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Equine Advocacy Proves It Has Clout

(In my most Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Collective Honesty Wins Big for the Horses and Burros

I had intended to give you a few Sunday jollies by sharing some of the ludicrous and spiteful hate mail that has come my way supporting bloody, predatory horse slaughter and the BLM’s managed extinction of our American Mustangs and wild burros.  On their face value they are absolutely hilarious as they are “our” best tool in displaying the fact that only the sick and mentally challenged would ever center their lives around the destruction of another species and enjoy seeing it as it circles the drain.  (Look at Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette, they are our best advertisement for the what sort of damage eating drug laden horse flesh can do to the body and mind of a human being <giving them the benefit of the doubt, there>)

But as I copied and pasted the smears and perversion into my comments it quickly came to mind that there was nothing funny about such mindsets, at all, hands down, full stop.  In fact, the dark cruelty that such tortured souls ranted on about pulled me down with them as it compelled me to be angry at the lies, flustered at the stupidity and pissed off at the fact that they are members of the same species as I.  So I hit delete; you deserve better than that today and I will have no part of spreading their filth.  Today is a day to celebrate.

You special people won two tremendous victories for the horses, this past week.  You have proven that if enough honest people get behind a thought, a movement, a premise that is right and just, you can make a difference and by God you all surely did just that.

AB329 in Nevada went away thanks to your efforts.  Federally protected wild horses and burros will not be deprived of water by the special interest groups that prowl the capitol and slither across ranges of Nevada.  Those who want to steal your national heritage and the future of your children suffered a setback and were exposed for the thieves and crooks that they are.  Welfare Ranching must go away and it needs to disappear off from our public lands, now.  With the parasitical ranchers gone there may be a glimmer of hope left for the few remaining native wild horses and burros that survive on their designated land.  But in the meantime, we need to keep the fight active.  Good job troops.

HB339 in New Hampshire will now be clarified and equines will be struck from the bill regarding meat inspectors in the state.  This amendment was only made possible by the concerted and diligent efforts of equine advocates and groups who were spurred onto success by the likes of Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette supporting the miswritten earlier bill.  Again, the two lowlifes are the best thing to ever happen to movement to stop equine cruelty, anytime they support something bloody and ugly the sanity of the nation kicks in and literally kicks them in the ass…and trust me;    that is a target that is hard to miss.  Good on ya’ all, another great victory.

So please; take the day off, pour yourself a great big, ice cold Wrangler Iced Tea (write if you would like the recipe), revel in the moment and hug a horse because I am here to tell ya, if the horses of America could collectively give you all one huge, group hug, they would be doing it.

Drink heartily and bask in the warm glow of justice, honesty, and common sense as tomorrow is another day on the new path we are cutting to save the equines of America, it truly is not work for the weak or squeamish.

The ‘Force of the Horse©’ is obviously with all of you.

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  1. Hi RT,

    Congratulations to you! Thank you for all the hours, all the money spent, all the energy you expend for the mustangs.

    Thanks, too, for taking the high road with those who spew hate. We are better than that. Let their karma go full circle and harm them. Don’t let it touch you and those of us who fight for the right side.



  2. R.T. just keep hitting the delete key and lets just keep on moving forward for our Wild Ones!

    A great read for a Sunday morning!

    Thanks, Marge


  3. I cannot believe the lengths (and lies) the BLM (buncha lying m’ers) will go to in order to bow to the cattle ranchers of the west. The American Mustang are OURS. How can the BLM justify their actions and continue to round up these magninficant animals – evenduring foaling season? It’s criminal. We have a mustang that we adopted. He is the sweetest boy. I would prefer he live a free life roaming the prairies of Nevada as he was before he was rounded up.


  4. As long as there is breath in my body…
    Thanks for all you do for the mustangs and wild burros…and of course domestic horses….oh, and pass the Kleenex please.


  5. I’m adding my thanks to Tricia’s for you choosing the high road today, R.T. There are days when the ugly is just overwhelming for all of us, and we need to stay focused on the goals in front of us…not the crap being thrown at us. We will never stop fighting until the battle is won, but sidestepping some of the mental crap is necessary for all of us to maintain our own sanity and not be sucked into that pit others live in. ONWARD AND UPWARD! Blessed Be.


  6. Appreciate the recap R.T.

    A big thank you to the tireless advocates that faxed, phoned, etc and walked the halls to educate those officials; especially to bear witness and speak the truth battling those special interests that are documented (officially, on the record) NOT to speak truth. Hope that perjury thing sees some daylight in those affected testimonies.

    I respect your decision not to post those pearls of manure from the horse haters, but I would wish to inform some reading here that have absolutely no idea how evil, whacko and unjustified these “mouthpieces” for species destruction and cruel treatment really are. The world needs to know what many advocates have to deal with: lack of civility, logic and respect for anything that gets in their greedy way.

    But maybe a book would be better; around for ever with the rollcall of nutjob quotes rabid for the destruction of the free-roaming American equines and sadistic killing of
    the all equines for cheap, scuzzy profit and ease of disposal.

    Staying vigilant and proactive is critical.


  7. Hard to take a day off…the horses don’t get to, the BLM and Ken Salazar won’t and the evilness that is Slaughter House Sue will always be thinking of something new and even viler than before…but, I will have a cup of coffee while i think what else I can do to help our horses…


  8. Thanks RT. Wish you had a REAL MAGIC delete button that would eliminate the need for constant vigilance and perseverance. However,the opposition keeps us energized and engaged in the pursuit of Truth and Freedom–so that we know the difference —and won’t be fooled into complacency and blind trust. There are still more horses to save–wild and domestic– and other wildlife and wild areas that are under attack. Write on! …and praise be for the internet that joins us all in this effort! (I’ll drink to that.)



    “When the earth is dying there shall arise a new tribe of all colours and all creeds. This tribe shall be called The Warriors of the Rainbow and it will put its faith in actions not words.”


  10. Thanks RT. You reminded me of the most special hug I got last fall. I got to meet the great Zenyatta in her stall. As I was giving her a carrot, Steve asked me to turn around and he snapped my photo for all time. Dumb pic of me but Z had her head over my left shoulder touching my chest, looking for that elusive carrot. It looks just like she was giving me a hug. My very own Zenyatta hug.

    So for me I don’t know which is more special–being able to go out in the morning and see your horse, smelling and feeding him or getting that once in a lifetime hug. Seems to me you can’t lose on either account. Both are tremendously special.


  11. Delete Buttons are great for removing negativelty, I wish it could remove all the deaths and suffering of Our Mustangs………………….But we must not dwell in the Past we must make a wonderful future for our Mustangs………………………….And above all We Must Give Them Back their Land and their Freedom…………..Only then can we all be Free……………………….


  12. RT,
    We need people like you and Terry and Jerry, John, Vicki, Simone, Carol and so many others who continue to lead us in helping save horses both wild and pets. Without you and the people like you the rest of us advocates would not be so effective, power in numbers. So please keep on this path and know that we are here and together we can save our beloved horses and burros and let them all live their lives where ever it is that God has lead them.

    Thank you all tiresless souls who fight for what is right. We will save our precious wild ones because it is right!


  13. It’s been my experience that when you ignore someone their efforts to get noticed or heard get more desperate and ludicrous – making them look even stupider.

    You go RT, we are all here if the spewing gets too much.


    • Thanks for all of the words of encoragement but this old Stallion has been around for a few years and still enjoys a good fight so don’t worry about me giving way to the stupidity.

      It gives me an ole warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that I am surrounded by so many strong and competant boss mares, ones that don’t mind taking a nip out of my backside now and again.

      Plenty of tough hide back there, now.


  14. You go R.T.! Give em hell! They are all going there anyway. I agree wholeheartedly with you about your assessment of these proslaughter people. Some are just so hatefilled it boggles the mind. They all just want to slaughter what could potentially feed their soul instead. Thank God for people like you though.


  15. R.T. Thank you for all you do for our beautiful wild ones and the domestic ones we are trying to save as well. Keep fighting and we will be following and assisting in any way we can. ANd, Margaret, you lucky girl. I was out at Hollywood and watched this smart “girl” prance around for her admirers. I wasn’t able to get there on the day that they allowed visitors with her. I would have loved to get that HUG as well. There is no special thing that can compare to that hug as you mentioned it, or that nuzzle with the pink tongue to make ones day. I will take either one of those preferably to any other enjoyment that I could have. These animals are magnificent and with our help, they will win over these bas____ of the BLM and SS followers. R.T., that tea sounds good, would love the recipe. Everyone lets enjoy our victory of the past week and prepare to fight again. God Bless all of you who rally so hard to win this fight.


  16. Good on you too RT. I’m travelling and I really miss my hore fix. Travel is fun but am awaiting getting back home and planting a big ole kiss on my lovable nemesis El Nuki!


  17. R.T. Thanks for the pick-us-up! I just don’t understand their mentality, it seems the “wronger” people are the more defensive they get. Desperate people do (and say) desperate things. Some folks just love to argue for the sake of arguing. I’m glad they don’t get you down. 🙂


  18. The GOOD thing is…some of those folks that just love a battle are on the side of our Wild Horses and Burros. We need those folks…all of them that we can get. This is a battle that is well worth fighting and we have some seasoned warriors who bring much wisdom with them.


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