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Parelli Produces Video on Equine Herpes Virus

Linda Parelli talks with Dr. Dwight Hooten, DVM

Linda sat down with Dr. Dwight Hooten, DVM to learn more about the EHV-1 outbreak in the U.S. and get his recommendations for protecting our horses from risk.

What are the symptoms? What should every horse owner know? What precautions should you take? What about farrier visits – do they put my horse at risk? If I have to travel, what should I keep in mind? …these questions and more are answered in this informative interview.

Many thanks to the Parelli’s for taking the time to inform and educate the public.

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  1. Very informative and well worth the time (about15 minutes) to listen to. Bottom line is there is no reason to hit the panic button, just be aware of the situation and pay attention to your horse’s behavior and associations.


    • Roger that, Wombli…hysteria does not sit well with the equine mindset. We should take all of the recommended safeguards and be vigilant. Time to circle the horse trailers and park them for a bit.


  2. Lysine is quite effective on human herpes, including shingles. Does anyone know of the effectiveness and/or safety on Horses?


  3. If your horse is diagnosed with Equine Herpes, must he be quarantined indefinitely since the virus can be shed at other times?


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