the ranking is based on “hits” (visits), votes, or comments. IMO, doing all three would be best.

    This is the Care2 News page:

    In case the article drops out of the 5 most popular, this is the direct link:


  12. I reckon Canadians are such a low-breed of humanity they would eat their own mother’s maybe their own sister if they felt like something a little more tender.


  13. Another anti-horse slaughter petition from Care2:

    People from all around the world are waking up to this madness. We need to help in whatever way we can. And don’t forget about signing the petition to help save the Danube Delta wild horses from removal and slaughter by the the Romanian government.


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